The Space Between

This is the portrait Jeremy Cowart took of me on Friday night.

As we sit on the plane ready to take off for 2 other small work trips, I’m still trying to put my finger on the answer to his question that should accompany the image.

He asked, us to describe our in-between. Liminal means “the space between,” and you can see that light represents just that. So what am I in the middle of right now?

As a person that constantly finds herself in new situations creatively and professionally, I feel like I am always in between the beginning and end of a project. Always.

As a whole though, I find myself in a holding pattern as I take on the biggest ask of my career. Writing a book for an audience that spans outside of my normal following. I’m dipping into a larger group of women to see if I can’t do some good there — to see if I can’t help some moms that may normally say no get their business ideas off the ground.

I’m between my role as a sales person, marketer, and leader and a role as a writer and speaker. If I’m being honest it’s really scary because insecurity and lots of hours. It’s also really exciting — hence the hidden, huge grin on my face. Who knows what 2018 brings, I’m just trusting that God’s upstairs opening the right doors for me at the right time. I’m ready to go.

I’d like to take the time to thank all of you for your love and support no matter how you found me here on social media. I’m excited we have connected and I hope to always bring value to your time.


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