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Client Gift Idea: Party-In-A-Jar + Free Download

I love making people feel good but, admittedly, gift giving and receiving is not my love language. I’ve had to learn the value of it in business, which I’m thankful for. Each month, I get a little better at it.

I’ve started making sure that writing handwritten notes and sending little gifts to my customers, clients and business partners is a part of my regular routine. I love getting creative with what I give.

Each month I pick 10 people that I want to make feel really good and let them know that I’m thinking about them. This, I believe, will make them feel valued as a customer and want to continue to work with me.

This month, I created a Party-In-A-Jar to give as my gift. In each card, I wrote something I was virtually celebrating with them (job promotion, exciting news, new baby, etc) or told them to keep it on their desk until it had been “one of those days.” That way they could have a little party and pull themselves out of their funk.


Party In A Jar Client Gift - Lindsay Teague Moreno

This was insanely easy to do with a few clicks from Amazon. You ready?

Shopping List:

Confetti Punch

Bright Paper Pack

12 Pack of Mason Jars

12 Pack of Party Poppers

12 Pack of Slap Bracelets

12 Pack Mardi Gras Necklaces

24 Pack of Drink Umbrellas

100 Pack of Balloons

12 Pack Whistle Bracelets

12 Pack Bubble Tubes

40 Pack Finger Lights

Sheer Ribbon Multi Pack

Avery 22830 Labels

That’s it! Just punch your confetti, put everything by color into different jars and then move onto printing and applying the label on the lid.

Party In A Jar Client Gift - Lindsay Teague Moreno

CLICK HERE to download a free copy of the Let’s Have A Party (In A Jar) label sheet for you to print off onto the Avery 22830 Labels.

Party In A Jar Client Gift - Lindsay Teague Moreno

Put the lid on your jar and throw some of your coordinating ribbon around the top. Put the label on and you’re good to go!

Don’t forget to write a handwritten note and put your business card into the card to go with the jar. It’s so important.

Party In A Jar Client Gift - Lindsay Teague MorenoI would wrap each of the jars in bubble wrap and put them inside some matching tissue paper. For your out of town friends, throw them into a Medium Priority Mail Flat Rate Box.  Seal & Send.

Party In A Jar Client Gift - Lindsay Teague Moreno

I’d love to see your version of the Party-In-A-Jar. #LTMClientGift

Lindsay Teague Moreno

The Strugglebus is Real

Every so often I’ll come across a section of a book that will stop me and I’ll have to read it 100 times to think about how I can properly get this point across to entrepreneurs as they struggle to build a business.

I’m knee-deep in my January book list and I’m loving what I’ve read so far. Right now, I’m reading a book that you’re going to have to open your mind to be able to read. If you aren’t about an F-Bomb, this book is likely not for you. Personally, I sometimes think that a cuss word or two (or 100) makes me pay a little more attention to the words because it’s not what most would consider “professional”…or so I’ve been told.

I’m reading a book called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson. Again, I warned you about the cusses. There are lots of them but if you can be okay with them, you’re going to learn something here and you’ll probably laugh along the way.


There’s this common issue I find among entrepreneurs and that is how hard they try to stay off of the strugglebus.  I mean, they’ll really work at it, sometimes harder than just buckling down and doing what needs to be done. Then that doesn’t work out (because SPOILER ALERT: the struggle bus is the only route to entrepreneurial success) and they complain. And when that doesn’t move their business forward, well, that’s when they quit. I see it all the time. Quitters everywhere because the struggle wasn’t worth the reward.

How many times have you heard, “My business isn’t growing like INSERT NAME HERE” or “This is just not fast enough” or “I thought it would be faster” or “This just isn’t for me” from someone struggling to grow their business?

I hear it A LOT. It’s a resounding message in the emails I get asking for advice. It’s frustrating because there isn’t much I can say back to that person except to start rattling off things they haven’t tried before. At best, that holds them over until those things don’t work fast enough either.

You know what that is? It’s entitlement. It’s entitlement disguised as frustration.

Simply put, entitlement is believing that you deserve happiness and that you shouldn’t have to struggle to get it.

Here’s the thing, nobody gets a struggle-free ride, even if the people you’re wrongly comparing yourself to (hand slap) have social media feeds that are lying to you about their perfect lives. And guess what? We don’t deserve a a struggle-free ride either. We deserve nothing. We are entitled to nothing.

Entrepreneurship is a struggle. Every day. Even if you grow fast, it’s still a struggle. The struggles are just a little different. We ALL have to pay our dues. At one point or another, we all have to learn the lessons about how to reach people and how to connect with our customers in a way that helps our businesses grow. Most people aren’t innately and divinely born with that knowledge.

We need to embrace the amount of time it takes us to make our business our success story. There’s no boss to fire you. You can choose to not fail (which is great for anyone who is afraid of failure). For some of us, our ride on the strugglebus for this particular journey is going to be shorter because we likely have a long list of failures, misses, dead-wrongs, and growth opportunities in our past. We already saw that struggle though at one point which makes this one seem like a shorter ride.

What I want you to understand is that hard is required to own your own business. Nothing worth having is easy. We don’t need to be frustrated that it’s hard and it takes a long time. I want us to be thankful for it. The harder it is, the more we’re learning and that’s going to give us a shortcut down the line. I want us to be like Lieutenant Dan strapped to the top of that shrimp boat yelling at the storm to “bring it!” We need to own the struggle  because it’s required.

Your attitude about having the get on board the strugglebus is what determines your fate because you can’t get ANYWHERE without it. It’s the only ride to business success. Might as well choose a seat.

Lean into the struggle this week. Own it as part of your job rather than be frustrated because it’s holding you back. The sooner you accept it the sooner you grow.

Have an amazing, difficult week!

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Getting Noticed Book, Coming Soon!

My first book was published this week.

It’s called Getting Noticed.

Getting Noticed Book by Lindsay Teague Moreno

It is a no-nonsense guide to standing out and selling more for momtrepreneurs who ‘ain’t got time for that’.

This book started as a PDF guide and as I was writing it it turned into so much more than just a PDF. It turned into a book. The words just flowed out of me and I overshot my word limit real fast.

So, this wanted to be a book and a book it did become.

This book is for every kind of momtrepreneur. Makers, sellers and doers of all types will be able to use this book to create more traction for your business online and grow their business. Everyone from the Etsy shop owner to the direct saleswoman to the photographer will be able to use this book as a guide to their own success. I took my successes and failures and put them into this book to show you exactly how I was able to create a multi-million dollar business completely online.

I am so excited to see this change businesses around the world and watch people actually connect online. I’m tired of seeing great businesses lose the sale to big box stores. We can do better and this book is going to show you how because we need your product and your perspective in our world.

This book will be available exclusively on Amazon. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram for updates on when it’s available for sale!

Getting Noticed Book by Lindsay Teague Moreno

Here’s the description:

You don’t have time for another “change everything you’re doing on social media and be just like me” book. You need information and you need it fast. Do you want to grow your following, sell more product, and experience the freedom that comes along with being your own boss?

Getting Noticed isn’t the “secret to social media” – it’s a no fluff, take charge guide to the way we present ourselves, our business, and connect with customers online.

Lindsay Teague Moreno knows the hardcore mom life. In between wash cycles, putting kids to bed for the fifth time, and balancing a to-do list that would make Santa jealous, she grew a business from nothing into a team of over 300,000 people producing over $15,000,000 each month in just three years. Lindsay knows you don’t have time for another book that leaves you with temporary warm fuzzies but no real content to actually building your business. Getting noticed is the first step to entrepreneurial success in our fast-paced, online world. Step up your game.

Lindsay Teague Moreno


The Essential Oil Experience Comes to Singapore

Well, kids, we’re finally heading to Asia! Singapore, to be exact.

We’re going to be teaching some classes in Singapore to meet the people there and really get to know that area. So check your schedule for November 15 & 18, 2015 and get your tickets. The events will be held at the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre.

We’ll be having 2 kinds of classes; oil classes called The Essential Oil Experience & business classes called The Business of Being a Lemon Dropper.

The Essential Oil Experience

We’ll be hosting The Essential Oil Experience on November 15 (11:00am, 3:00pm, 7:00pm) and November 18 (11:00am). 4 classes total.


Here’s a description of that event:
Lindsay Teague Moreno Young Living Royal Crown Diamond Singapore

I’m going to walk you through the entire starter kit plus a few additional must-have oils and show you how to use them. This event is only $10 (US) for tickets to keep costs down. If you sign up with this link  for your “NEW Premium Starter Kit” between now and November 18th, you’ll get a $20 credit on your Young Living account toward your next order after the event. You’ll be signed up with me to take care of you and help you learn all the ins and outs of this Lemon Dropper thing, which I can’t wait to do. The Premium Starter kit has 11 oils, some samples AND a diffuser!! You’ll also receive a Lemon Dropper handbook, which is a 64-page, full-color reference book, at the class as your gift for signing up.

Lindsay Teague Moreno Free Lemon Dropper Handbook

We will have some premium starter kits (11 oils + diffuser) on-hand at the events (as supplies last) for those of you that want to sign up there and take your oils home right away. Signing up before the event will ensure that you get your oils before the class starts so you have a chance to get to know them and your diffuser before we give you all of the details on how to use them.

We will also have a pop-up Lemon Drop Shop there at the event for additional reference materials for you and your friends.

The Business of Young Living Essential Oils

We’ll be hosting The Business of Young Living Essential Oils on November 18 (3:00pm and 7:00pm). 2 Classes Total.


This is an event for you if you are creating a Young Living business or if you’re interested in learning more about it. A little about me, I built a multi-million dollar producing, Royal Crown Diamond business in under a year and a half with Young Living Essential Oils. At this event, you’ll get information from me and my team on what it takes to create a successful business including a compensation plan break-down, information on using social media, attracting a niche market, and more.

Here are the details on this event:

Lindsay Teague Moreno Singapore Class

This event is only $30 (US) for tickets! Each person will walk away with a  pages of notes to take back to your team or use to kick-start your own business, so bring your pen and notebook! We will also have a pop-up Lemon Drop Shop there at the event for additional reference materials for you and your friends.

I hope to see you all in Singapore in November for these classes!

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Time for a Wardrobe Change

As often as possible I want my wardrobe to be: no pants.

It was not unusual for Michael to come home from work before he started working with me and find me in the same place I was when he left having still not put pants on for the day. Just being honest, I was dedicated to not wearing pants. Heck, it’s still (until last week, of course) not odd to find me at 6:00pm still wearing no pants pounding away on my computer.

As I started to have to venture out of the house to teach or speak or generally be a functioning part of society last year, I found my wardrobe severely lacking in, well, pants and all the things you wear along with them that aren’t a Target Long and Lean Tank Top and Soma Vanishing Edge Panties. I’m a complete sloth and I own it.

Now that I’m trying to get back into a normal life and wear more pants, it’s time I take my wardrobe seriously. I’m not ready to dress like an old lady and I won’t even look at a Forever 21 store so I need something that works for us in-betweeners. Moms that don’t want to dress at Coldwater Creek, amiright? I’m not ready for Talbots. Thankyouverymuch.

My mom introduced me to a line of clothing called CAbi and I loved the clothes. At the time, I was in and out of maternity clothing and then we moved away and I didn’t know anyone that I could buy it from. I started buying it off of eBay but the bad news was that it was used and usually smelled like someone smoked a cigarette on them. Sick. The clothing washes like a dream and nary a stitch out of place in all the years I’ve been wearing their clothes. I took some of my mom’s pieces out of her closet and I still wear them, 5 years later. Their jackets are my happy place because layering. You know me at all, you’ve seen my jean jacket. CAbi.

Moreno Family Beach Photos

I will cry when this thing finally bites the dust. I wear it every week of my life. CAbi is the adult female version of Matilda Jane for little girls. You know it’s going to rock when it shows up. Worth every penny.

My friend Mara (whom I met in the worst place in the world, Reno, but I love dearly), is a CAbi consultant. I hadn’t purchased from her because of my whole first rant about not wearing pants…until now! I went to one of her shows this week when she was here in town and came home with some SWEET LOOT for my travels, classes and all the leaving of the house I’m going to get to do the rest of the year! Best part? I didn’t have to shop all over every store in the freaking mall to find them. One stop and done. Mix and match. It’s like a dream. Here are a few things I got and I’m so happy with them:

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Super soft, casual summer jacket. I’m always ALWAYS cold. This was a must. I also snagged the skinny crop jeans in the curvy fit because pear shape.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Skipped the jean shorts because I’m anti-shorts normally (it’s a pear shape thing) but did find a cute pair that are a bit longer. If I had nice legs I would have snapped these up. If you have nice legs. Rock ’em. I did get this blue cable knit tank. SO CUTE and soft. Longer in the back.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

See this skirt? REVERSIBLE and you can wear it as a tube top with a little cardigan. Has a million colors on it and the underside is a black and cream print. Yep. Sign me up.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Grabbed me the boyfriend jeans in the curvy fit. They don’t lose their shape after 30 minutes of wearing them but they’re still a stretch feel. Also grabbed that waterfall tank and cardigan with the lace shoulder. Unique purple. Need it.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Oh, I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the awesomeness that is leggings with a skirt built in over the top part. It’s too awesome. You’ll have to just talk to me later. Also, that long beachy shirt.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

I can’t believe I’m about to say that I’m trying this jump suit. It was so cute on the girls that had it on there, I had to. This is so out of my box it’s crazy, but it was so soft…had to.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

I am all over these white skinny’s and the jacket. It’s like a jersey fabric but looks structured. Really flattering on because of the shape. Roll up or slouch the sleeves. Yep. I’m in.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

I got this shirt simply because it is one of those classic faux wrap that my mom always wore. It’s one that CAbi brings back over and over. It’s this soft tee shirt material but REALLY flattering on all shapes. Sad to hear coffee not included. Guess I’ll make my own, thanks CAbi.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

My favorite piece that I nabbed! This lime green/citrus yellow split back top. SO CUTE! Racerback tank and some jeans? Navy espadrilles? Yea.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Layers. Bring me layers. I got this coat because it’s adorable and you can dress it up an down. Has long pockets so it will fit your cell phone. Let’s be honest, we all care about that.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Got this tank and the sweater. Wasn’t a huge fan of the sweater online but in person it was a big yes. Slouchy and comfy but still cute enough to look like you care that you’re in public…and that you’re wearing pants!

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

This shirt? It’s a yes. Flannel on the front and a floral pattern on the back.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

How about these cute pink jeans with the tan large knit sweater. The sleeves on the sweater are a bit longer, which I love because i don’t like my arms but the body of the sweater is long. It’s pretty much a dream come true. I can’t wait to wear this.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Got this whole get-up because it says, “Hey look, I graduated college, I am a preppy and I probably sail in my free time,” and that’s pretty much what I want my look to communicate to the world. The coat is really more blue in real life but soft as can be.

So, look, I’m not a fan of the time it takes or how I feel when I go to the mall to shop with that size 0 judgy chick that can’t imagine looking at the size 12 or 14’s. I gotta work with what my momma and the good Lord gave me and that’s a large rear end and hips and thighs. It just is. I am my mother’s daughter. I’d still like to find clothes that fit me though and CAbi never disappoints.

If you want, get with my friend Mara and she’ll hook you up with some CAbi goods (www.marariddle.cabionline.com). You can email her as well.

Hope you’re as excited as I am for a spring change in the wardrobe!

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Normal is Bliss

You know, sometimes your life just goes off the rails. You move into something you’re passionate about, you find your spark, you are forced to really buckle down on something for a bit and you lose the person you were before, for a short while. I have noticed this kind of thing play out a few times in my life:
-During a breakup with an ex-boyfriend
-During my master’s program
-After my mom died
-When I took a big corporate gig
-When I was pregnant with my twins

I found myself in a “twist” in the plot of my life; a nice little curve ball that I wasn’t expecting. We become a chameleon for a bit, adapting to our situation and, I believe, just trying to survive until we can get back to who we are, what we love to do, the relationships we let slip on the priorities list.

Have you been here?

Welcome to my life since March 25, 2013. I let absolutely everything go for the last 2 years to create something out of a business that I believe God opened a one-way door into. I was at the point where my only choice was yes. When I say I let everything go, I mean it. Friends, family, health (outside of my oils, thank God), faith, my hobbies, the things I love to do, my obligations, even my kids…it was a life fire sale. “Everything must go!” I spent all hours on work. Building, striving, struggling, winning, losing, growing, learning, teaching, creating, thinking, dreaming…

All of those things were the opportunity cost of my work hours. I gave it all up willingly for a short term to earn the freedom to have all the time I want for those things in the future and you know what? I LOVED it. I found my passion wasn’t just in creating, it was in teaching women leadership. I wouldn’t have ever learned that without the work. Two years and I just knew this whole thing would work. I don’t know how, I just did. It was supernatural. There was a peace in me about saying to Michael, “just give me two years.” I knew it would be a 2-year process. Supernatural. I knew we were going to see massive success. Supernatural. I knew it would set our family up for a completely different normal when we came out of the other end. Supernatural. I am keeping good on my promise. God is keeping good on his promise. I like to think we’re high-fiving on this one.

To everything there is a purpose.

This is the first time I’m consciously making the effort to take a giant step back from something that is going so right. You guys, it is going so right. Sometimes I just stare at Michael in disbelief at how right it is. At the same time, if I want all to be right in the world again, it’s time to scale back on work and focus on the things I made a complete mess of in the process of building a business…or four. The biggest mess? Me. I made a complete cluster out of myself. It’s time to fix me.

This weekend I posted this instagram and it sparked this post.

I figured many of you can relate to those seasons in life where things just change for a little bit and you have to get back to that person that you are in your core. It’s a season, and you know what? I think seasons are awesome. We always come out changed. We have learned something new. We have new wisdom. We’re better for them. Even the really shitty stuff. The stuff that you think is going to break you. You’re better for it. You have to be thankful for it. By far the hardest thing I’ve learned through a season is being thankful through grief, but I am because I’m better for it. The broken parts of my heart heal but they leave a permanent mark. You know, it’s the scars that remind me of the bliss; the normal, average, everyday bliss. It’s time to snuggle up into that bliss of completely normal. It’s time to have a Saturday where I’m bored. It’s time to get back to me.

Tell me about the seasons in your life in the comments.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

February Book Club: DARING GREATLY

It is not the critic who counts | Daring Greatly Book Review | Lindsay Teague Moreno

This year, I have decided to be intentional about a few things and one of them is taking the time to read more. I love reading and I believe it’s GOT to be a part of your life if you want to be a leader who grows as your business does. Leaders are readers.

So, last month we read a book that was both extremely challenging and amazing. It was a month of deep introspection and being honest with myself.  We read Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.

Daring Greatly | Lindsay Teague Moreno Book Club

I wanted to start the year off with a little bit of breaking down so we could build back bigger, better, badder than ever. There were a couple thousand who took on the challenge to read this book with me. Just let that number sink in for a minute. A couple thousand people opened up and got real with themselves about a very hard topic. Together we walked through the book and were honest about our own shame.

Have you guys seen Brene’s TED talk? You MUST spend 17 minutes watching this:

If you breathe oxygen and are living, you should read this book. Michael is reading it now so we can walk through it together. We all carry shame around. I’m working toward shame resilience. As my business gets bigger there are more people that don’t like me for it but, as I learned, even worse, is that there are more that love me for it. It’s so easy to be completely destroyed by the worth that we attach to what we create.

One of the weeks in our discussion, I was particularly nervous about posting my answers, I think because it’s about things that make me nervous to say out loud and I was saying it to a group that I am a leader of. I did post them and got A LOT of messages shocked that I might feel the same way they do at times. Many thanks for being normal. So I decided to share them here as well. I hope you’ll read without judgement. These are obviously from a business point of view but these would apply to any part of our lives:

Q: How w
ould your life look different if you no longer evaluated your worthiness by weighing the reaction of the people in the stands?
A: I’d sure be a lot more content with what I have been able to achieve. For some reason, the stands shout at me that it’s not good enough and someone else is always better.

Q: Who are the people who are with you in the arena?
A: My husband is always standing shoulder to shoulder with me and my friends are back to back. I have a group of about 4 friends that are extensions of me. They’d stand next to me and fight to the death even if they knew I was wrong. In business I have a group of leaders that I am so blessed with. they stand in a big circle with me in the middle of the arena. Always there to stand up, give me constructive criticism with love, willing to have my back, willing to say what they do behind my back to my face. You need that in your business. Seek that out.

Q: Who are the folks that you most often picture in the stands?
-My mom (which is nuts because y’all I LOVE and miss my mom like crazy). She was just critical of me like she was of herself. 

-A person that used to be a friend and more than once used, abandoned and hurt me for their own gain under the guise of good and God.
-Every person who has written something hurtful to me or called a name in a message or email without knowing me at all. I’m going to be honest this part of the stands is becoming a packed house.
-The critical YL members that have been in business for longer than me.

Q: I’m often my harshest critic. I see myself in the stands criticizing and judging. Are you in the stands?
A: OH HELL TO THE YES! I’m the loudest person on my feet yelling and pointing.

Q: Have you ever attached your self-worth to how something of yours was received?
A: Every single day. EVERY SINGLE DAY. My entire worth is attached to the Lemon Droppers right now.  It happened overnight. One day I was a crafty, photography mom and the next I was running a multi-million dollar producing business. It became me. I became it. Stepping back into that person that works normal hours and has normal conversations with friends is scary. Do people like that original person?

Q: How did that affect your ability to share it with others and navigate the reaction of others?
A: It makes me defensive, it makes my heart hurt at the harsh criticism I receive. It makes me feel alone to be the one to stand and take the abuse that comes our way. It’s so false. It makes me scared to be the one that goes first and takes all the blame. The way people feel about my character is up to them and it’s not up to me to change their minds. I know in my heart, my friends know, my family knows and God knows my values and they all know I’m doing the best I can with what I know. In theory, that’s all that matters, but I have those ridiculous, horrible emails and messages memorized.
“your values are money and mine are people and God.” 

“my business will fail now because you’re doing this.”
“you’re clearly just lucky”
“the lemon droppers have everything handed to them”
“you’re not what you pretend to be”
“you don’t deserve this”

The list goes on…I get at least 20x the positive messages as I do the hurtful ones but I remember the hurtful ones. I immediately puff up and get mad for all the work I’ve done to be cut down by another grown adult and then those words just swirl around each time it’s time to make another hard decision or step out with a new idea.

Q: How does this quote make you feel about your business?

Daring Greatly Quote: In simple terms, if they love it, you're worthy, if they don't , you're worthless?

Do you attach your self worth to the way people receive your love of essential oils and your business?
A: I don’t much worry about how other people receive my love of oils. I am in love with them and I want everyone to know. If my lifestyle and healthcare isn’t for everyone, I am 100% okay with it. Pressuring is the fastest way to end a relationship.  If they don’t want it, I have NO problem never talking to them about it. On the business end? Well, that’s a different story. Those people depend on me to help them see success. Much of my actions during my working (and let’s be honest non-working) hours are because I don’t want to let people down or disappoint them. I will continue to do more, more, more because people ask me and I know a “no, I can’t” will equal a really nasty email or a blame for their failing business. I have to stop. My work hours would be a lot happier and more productive for the whole group if I didn’t evaluate my worthiness by the reaction of those that don’t actually know and love me. What if I didn’t take on the responsibility if someone used me as an excuse for their business not taking off? I’d have saved a lot of money, heartache and time this year. 

Q: What are your “gremlins,” and what do they say to you to prevent you from moving forward?
A: My biggest gremlin is “you’re not good enough to make a mark on this world, this industry, these people or this business”. I also deal with “who are you to get people to follow you? You’re not that good” and “someone right behind you is nipping at your heels and will render you useless.”

They say: 

“If you don’t do this another leader will and they will talk badly about you and your leadership just like that other person does.”

“If you don’t do more and better, you’ll be letting thousands of people down who depend on you and need you.”

“If you don’t say yes, they won’t respect you as a leader.”

“If you don’t say yes now, they’ll stop following you and your business will blow up.”

“If you confront that person, you’ll have a split in your business.”

“If you aren’t the most successful of all, you’re not successful at all.” 

“If you’re not the best, you might as well be the worst.”

“If you make any changes, your business will blow up.”

“If you don’t hold it together at home and show them constant attention and show your work constant attention, they’ll all resent you down the road.”

You know what? I am not, nor will I ever be a victim of what people say about me. I have people in my life (family and amazing friends) who love me. I belong to them and they belong to me. You cannot buy that. I am so blessed. I owe so much to my people that I can never repay.

We all have our crap. We do. None of us are 100% shame resilient. We are working on it. I continue moving forward. I’m tough and I can do hard things. So can you.

5 Star Book Review | Daring GreatlyThis book gets FIVE STARS from me. You gotta read it.

Lindsay Teague Moreno


So, This Happened…

Recently, I was sent an email with a few questions from Young Living to answer about my business. I’m humbled to be asked but also excited to tell our story. I hope it’s inspiring to know that it can be done. Success is possible…it’s all about hustle. Check the interview here:

Lindsay Teague Moreno: A Personal Chat

Lindsay Teague Moreno Royal Crown Diamond

I really, honestly, and truly believe that anyone can make this business their business if you work with a combination of heart and hustle. If you’re willing to do any job asked of you, you can have it all.

We’re reading the book QBQ! by John G. Miller right now in our book club and it’s all about personal accountability and eliminating blame, victim thinking, complaining and procrastination. If you’re willing to take your success into your own hands, you will succeed. It might not be on your time table, but it will happen. Would you say 10 years of work is worth a life without debt, 9-5 hours, missing your kids’ milestones, the ability to drop everything and go anywhere whenever you feel like it?

I’d say it is. So if it takes you 2 years, great. If it takes you 10, that’s great, too. You’re right on time to create your own future.

Refuse to fail.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

What’s Your Sentence?

As I was laying down getting a little massage this morning to try to rid myself of some of the work stress I’ve been feeling, I started thinking about a little speech I’m giving next week. I was asked to give a 7 minute talk on family. I could pretty much whip up a talk about anything and it would be passable. I’m not super nervous about talking in front of people, it’s just not my greatest strength. The kicker of that sentence is “family.” That’s pretty much the only thing I talk about that I can’t get through without crying like a big baby right there in front of everyone. Doesn’t even matter how big the audience is. I do it in front of one person, I do it in front of 500.

I started to wish they had asked me to talk on business because, honey, I could crush that. That’s my thing. Truth be told, I think I understand my business, marketing, sales and strategy with the best of them. Why didn’t they ask me to talk on that? I never cry when I talk about finding your niche market. I don’t get emotional when I talk about how people are doing direct sales all wrong. I’m righteously indignant about some of the things I “preach” about business because I just know this stuff…but not about family.

I started thinking about where to even begin and how I might make it through this talk (with people that, let’s face it, don’t have a lot of good things to say about me because they believe everything they hear) without looking like a grade schooler. I spent the entire 90 minutes thinking about it. I decided that most of my actions and decisions right now are based on the end of my mom’s life. I started wondering what people might say about me right now if the curtains closed on my life.

Let’s say it’s the end of your life. What is the sentence you want to be said about you? What is your legacy? How would you want to be remembered?

Do you have more than one? Are your actions saying this to people?

Some days my sentence is:
“She pushed the boundaries of possibility by kicking down the doors of what had already been done and paving new paths toward unique  personal significance for women all over the world.”

Some days it’s:
“She taught women that with heart and hustle, anything is possible no matter your background, circumstance, education, or experience.”

Usually it’s:
“She was relentless in her pursuit of really big dreams so her daughters would know she loved her life and that there’s nothing they can’t do.”

Lindsay Teague Moreno kids

I have a lot of work to do and I need to make sure my actions are conveying these sentences. I encourage you to write your sentence. What are you doing here?  What do you want in life? Write it down and keep it close to you. If you feel comfortable write it in the comments below.

I’m going to cry like a baby on that stage next week and you know what…that’s okay. Those 3 are worth it.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Intentionally 2015 (read: I’m baaaaack)

In January, I decided I was going to take this year to do a few things very intentionally after working pretty much straight through for the last two years. Abstract stain watercolors

In 2015, I decided I needed to pick a word, I needed to set some intentions and I needed to stick to it. Thank you, Ali Edwards, for making things I can’t resist and sharing your ideas.

This year, I’m coming up on my 2-year-agreement with M. Let me back up a bit here. Almost 2 years ago (on March 25th), Michael and I were having a “discussion” (read: big huge argument) about my working all of the sudden after having sacrificed so much to land him his (at the time) dream job. We had both worked really hard to get him where he was and here I was ripping out the pages of the story we had told ourselves about the life we were going to have. After all either of us could say was said, I asked him, as the man I love and the person that loves me unconditionally to give me two years. “Give me two years to see what I can do with this. If it’s not ‘something’ in two years, I’ll walk away. I need you to let me do this.” Of course, being the man of pure gold that he is, he agreed. That was the day we were done fighting about it.

You better believe I laced up my shoes and started sprinting. I am coming up on two years of the hustle and I am literally almost breathless. My business is on FIRE; I mean it’s a raging forest fire, but I am out of breath. I had to fight off people that I believed wanted the best for me and instead wanted to use me and hurt me. I had learn to drown out the noise of those who wanted to tear me down with words and hurtful actions. I had to struggle with those who wanted to change the direction I knew I should be going. It has been a two year battle; the most amazing, rewarding, hard-fought battle of my life. I have sacrificed having other priorities, including my family. I have sacrificed all semblance of simplicity of life. I have sacrificed play. I have sacrificed focus.  I have been successful but I am tired of the criticism, it’s not supposed to hurt coming from people that don’t know and love me but it does. You know where I believe all of it stems from? A false sense scarcity and unneeded competition.

criticism quote

It’s important that I stick to my word with M. I told him two years and I meant it. So, I’m preparing to put plans in motion so I can keep good on the promises I made. I’m not quitting, let me just say that straight out. I’m not, but I can’t keep up with the amount of people that need me. I have to have a plan to be able to enjoy my life and enjoy my work, which I do. I love my work. I am so passionate about what I do. This is something that is so so hard to do. I’ll never walk away. It’s a part of me like my arms and legs are a part of me. The Lemon Droppers are an extension of me. I just need to get more organized and I need to make room for the new! I’m going to be totally honest with you, this  makes me worried about the fallout I’ll get from the 20,000 + people that depend on me. It makes me worry that I’m letting others down. You know who I’m really letting down? My circle. My family, my friends and myself. Each time I choose someone else that I don’t know ahead of them I feel shame and I know I show them with my actions that they don’t mean as much to me as someone on the other side of my computer.

this matters Lindsay Teague Moreno Blog

In order to help me keep good on my intentions, I’ve decided to blog again. I am going to make it a priority. I’ve decided to do Project Life because I love it and it’s important to me that my kids have it. I have decided to write more because it’s a great way for me to help and teach others. I want to help others. I want to teach and mentor others, I just have to have time to do it. Right now I feel like I’m not doing anything with perfection. There are tiny chinks in everything and the people that end up sacrificing? My husband and kids. My people get more time than they do and that ain’t right.

This year I will:


Starting this blog and making this post is valiant for me. Am I ready to be open on the web like this still? Yes, I am. Am I ready to commit to this? Yes, I am. Am I going to make this blog kick ass? Yes, I am.

Welcome to LindsayTeagueMoreno.com. I hope you like it here. Throughout the coming month, I’ll try to fill up this blog with some of the best posts from my old blog before I shut that one down for good. I’ll be writing on business, scrapbooking, photography and my life. I hope you’ll follow along.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

So, you want an update…

Clearly, I’m too busy to blog. I’m too busy to even walk across my room to get coffee in the morning. I welcome this busy because it is serving my family well. I LOVE my job. Did I mean to get a job this year? Nope. Did I mean to throw a wrench in the plans our family had as far as my husband’s career is concerned? Nope. Did God care what I meant to do? You guessed it, nope. We are here and we are walking through the doors that He is opening for us.

I have been asked for an update on how business was shaping up since last I wrote (summer) and I’ve finally decided that it’s time to just write it. What you’re looking at here is a 1-year-at-a-glance business outline. I’m showing it to you guys so you know it’s doable and real, not so I can do the happy dance with you. I do the happy dance every day when I think about this stuff…I do, don’t judge. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a) friends with a lemon dropper b) curious about what to expect or c) have no idea what I’m talking about, in which case, “hi! sorry for the regular blog hijack!” I hope this information helps you on your path. If it’s to become a Lemon Dropper, that’s awesome. If it’s to just use the oils for your family, that’s awesome too, because, guys, the oils are LEGIT!!!



I started with Young Living in February. I got my kit (which I paid $150 for 11 oils and have run a train on those things) and had 2 friends that said they wanted to try a few oils too and they signed up right behind me with my number. I still wasn’t sure that this whole oils business was for me as far as the direct marketing thing, but I sure was down to get my oils paid for every month, and so, that was my goal. I’ll just sign up enough people so that I can have free oils every month. SCORE. Here’s what February looked like for me
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 6
Total number of people “under me”: 8 (one person that signed up under me signed up 2 people)
Check total for February: $389.82
There were 8 people in my “team” at the end of the first month of having these oils in my house. What did I do to get them? I just posted a couple of pictures of my oils on my facebook so that my friends could see what I was up to and I told the truth about what I thought about them. What did I not do? chase people down. I never once sent an email to someone who didn’t ask me for information first and that’s the God’s honest truth. That’s not my bag. At this point,  I was not open to doing this as a business so it never occurred to me that people would try to “sell” this product.



Totally shocked by the fact that in my first month with almost no work, I was able to get my oils paid for plus some, I decided, “hmmmm, maybe this could work in March too.” By this time, my friend, Monique, who has the same vision for what does and does not work in this arena started putting together videos with strategies on how to most effectively earn the most money within the YL payout confines. It’s a numbers game and she figured it out. The awesome thing about that? I didn’t have to sit and watch the compensation video 800 times to get it. She did it for me and then spelled it out for me so that I could understand it. So, I just continued doing what I was doing, I started to understand the pay structure through YL and I started directing my friends that thought they might be interested in working the business to the same videos. Here’s what March looked like:
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 4
Total People that were signed “under me” (this includes the previous month as well, it just keeps building): 28
Check total for March: $640.94
Unknowingly, in March, I laid a lot of foundation. I build a new Brand alongside Monique for the Lemon Droppers, I decided 100% I was going to do this thing after I was inspired to create a marketing piece to explain how to use oils. I answered A LOT of emails…a lot. Obviously, they didn’t all sign up in March, though. Which is cool. I don’t chase people and I don’t pressure people. So let’s move onto April.



April was the first full month that I was in this thing for the long haul and I was now not only looking to get my oils paid for, I was prepared to make money.  A lot of it. The more the better. If I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it, dang it! I was divinely inspired to start creating marketing one night at the end of the previous month and it was out of my hands after that. It was a BIG month. What did I do differently? Not a thing. I answered emails, I posted what I’m up to and what I think the oils could do for people, I made some marketing materials that I believe are relevant and not cheesy, typical, multi-level stuff, I posted pictures and I was honest about what these oils were doing for my family. That’s the key. I am being so real about them. I’m not going to compromise that about this adventure.
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 26
Total People that were signed “under me” (this includes the previous months as well, it just keeps building): 97
Check total for April: $3,033.15



Month #4 for me. May was the beginning of summer and the first month that is typically much slower than the previous months and the fall months. Every month I get nervous that what we did the previous months were just a fluke but despite the typically slow months we still grew. Our growth rate was slower than in April but we still grew by 165%! WHAT?!?!
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 23
Total People that were signed “under me” (this includes the previous months as well, it just keeps building): 207
Check total for May: $3,686,16



June was my 5th month. Again, June is a summer month, which means slow growth for most people. We took it as a challenge this month and really worked to organize our large number and make sure we were prepared for the fall. Our growth was 160%!
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 10
Total People that were signed “under me” (this includes the previous months as well, it just keeps building): 358
Check total for June: $4,824.36



Month #6. We weren’t sure how July was going to go because YL was making some changes to their starter kit. We thought we had enough momentum to really bring it home with the awesome deal on the new kit, but we just weren’t sure if people were going to be as excited about it as we were. You know how you get all jacked up about things and other people are like, “ummm, what’s the big deal?” Well, we sure didn’t want that. Good news, the new kit was a GIGANTIC home run and we more than doubled our business from the months previous.
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 22
Total People that were signed “under me” (this includes the previous months as well, it just keeps building): 824
Check total for July: $7,623.00



Ugh…August. Tough month. I was literally blindsided by a massive kidney stone in August. HUGE. 5-6mm. That sucker would NOT come out. I dealt with it for the month of August. Guess how much I worked? Yea, not a lot. That doesn’t mean we didn’t still see growth, however because I don’t do this alone. I have the best team in all the land and we work with each other, not against. We have a common vision and it is exciting…even when you feel like you’re dying.
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 8
Total number of people “under me”: 1,172
Check total for August: $5,813.32



In September I had kidney surgery to have my stone removed and a stent was put in. Let me tell you what, I’ll never, ever, ever do that again. I’d rather suffer with a stone than feel that kind of bladder pain. I finally got back into the swing by the end of the month. Between August and September I feel like the slow growth as a whole was my own fault for not being “in” during that time.
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 14
Total People that were signed “under me”): 1,495
Check total for September: $7,084.35



We were really working in October. I was knee-deep in 2 huge marketing projects for our team and our growth was big. Real big. At this point we had started seeing a lot of replication of our own success below us and we KNEW we were onto something really special and really rare. It was an amazing month.
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 17
Total People that were signed “under me”: 2,192
Check total for October: $8,815.23



Prepping for Christmas. It was a crazy month…crazy awesome. Seriously, I have no words about the place my paycheck has gone from this month on. Clearly, God is driving this train down the tracks because it’s moving with our without me.
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 12
Total People that were signed “under me”: 3,050
Check total for November: $12,156.40



December was my first vacation since I started on this oils thing. It was much needed and I was completely away from work for 11 days. Christmas also means a bit slower month as people are busy and focused on their families…as they should be. Still saw growth but just not at our average 60%.
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 6
Total People that were signed “under me”: 4,177
Check total for December: $14,226.39



Wow. Just wow. January blew away my expectations. So big. We had a HUGE jump. This team is blowing. my. mind. I can’t believe this journey. I can’t believe how big this is. I can’t believe what a huge blessing this has been. I just can’t believe it. It almost makes me ugly face cry because who am I? It’s so beyond me. I truly have the most amazing, enthusiastic, excited team that cares more about the product than the paycheck and THAT, my friends, is the key. The oils are so good and the money is a great, big, giant cherry on top of that sundae.
Total People that signed up to try the oils: 6
Total People that were signed “under me”: 6,355
Check total for January: $23,354.13

Here’s YL’s income disclosure statement so you can see the average incomes, which has the “weird factor” that I try to avoid in this business, but it’s required to post if I’m going to be honest with you about my numbers: http://tinyurl.com/olth4sy. Why do typical direct sales people always have to make this business weird? I’ll never understand…but I digress.


So…what are your thoughts? If you’re thinking to yourself, “this can’t be real” yea, I feel you. You can believe that I’m thinking the same thing. If your’e thinking, “this is too good to be true,” yea, me too. If you’re thinking, “there’s no way I can do that,” I’m gonna have to stop you there because I’ve seen too many people do exactly this behind me to support you on that. It all starts with loving the oils. Truly it does. If you do that, the rest will follow you. It just will. This is my path. This is where I’m supposed to be and I’ve never loved a “job” so much in my life…ever. The Lemon Droppers are a special group. We do things differently, we’re breaking the mold, we couldn’t be more excited about it.

You guys know you can always come to me with questions and I’m willing to be 100% transparent with you. I want to take all of the weird and the mystery out of this. Always.


Catching Up | October 12 of 12

Another few pages ready for sharing over the next couple of posts. We’ll start with the October version of the 12 of 12 project, which wrapped in December for me. So excited to have these in the books. Let’s just take a little look-see at what the Moreno’s did in October.

One thing that I will tell you, the little instagram icon is totally free and found online the instamemory font is called “Billabong.” Just search for social media icons to find the right instagram icon. Also, the deer graphics are an old House of 3 set that is no longer in business. Love them though. Miss that store!

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life 12 of 12

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life 12 of 12

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life 12 of 12

I’m about 1 or 2 spreads away from printing my book! Can’t wait to show you guys the finished product. My girls are going to LOVE it!!!

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Project Life Tuesday: A Catch-Up Week!

So, I’m playing a little catch-up this week after a month full of photo editing! I’m almost through all 9 sessions I had! Really happy to be busy and really happy to see the light at the end of this tunnel before I fill up again in Oct/Nov!

So, here are a couple Project Life pages I have to share today. The first is from Boston & Teagan’s preschool end-of-year program. It was the first time we saw them “perform” for anything. They didn’t disappoint! They stood up on that stage and had a fist fight, knocked each other’s hats off and gave dirty looks. At one point, Addy got away from us and ran up to the stage, to which the girls laid down on the stage during a song to talk to her. ugh. Also, the girls were asked to tell the teachers what they wanted to be when they grow up. My girls responses?

Boston: “a beautiful rainbow over a garden”
I’m sorry, what?

Teagan: “Rapunzel”

We have some learning to do in this house. I don’t even know where Boston’s response came from! We don’t have a garden. Truth. We do have video of the entire ordeal which proves that it really did happen and that they were, in fact, the worst-behaved children in the entire school that afternoon. A proud parent moment, to be sure.

Digital Project Life Design Team

Digital Project Life Design Team

How cute is that Smarty Pants card from Design Editor? I love. You can also see that I added a tweet from that day (which I think is such a great snapshot of real moments).

Digital Project Life Design Team

On this page, I added the pictures of the girls teachers and then the photo fail of the 3 girls together from the morning. I’m terrible with my own kids and a camera in my hand. Additionally, I added an Instagram photo with the caption to record Addy’s monumental melt-down when we went to pick out teacher gifts.

Next up is the 12 of 12 layout from August. M and I happened to be out of town for a wedding in August. We had a really nice day together, even though it was cut short because he had to go back and be with the girls at home and I had to drive to Tulsa from OKC for a visit with my grandma (who was sick) and a photo shoot. Also, I had very little desire to use my camera after photographing the wedding the previous day. 2000 photos will do that to a girl! 🙂

Digital Project Life Design Team 12 of 12

Digital Project Life Design Team 12 of 12

Another set of cards from Design Editor here for the “He Said/She Said” portion of the page in the top right corner. I love this part of the page. Also, that black and white photo in the bottom right is one of my favorite Chihuly pieces of art. It’s actually a color photo, if you can believe that. The whites in the piece are so white and the ceiling is perfectly black. I stood below the chandelier and shot directly upward to get this shot. I love it. There is no doubt that I’ll frame a few of these photos in the house.

Digital Project Life Design Team 12 of 12

Dale Chihuly is my favorite artist. Every time I see his work my mouth gapes open like an idiot. It’s just awe-inspiring. I can’t believe the colors in his pieces are even real. I’ve seen his work 6 or 7 times now and every time it’s as amazing as the first. M and I got to see his exhibit at the OKC Museum of Art on the 12th. I had been about 6 years previous with my mom and brother, Aaron, and it was there that I realized I might be falling in love with M. I thought about him a lot while I was there without him. It was nice to go back there with him.

Lindsay Teague Moreno