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Our Weekend Project Life Pages

I made it a goal to get the pictures from our weekend right into a Project Life spread. I’m so glad I did.

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life

I realized how much I miss making time to scrapbook. It’s just good for my soul to sit down and get creative and think through the memories of the photos. It makes me grateful and I can be one of those people that misses the little moments because of a big to-do list on the brain.

Here’s are the pages I did for this weekend. I am always drawn to bright colors and my pages usually reflect that.

Left side:Project Life by Lindsay Teague Moreno

Right side:Project Life by Lindsay Teague Moreno

Here’s both together:Project Life by Lindsay Teague Moreno

This was made with only the Project Life and Ali Edwards elements. Super easy and quick.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Quick and Dirty Black and White.

I said I’d share my black and white conversion tips for you guys and I’m making good on that. I’m going to show you a very quick and dirty way to get your photos out of the color mode and into a simple black and white that looks decent.

Mind you, this isn’t going to be my favorite black and white but I know it will look better than simply hitting that greyscale button.

For this conversion you won’t need any actions and you wont need any special features. Just photoshop.

Here’s what we’re going to be doing.

Photoshop Black and White Conversion

And here’s how to do it:

Quick & Easy Black/White Photo Conversion from Lindsay Teague Moreno.

Seriously, it’s that easy. Levels are the key to fast and poppin’ conversions.

Can’t wait to see what you do. Tag me on IG when you post them!

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Our Weekend in Black & White

I used to be awesome.

I used to take my trusty Canon 5D MarkIII out with me all over the place and capture my girls being who they are. The great thing about that is that they got so used to me taking pictures, they stopped posing. They just went about their business and pretty soon, I was just a fly on the wall. It has made for some great photographic moments. Like this one…

boston crying

Look at her tiny little crying face so mad because she couldn’t have something. She doesn’t really do this anymore because she’s older. She’s 7 and not 2. She doesn’t make the same sounds. She doesn’t have the same cheeks. She doesn’t hang on my leg like she used to. And this one…

teagan makeup

There’s still chubby in her hands. She was wearing my scarf on her head because she wanted long straight hair like me. Oh my gosh I miss these days. I can remember them because I took these pictures. It almost makes me lose my breath because, moms, how is it possible to miss it when all we wanted was for it to be gone? Is that not the most unfair and confusing feeling? To look back and miss what you only wanted to make it through alive? How? It’s a question I have for God because I cannot make sense of it.

In 2013, I stopped carrying my camera everywhere and started working everywhere. Isn’t it a cruel thing to do something for your kids at the expense of time with them? It’s turned out to be the right thing but as I was sifting through my old hard drives trying to organize them, I realize how much my creative eye has missed. I haven’t watched them though my lens and I see them the best though that tiny eye-piece. I see them as a beautiful piece of art, as a moment gone forever and not as a kid who’s whining and won’t be getting her way anytime soon. I see them as subjects and not my kids who must be “mommed.” I’m better with my face smashed into the back of my camera.

As I did more sorting, I decided now is the time to get back into it. To see them though my lens again and not just through the snap of my iPhone shutter button. It’s not the same, for me at least. God gave me the love of photography for a reason and I think it was to be able to give my kids the gift of their story before they were old enough to tell it.

So this weekend, I decided to do what I used to do and capture it. I used to call it “Our Weekend in Black and White” and that’s what it shall continue to be called. So here it is…

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

I challenge you to see your kids though your lens this weekend coming up. Just observe them and take pictures of what they do at this age. I’ll give you my black and white conversion tips this week so you’re fully prepared. It’s easy as pie. You’ll appreciate it in a couple of years when they’re 2 years older and 2 years closer to not being around to document.

Here’s to the hardest job I’ve ever had, Moms! This is just one step we can take in the name of doing the best we can.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

A Child Bride

Here’s something you should know about me up front, I’m not a birthday person. I think it’s great when other people are, it’s just not how I was raised. So birthday parties are always an afterthought for my kiddos. I much prefer to celebrate Christmas in a big way. I do try to give my kids a little family celebration with a cake and a theme.  Each year, I decorate the table after they go to sleep so they can feel special when they wake up.

This year, for her 5th birthday, Addy (her name is Kennedy but we gave her the nickname Addy so people wouldn’t shorten her name to “Ken”) wanted a wedding theme. Yea, you read that right, she wanted to be a bride. A visit to etsy while on the road, a party store and hobby lobby back at home and we were set. She was going to marry her daddy and “it would be cute,” I thought. I didn’t expect the kind of emotion it pulled out of this self-proclaimed cold mom. I’m not really “cold,” that’s dramatic, I think, but I’m not in-touch with them feels that many women carry on their sleeves.  Not on this day, though.

little girls big dreams Lindsay Teague Moreno Blog

It’s little unexpected moments like this that make me breathe deep and know that I am so blessed to have the kids I do. Sometimes they drive me straight to the loony bin (and I’m not sugar coating that…sometimes I don’t like being a mom) but every once in a while I feel so overwhelmed with love and pride I can’t breathe. Today was one of those moments. As I took this picture I cried into the back of my camera.

Child Bride Wedding 5th Birthday Party

How is she mine? How is she so grown up? How will I make the most of the last 13 years I have with her in my house? How can I keep this feeling?

Child Bride Wedding 5th Birthday Party

I can see myself in 20 years pulling out these pictures of my little baby as she’s about to get married (if she decides she wants to…no pressure from me). I can see me crying then just like I did today as I watched her pretend to be grown up. I saw a glimpse of my future today and it was so sweet and beautiful.

Here are the pictures from the day. We tried to do everything a real bride would do on her wedding day:

_35A9075 web

_35A9079 web

_35A9087 web

_35A9089 web

_35A9090 web

Child Bride Wedding 5th Birthday Party

Child Bride Wedding 5th Birthday Party

Child Bride Wedding 5th Birthday Party

Child Bride Wedding 5th Birthday Party

Child Bride Wedding 5th Birthday Party

Child Bride Wedding 5th Birthday Party

Child Bride Wedding 5th Birthday Party

Child Bride Wedding 5th Birthday Party

Child Bride Wedding 5th Birthday Party

Child Bride Wedding 5th Birthday Party

Child Bride Wedding 5th Birthday Party

Child Bride Wedding 5th Birthday Party

Child Bride Wedding 5th Birthday Party

Child Bride Wedding 5th Birthday Party

Child Bride Wedding 5th Birthday Party

Lindsay Teague Moreno

I See You, Woman!

Yesterday was one of those days. The one where you just want to throw in the towel. The day all of the work and intentions and negativity shows up at the door and demands to be paid in their currency known as attention. On days like that, you can’t escape the sadness and the curiosity gets the best of you.

Why am I doing this?

Why am I working so hard for this?

Why am I spinning my wheels?

Then you find yourself saying the one sentence you have been avoiding: THIS DOESN’T MAKE ME HAPPY. I’m not alone. I see women on the life treadmill everyday and while my treadmill is work, I see it in stay-at-home mom’s all the time because that was me.

I see you. Never sitting down. Jumping in the car for this or that. Running out to help the kids. Running around to organize for the next day. Constantly putting something away. Saying “yes.” Finishing this. Starting that. Thinking. Constantly thinking. What’s next? How late are we? I forgot this. I have to be here and there at the same time. What’s for dinner? How will I still be awake at the end of the night for that?

I. See. You.

You’ve put aside the little things you love for the household, the family, the clean house, the charade that your family has it all together. Let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got it all together. That’s true no matter how many perfect Instagram photos of perfectly packed lunches (in shapes and with all food groups accounted for) or freshly-bathed children sleeping soundly at 7:30pm or spotless kitchens in the background you scroll through every day. Those are lies. Yea, I said it. If that’s you and you want to email me with pictures to prove it, I’ll save you the time–you’re better than me, I get it. For the rest of us that don’t live in Stepford, it’s time to own the mess. I sure will celebrate with a picture when sleeping kids at 7:30 happens to me but it’s still strangely absent from my feed…hmmm.

Let's be honest, ain't nobody got it all together. It's all lies. Lindsay Teague Moreno

Let’s get back to you. I need to get back to me.

The things I let go of? Photography, scrapbooking and reading something besides business books. I’m no longer a professional in photography or scrapbooking (that was a past life) but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love it passionately. I miss it. My real life and my profession as a leader have overtaken my time dedicated to these two things because I haven’t made me a priority.

Recently, I picked up my big girl camera for a couple of occasions and it felt so good…like riding a bike. I’ll post more pictures of both of the things I photographed in other posts but I want to make a couple of recommendations to you based on what I remember as I sat down in my familiar seat at the computer to start on my favorite part of the photo process: editing. Loud music, pen in my hand, hot drink sitting on my desk. It’s so zen. It’s so…me.

Here’s what I think:

#1. If you don’t make time for the things you love, they sure won’t make time for you. Your kids will eat it up. The person in your life will eat it up. Your friends. Your co-workers. Your job. Your obligations. Your everything will eat up your time unless you don’t let it. It’s up to you to carve out the time without the guilt that surrounds that kind of activity. I know you have kids, responsibilities, jobs, commitments, things to do for others, a kitchen to scrub down. I know. Me, too. Spoiler alert: those things will all be there in an hour or two. As women, I don’t think we make enough time to do the things we love and I want to change that. We need to take back the us we were before we said too much yes. It’s our fault, guys. We did this to ourselves and we have the power to get ourselves out.

#2. I recently saw Jessica N. Turner speak about her book The Fringe Hours at a business event I put on in Scottsdale, Arizona. Why would I bring someone to talk about not working at a work event? Because it’s integral to sustained, high-quality work. Jessica talks to women about making time for the things we love. Something that we let go of so easily and yet can make such a big difference in our happiness. We have to do it. Read this book. It should be on every woman’s must-read list.

The Fringe Hours Jessica N. Turner Lindsay Teague Moreno Blog

So, let’s do this, yea? Read the book. Pick up what you miss the most. Find something for you.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

The Deets on Project Life In One Place

I get asked a lot about what Project Life is, how I do it digitally, what programs I use, how I bind the books, etc. So I’m going to answer all of those questions here because this process is really important to me and what I want my girls to value as they grow up and have families of their own.

I was passionate about this project since the day I started and being on the creative team gave me the ability to infect others with the same passion. I thought I’d post a little intro and a recap of what I’m doing with Project Life in case you’re new to the LTM Blog!

What is Project Life?

Here’s a 1-minute easy as pie explanation:

Why do I think you should do it?

Because your story is your legacy and it’s important. Someday, your kids and your family is going to want to know this stuff about you and themselves. I promise. Kids have a way of wondering how you did it when they start families of their own. This is the way to show them. One thing I would love more than anything is to ask my mom, “what did you do when we were this age?” or “how did you handle this situation?” or “how much did you drink every night?” If she had done scrapbooking for us, I would have known even though she’s not around anymore for me to ask her. Someday my kids are going to want to know what our everyday looked like as an adult. They will. This will show them.

How am I doing it?

I am doing my pages digitally. It saves me the counter space (which is limited with 3 little ones) and the hassle of cleaning up. I just put everything together on my computer and then I print the book out at the end of the year. Also, the majority of project life users do the project weekly (2 pages to recap your week, every week). I, however, am taking a different approach this year. I’m just putting our major events into the book. There’s too much stuff going on in my life to have the pressure of keeping up and we just don’t do all that much stuff yet because my girls are so little. I’ll probably start the weekly layout format next year. You can read more about what I’m doing and the pages I’ve completed by CLICKING HERE.

What are the options for you?

There are two options for you if you want to give Project Life a try:
Traditional Paper Version
Digital Version

I LOVE traditional paper scrapbooking but I don’t like having the stuff all around my house. Digital is the right option for me but there is a learning curve to doing it since I am using photoshop. Without some desire to learn clipping masks and photoshop, it may be best for you to just go paper kits and keep it in a little caddy that you can move around to keep out of the way. If I was able to have the space and time for traditional, I would absolutely have those cards in my house.

With the traditional version you only need 4 things (there are FAR more than 4 things you can purchase, of course but you only require 4):

1. Core Kit

Core Kits are loaded with enough beautifully-designed cards to fill an entire album.

Becky Higgins Project Life Core kit






2. Album

The Project Life snazzy Albums, designed to coordinate with our Core Kits, will safely house your Pocket Pages filled with your photos and journaling.

Becky Higgins Project Life Album






3. Pocket Pages

Pick up a pack of Photo Pocket Pages to slip in your treasured photos and the cards from your Core Kit.

Becky Higgins Project Life Plastic Pages






4. Journaling Pens

My favorite pens in the world are the Zig Millennium Pens. They come in a pack with 5 sizes. Amazeballs.

Zig Pens

With the digital version you need 4 things (there are FAR more than 4 things you can purchase, of course but you only require 4):

1. Computer

I use my Mac Pro and my laptop for Project Life. Either will work as long as you have enough space to run photoshop and save your work.


2. Photoshop

I use Photoshop Creative Cloud for mine but I know a lot of people that use Photoshop Elements and it works great for them (plus it’s less expensive and a bit easier).

photoshop cc

3. Digital Kits

Someone I know has a real problem with buying digital items for her Project Life album. I won’t say who, but she can’t stop. They’re so pretty!

Project Life Digital Kit

4. Printer to bind your book or Album with 12×12 Page Protectors

You can choose to bind your book and have it printed with a photo printer like i did at MPIX or you can have the pages printed individually and you can simply stick them into some 12×12 page protectors and a binder. Your call. I like the digital books because I can make copies of the book for the girls to take when they leave home.

Here’s a recent page I finished to give you an example of what your pages can look like:

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Becky Higgins

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Becky Higgins

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Becky Higgins

This was a super simple and fast layout. Used our pictures that Melissa Koehler took of our family and threw a couple of cards and brushes over them. Boom! Done.

I hope you’ll consider giving Project Life a try this year. There’s not commitment, there are no requirements. I know your people sure would love you for it one day.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Remembring Every Moment

I was telling Michael last night how much more of our life I remember when I put it in a Project Life page. I remember the little details because I took the picture, I wrote it down, I used creativity to put it together and I look at it again. It is sealed into my memory. Little things that I would likely have forgotten.

Lindsay Teague Moreno | Digital Project Life

For example I would have remembered going to AZ last summer, but probably not that it was 118 degrees out one day when we took the girls to the little waterpark. I would have remembered going to see James Taylor, but probably not that we were the youngest people there by at least 20 years. You’ve gotta save the memories.

Lindsay Teague Moreno | Digital Project Life

Lindsay Teague Moreno | Digital Project Life

My kids are going to love this one day! I’d give just about anything to have something like this from my mom as we were growing up.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Get Your Frame On: a DIY gallery wall project

I wrote this post a couple of years back but I still get a lot of questions about it so I decided to repost it here on my new blog for you DIY’ers.


I have been dreaming of this project for a very long time, but because M and I are renting a home here in Reno, I have put virtually $0 into home decor. It’s just not my house and I haven’t felt like putting too much effort into the house that we could potentially move out of at any moment. I love decorating, though, so I have really been wanting to frame some new photos. I think personal photos are the best way to make a house a unique home (outside of paint color). I love looking at other people’s photos in their homes when I visit. I want to make sure (especially as a photographer) that I have enough up of our lives to tell our story a bit.

So, I just decided that it was time to put together a gallery wall with some of our favorite family photos. I also decided I was going to go big. This is exactly what I had in mind when I set this project in motion:

DIY Gallery Wall

The wall leading up the stairs in this house is big, it’s high, and it’s bare. It’s also painted the grossest color of not-quite-white-and-not-quite-cream. The dude that owns this house was clearly not on the swiss coffee train when he picked out this color (he also doesn’t understand that different rooms require different sheens as evident by the touch-ups he did around the house, but that’s a different post). I decided that colored frames was where I was going to start. This foyer and staircase need some color in a bad way.

I love the look of scalloped frames. Going big on framing can equal big money, though, so I was sure I’d have to settle for only one shaped frame and just go square for the rest. I did a lot, i mean, a lot of hunting around. We’re talking months and months worth.

I started with Organic Bloom, Poppy Tree, and Zin Frames. All amazing frame companies. They make an amazing product. I would have snapped up the frames from these companies in a heart beat except one thing…it’s out of my budget for a home decor project right now. Like, way out. I wanted my center frame to be 20×30 (yea, big, see?). I’m looking at $100+ on that single frame alone and that’s not including prints.

So, it’s DIY time.

Enter Cut It Out Frames. $35.99 for the largest frame? Now that, I can handle.


I ordered 8 frames from Cut It Out. All of them were unfinished so I knew I had some work ahead of me.

DIY Gallery Wall Project

Instagram: This is what they looked like out of the shipping materials. They were in perfect condition. Well done, Cut It Out!

I got the following frames:

Balboa 20×30
Chandler 16×20
Brooklyn 11×14
Newport 8×10
Brooklyn 8×10
Newport 5×7
Grafton 5×7
Newport 4×6

The total cost? $128.92. Yea, that’s right, people. What I was going to buy 1 frame for, I got 8. I am so drinking the Cut It Out kool-aid.

Problem: I won’t lie, because this place is so rad, they’re busy and it took my frames a long time to arrive. Like, a month and a half. Worth. The. Wait.


As soon as they came in, I took inventory of what I was working with and I took the quilt I made for the living room to Michael’s Craft Store to grab some paint colors. I am trying to keep these colors consistent throughout the entire downstairs. I ended up with these colors:

DIY Gallery Wall

I should have gotten 2 bottles of each color (especially the orange because that seemed to take 17 coats), but I like to make projects harder than they should be by getting only one and taking a second trip to the craft store. It’s just how I roll. At $1 a bottle (coupon) I spent $7 on paint and $2 on foam brushes.

Problem: There’s no glass in these frames (just a cardboard backing). So I had to go on a little hunt for glass.


I started at the dollar store for glass. Here I got my 4×6, 2 5×7’s and 2 8×10’s for $5 total. I then went to Wal-Mart for the 11×14 piece of glass for $5. I just threw out all the cheap frames and kept the glass. For the larger pieces (16×20 and 20×30), I found THIS PLACE. If I had found it before running around looking for large glass pieces, I would have just ordered it all from Glass4PictureFrames.com to save myself the trip to Wal-Mart (I hate this store). The 16×20 is $7.28 and the 20×30 is $13.65.


Next, I picked the photos that I wanted to add to the wall and edited them. I converted them all to black & white to make the frame colors pop. I also created a little sketch showing the frame size, the photo in the frame and the color of the frame for future reference.

DIY Gallery Wall Project

Instagram: my photo order and gallery wall sketch

Let’s talk about photos. This is the place where I did not cut corners on cost. I ordered all of my prints through a professional lab, with the linen texture, mounted on board and coated with the non-glare coating. These pictures may well be in my house and on my walls when I’m old and grey. They will last this long. The board keeps them from warping in the frame, the coating keeps them looking beautiful. My mom had a mounted and textured photo of my brothers and I on her walls with no glass covering it for 25 years and it still looks as good as the day she hung it up.


You can see the linen print texture in this photo. Also notice how it’s not reflecting too much light because of the coating.

Photo quality is not the place to skimp, in my opinion. If you had your photos taken by a professional photographer, order your wall prints through them. The professional labs make a HUGE difference (even in black and white photos). I promise you won’t be disappointed by the color and quality you get over non-pro labs. I would recommend Mpix to you guys if you’re not printing at a pro lab. Please, please, please don’t do Target, Wal-Mart, Costco or Walgreens. Please. The colors are just so different. Get your photos (at least the large ones) mounted. They’ll last forever. If you are interested in having your photos printed at a pro lab and are not a photographer, please let me know and I can give you my pricing list so you can have that option. I’ll even edit your photos a bit for you. It’s important.



Finally, I had a selection of my instagram photos printed in a collage from Paper Coterie. This print is the center 20×30 frame and the only one that is in color. It’s HUGE. I am in love with this part of the project. The collage is printed onto self-adhesive (and removable) fabric, so it matches the linen texture of all my other photos. It is amazing quality is very, very reasonably priced ($29.00 for 20×30). I simply peeled the backing off and stuck it down to the cardboard frame backing. Easy. Super cute.

DIY Gallery Wall Project

DIY Gallery Wall Project

Tip: I used the website www.instaport.me to download all of my instagram photos, pick the photos I wanted to use, and then upload to the Paper Coterie website.


Then, I painted all the frames with at least 2 coats of paint (some more than others). Once the painting was done, I went over the edges of the frame with some dark brown ink from an ink pad to add some contrast. I put the photos in the frames and voila, done!

DIY Gallery Wall Project

I love how it came out. It really brightens up the foyer and brings some great memories to our walls.

DIY Gallery Wall Project

DIY Gallery Wall Project

What do you think? Are you going to do it too? I feel like I got more than enough “bang for my buck” with this project. It makes a big statement and the price was not as much as a piece of furniture…by far. I’m really happy.

DIY Gallery Wall Project
Lindsay Teague Moreno

In the Home with the Moreno Family

I was recently referred to Duston Todd by my friend Megahn for some family lifestyle portraits. I’ve wanted to capture us just being together for a while and immediately jumped on the opportunity when I saw Duston’s In the Home sessions he was doing. He is a true artist and what he created will remain on my walls for a lifetime.

Take a look…

moreno_DTODD-6385 copy

moreno_DTODD-6496 copy

moreno_DTODD-6521 copy

moreno_DTODD-6586 copy

moreno_DTODD-6602-2 copy

moreno_DTODD-6638 copy

moreno_DTODD-6660 copy

moreno_DTODD-6669 copy

moreno_DTODD-6687 copy

moreno_DTODD-6700-2 copy

moreno_DTODD-6709 copy

moreno_DTODD-6719 copy

moreno_DTODD-6731-2 EDIT copy

moreno_DTODD-6779 copy

moreno_DTODD-6798-2 copy

moreno_DTODD-6829-2 copy

moreno_DTODD-6834-2 copy

moreno_DTODD-6842 copy

moreno_DTODD-6892 copy

moreno_DTODD-6901 EDIT copy

moreno_DTODD-6918 copy

moreno_DTODD-6966 copy

I love these 4 people so much.

I am in love with these images. I hope we can recreate them throughout the years as we all grow. Thank you Duston for your eye and sharing your gift with our family.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

All new Project Life addition

I am so in love with Project Life, you guys. Over the past two years, it’s been one of those things I love but just don’t make the time to do. This year, I’m making more time for it. Wanted to share a page I did not too long ago.

Last year, Michael and I had a little vacation in California after our first large event we put on. It was a really nice break after a lot of work. We went to one of our favorite places, The Hotel Del on Coronado Island and visited some of my favorite people (my cousin Adam and his wife, Stacy and their kids, Jackson & Savannah). Have you guys been to this hotel? IT. IS. AMAZING.  Tons of really cool original pieces in this historic hotel. The view isn’t half bad either!

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Digital

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Digital

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Digital

If you guys haven’t gone to this hotel, you gotta put it on the bucket list! It is so amazing. Totally throw back. We had a great time. We even did S’mores right on the beach at night.

Hope you guys are having a great Monday!

Lindsay Teague Moreno


My Someday Photographer

We all have the one photographer in our mind that we say to ourselves “someday that person is going to take my family photos.” Right? Or is it just me? I don’t think it’s just me. You should make note of those photographers that you love and set out to have your photos created by them. They’re your “someday” photographer.

Well, I’ve drooled over Melissa Koehler’s photos for YEARS now (one tiny look and you’ll see why). When I was living in Colorado she was actually thinking about making a trip out and I was trying to scramble for ideas on how I might be able to afford to do it then. Melissa lives in California (San Diego to be exact) so getting a session with her would be tricky for sure. When we made plans to be in So Cal for vacation this year, a photo session with Melissa became a reality. I booked like 8 months in advance or something to make sure she had room for us and we drove from LA to San Diego just for this shoot. Look, when you want something, you gotta make it happen, right?!?! You don’t get the opportunity to have your family pictures done by someone you admire and love just every day!

Moreno Family Beach Photos
Here she is. How cute is she? She’s good peeps.

Well, folks, we did it and I’m happy to say that I love EVERY. STINKING. ONE. of the photos Melissa took of the family. She’s adorable and funny and sweet and talented and I could go on and on. Money well spent. If you’re in the San Diego area or you ever plan to be. Save your pennies because she’s worth 8 times what she charges. True story.

Who wants to see some photos, huh?

Moreno Family Beach PhotosStill can’t believe this is us. We’re like a real, live family and all that. I don’t know why it’s taking me 3 kids and 4.5 years to figure that out. Still feels strange.

Moreno Family Beach PhotosBoston (left), Teagan (right). 4-years-old. Identical mirror twins. Can you believe that? What am I doing with twins? That’s one question I’ll be asking God once I get to heaven. Believe that.

Moreno Family Beach PhotosKenendy Elise. My little ninja. She looks so innocent here. Like she’d be the last child on EARTH to stick unknown objects up her nose and sneak candy into other rooms to eat it.

Moreno Family Beach PhotosThis is one of my faves. Look at those colors all around us. So good, Melissa. So good.

Moreno Family Beach Photoslovin’ on my dude. yep. we still got it goin’ on.

Moreno Family Beach PhotosMe and my Addy girl. Still my baby. Don’t want her to EVER grow up!

Moreno Family Beach PhotosThese girls loved being at the beach with their daddy. It’s the thing they talk about the most about our vacation and considering we went to Disney Land, that means something. They ran away from waves for HOURS. He’s so good at being a girl daddy. That’s one question I never have to ask God about because the answer is so obvious. He’s just meant to be a daddy of girls.

Moreno Family Beach Photos

Moreno Family Beach Photoshaha. this makes me laugh. look at B & T laughing. Adorable.

Moreno Family Beach PhotosYea, I’d say this pretty much sums it up.

Moreno Family Beach PhotosDaddy & Addy. BFF’s. I’m pretty sure she’s his! 😉

Moreno Family Beach PhotosBoston Bean. Love this girl. She has decided to take the “give mom a run for her money” crown from Teagan lately. She’s lucky she’s cute!

Moreno Family Beach PhotosTeagan. Sigh. Can this possibly be the same tiny baby I held on December 7th at 4 pounds?

Moreno Family Beach Photos

Moreno Family Beach PhotosYep, he’s a superstud and yep, he still looks smokin’ hot in pink.

Moreno Family Beach PhotosMy little girls. This picture makes me so happy. I’m going to hang it on my wall and it will be there until the day I die. I’ll look back on it when I’m old and they’re having their own babies and I’ll remember how much I love them and that all the time and energy is 100% worth it. THIS picture right here is why you hire your favorite photographer and not the one that’s the cheapest. There’s just something different about it and it’s about the artist who creates it. Love you, Melissa, for this photo…well, all of them, but this one especially.

Moreno Family Beach PhotosHow long until they stop holding my hand? Hopefully never.

So who’s your “someday” photographer? Don’t let these years slip through your fingers, they’ll be gone before you know it.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Project Life 2013: Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of Project Life. Seems crazy that we’re this far into the year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about spring and summer coming right around the corner!!


This week, I was out of town for the weekend for my grandma’s funeral. Even though it’s sad, I added it to the book. Additionally, I made Michael take the Archetype ME quiz and recorded both of our results. This is proof positive that he’s a better persona than I am and that he’s probably the better stay-at-home parent, what with his caregiving skills and my lack thereof! ha. Have you seen these results going around your social media feed? You can add it to your next page by taking the quiz HERE

Archetype Quiz

1. Creative (Creator | Performer | Artist | Storyteller)
2. Intellectual (Scholar | Professional | Sage | Thinker)
3. Rebel (Maverick | Feminist | Seductress | Femme Fatale)

1. Caregiver (Mentor | Teacher | Father | Coach | Rescuer | Hero)
2. Intellectual (Scholar | Professional | Sage | Thinker)
3. Spiritual (Mystic | Healer | Seeker | Religious)

See? He’s a better person! Not a mention of my most important job as a mom in my results. Whoops. Lucky me, I guess.

Here’s the full 2-page spread from week 5:

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life
Left side. Happy to have my extended family in the book this year. We don’t see each other nearly enough (they all live in Oklahoma). I love them! Plus, their kids are amazingly beautiful which makes my pages look goooooood! *wink, wink


Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life
Right side

Lindsay Teague Moreno


Project Life Catch Up Post

Family Vacation May 2012

Project Life Digital
Both sides of the spread together. Again, I opted for the lighter feel on this one.


Project Life Digital
Left side close-up


Project Life Digital
Right side close-up

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Another Project Life 2012 Catch-Up Post

There are a few pages that I completed from 2012 that I haven’t shared yet and I figure now is as good a time as any! We’ll start with the wrap-up photos from our very first family vacation. An RV trip through California (Yosemite, Napa and Mendocino).

Moreno Family Camp-Out 2012

Project Life Digital
Full spread together. I LOVE the colors on this one. These photos were begging for a softer feel. Which is odd since we were so dirty for 10 days straight. Constantly dusty.


Project Life Digital
Left side close-up


Project Life Digital
Right side close-up. We don’t leave out any of the details…even sewage dumping! Ewww. I’d just like to thank God for my husband right here and now.


Lindsay Teague Moreno

Project Life 2013 | Week 4

Week 4. Does it feel like we should be this far into 2013?

This week Michael had monday off of work and we ventured into downtown Seattle for the day. Fun! My grandma passed away as well, which is so sad. I didn’t have photos of that, obviously, but I wanted to include it so I made a little collage (bottom left) of photos that mean a lot to me that she is in. Make sure you include your relatives, family and friends that are out of town in your PL book.

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Digital
Week 4 both sides together. This was a fun week and a sad week all in one.




Lindsay Teague Moreno

Starting Over

Take a good look at these photos.

Lindsay Teague Moreno 5 Generations
look how cute my grandma and great grandma are in this photo staring at me when we’re trying to take a group photo. Awww, they loved me (first grandbaby, great grandbaby and great great grandbaby…that’s a special thing).


Lindsay Teague Moreno 5 Generations

There are a few things you should know about them (besides the affinity my family had for the “wild west” motif, complete with shotgun mounted above the fireplace…you know how we roll):

a) you’re looking at 5 generations. That’s me as the youngest and my great great grandma (Mama Gee we called her) in the center. Pretty rare.

b) apparently a shirt with overalls is not required in 1985, who knew?

c) I remember taking that photo on the bottom and have quite a few memories of Mama Gee and even more of my great grandma (Pompoonzie we called her…don’t ask, my mom made it up when she was little) and my Grandma (Gram) and, of course, my mom.

d) My Gram died this weekend and I am the last one remaining of these women. I am really having a hard time wrapping my head around this fact. How can that be?

e) The next time we have the opportunity to take a photo like this I will be the oldest one in it and not the youngest. My girls and I are starting over where generations are concerned.

I’m sad and I miss these women. My Gram was sick for a long time and she stayed around much, much longer than most of us thought she would but it’s still so sad to say goodbye. The last time I saw Gram was in August. We took a walk together, we talked, I showed her pictures, we talked about Mom and Poppy (she thought maybe Mom and Poppy were playing golf together that morning). She was having some rare “old Gram” moments at that time. She told me she loved me so much and that I was a “good girl.” She told me she was so happy I came to see her and she got up early and dressed up for me to come see her the next day. I had a very similar happy goodbye time with my grandpa that went before her in 2005. I’m so grateful for these times to remember and hold in my heart.

4 Generations
Our updated 4 Generations photo after the girls were born (2009)


Lindsay Teague Moreno Vintage
Me with Poppy and Gram in 1980.

My immediate family now consists of only my brothers and I. That is crazy. We were never a large family but I just didn’t see it playing out like this. Sad weekend. I’m half relieved that Gram is finally where she wanted to be and I find myself sad all over again that Mom’s not here to go with me to the funeral and just be with me on this one. I hope that was a great reunion for Mom and her parents.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Project Life 2013: Week 3

Here we are with the most recent Project Life spread. I have to tell you the new AC Digitals papers and elements are giving me such a creative boost. As most of you know (if you read here often), I’m obsessed with the Cobalt kit from last year’s Project Life release. Still love it. It’s still my favorite, even with the new sets and the sets that are dropping this spring. However, the new patterns and color combos are giving me a “new” feeling in my spreads and I’m loving it! I’ll get back to Cobalt, that’s for sure, but for now, I love the AC Digitals options.

projectlife digital

This was a very non-eventful week in the house of Moreno. If you feel like you don’t have enough pictures or your world isn’t very exciting, I hope these layouts might give you some inspiration. I purposely brought out my big girl camera one night to take pictures of our nightly routine because we were doing so little during the day. I also took series photos to fill. Notice the 3 photos of Kennedy in the tiny template all dressed up after her bath. That’s a good way to add variety even if you don’t have a lot of photo moments. I ended up with way more than I had originally thought I had.

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life
Week 3: Both pages together


Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life
Close-up of left side
How fun is the little chalkboard? It’s just a chalkboard image and then I put the fonts over it. Love how it turned out. A great way to incorporate some verbiage with a busy pattern. I’ll be using this again.


Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life
Close-up of right side

I’m focusing on getting down on the girls’ level to take photos of them. I want to see the world the way they see it. I remember wearing my moms heels when I was little and feeling like I could see so much more when I was “taller.” I think the same is true when we become smaller. I get down on my stomach, I crouch down, I lay down. Try thinking on their level when taking their photos.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Welcome 2013

So I wanted to update with my first few 2013 Project Life spreads before we get too far into the year and I finish catching up from 2012.

projectlife digital

Here’s my 2013 cover page:

Digital Project Life

This year I’m doing the weekly spreads so here’s what our Week One looked like:

Digital Project Life

Digital Project Life

…and Week Two:

Digital Project Life

Digital Project Life


Lindsay Teague Moreno

More Catch-Up | November 12 of 12

So here we are with November’s 12 of 12 spread. It was moving days. Of course our day of the most chaos all year would fall on the 12th! I was so close to not doing it in November because I was so busy. So glad I did though!!! Since we were getting off the plane in Seattle at Midnight, I actually started my 12 of 12 before we had been to sleep! Pretty cool.

Without further ado:

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life 12 of 12

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life 12 of 12

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life 12 of 12

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Catching Up | October 12 of 12

Another few pages ready for sharing over the next couple of posts. We’ll start with the October version of the 12 of 12 project, which wrapped in December for me. So excited to have these in the books. Let’s just take a little look-see at what the Moreno’s did in October.

One thing that I will tell you, the little instagram icon is totally free and found online the instamemory font is called “Billabong.” Just search for social media icons to find the right instagram icon. Also, the deer graphics are an old House of 3 set that is no longer in business. Love them though. Miss that store!

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life 12 of 12

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life 12 of 12

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life 12 of 12

I’m about 1 or 2 spreads away from printing my book! Can’t wait to show you guys the finished product. My girls are going to LOVE it!!!

Lindsay Teague Moreno

All Settled + Project Life Update

Well, folks, we’re all settled here in our new home in Seattle, Washington. We love it here so far. It’s so gorgeous and the rain has been really cool. I, for one, am a huge fan of rain after living in the desert for so many years. This is literally the opposite of Phoenix. Ahhhhhh.

Digital Project Life Header

Now that the holiday season is over, it’s time to get crackin’ on Project Life. I have some pages to post and some catching up to do! Let’s take a look at a new page, shall we?

Lindsay Teague Moreno's Digital Project Life | 12 of 12

Lindsay Teague Moreno's Digital Project Life | 12 of 12

Lindsay Teague Moreno's Digital Project Life | 12 of 12

It’s funny to look back at these photos because even in the 4 short months since I took these photos, my girls have changed! The paci went bye-bye on Addy’s birthday and the girls got a much-needed hair chop shortly after this month. Crazy. Just another reason Project Life is awesome. We’re changing so much right now.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Dear Babies: 4-Years

I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that my little girls are 4-years-old. From teensy tiny little preemies at 3 and 4 lbs to walking, talking, thinking, independent, crazy, little girls. It’s nuts, I tell you.

Here we continue the letters that I’ll eventually give to the girls when they’re older and here they are together for their 4-year photo shoot:

Lindsay Teague Moreno Photography Twins Birthday


This year for their birthday we had a family party at the American Girl store. They both picked out a Bitty Baby…the same one. I thought it fitting that they should be a part of the photos.


Dear Boston,

Here you are at 4:


My little 4-year-old. I love you so much it hurts sometimes. You have really grown up this year into a person all your own. People get you confused with your sister all the time but you guys are really so different. I think because I’m around you so often I can see the differences more than the similarities. As you go through childhood and adolescence, I think people will group you and your sister together more often than not, but I want you to know that we see how different you really are from each other. You’re most definitely not the same person despite how much you look physically similar. You have many (okay most) of the same mannerisms, but you use them in spectacularly different ways. Even being similar to your sister makes you unique in a way that only you and Teagan will ever share. I love being witness to it every day.


This year, Boston, you and Teagan really started to assert your own personalities and started taking interest in different things. For example, we have now taken both ballet and gymnastics. While Teagan really loves ballet (i think it’s the pink, the grace and the music) you love gymnastics (I think it’s the physical activity, the running and the variety of activities). You guys came to us to ask if Teagan could take ballet and you could take gymnastics. Pretty cool. You’re very good at gymnastics. You are strong and coordinated. You got out there as a very young and small beginner and figured that bar right out. Soon you were doing all of the required class circuits on your own. You overcame your fear of heights and swift movement this year in gymnastics. It is one of the memories of you that I will lock away in my heart forever. You declined the high swing a couple of classes in a row when you first started gymnastics (you don’t even take your hands off of us when we swing you by your feet…no way you were getting on that swing). One class, though, I was sitting and watching as your group got to the swing and you decided you were going to do it. You got up and I could see the fear in your eye but your determination to get up there was stronger. You asked the teacher not to swing you very high (the swing probably went 20 feet up) and you did it. All by yourself. You amazing, strong, brave girl. It might not seem like that big of a deal some day when you read this, but I think it’s a little glimpse of what is to come from you. If I had to guess, I think you’ll hang back a bit in life and let others be first (an amazing quality, I believe…I wish I had more of that in my own personality). You’ll observe first, but when it comes time, you’ll be brave. You’ll speak out when you need to. You’ll do things differently than the other kids, coworkers, classmates or peers. When you do something, though, you’ll be great at it. I can’t wait to see it. I’m so proud of you.

This year you and Teagan have fought a lot as you started to assert your independence and become your true selves. I think many people are under the impression that identical twins don’t fight and they’re surprised to learn that you act just like any other sisters. You fight. A lot. Sometimes it makes me crazy. You compete with each other at times. However, you also have an amazing bond. You still understand each other better than anyone else on this planet. You even understand Addy better than anyone else. If I can’t understand something she’s saying, I can ask you and you almost always know. You and Teagan can’t be separated for long periods of time. We thought about putting Addy with you to sleep because you both sleep more than Teagan does, but you both quickly put the kibosh on that. You guys get upset when one doesn’t wake the other up in the morning and you’re in your room alone. What one gets, the other gets in your eyes. What one can do the other can do in your eyes. I sing the “anything you can do I can do better” song to you at least once a day. You are both very attune to the other though. If one of you is sick, the other is sad. If one is hurt, the other is upset. You love each other very much. I am sure this will continue all of your lives and I wonder what it will be like if you decide on different colleges or when you guys get married. Will it be hard on you? I am sure it will.

You are very close with Addy, Boston. Closer than Teagan, who is the louder and more gregarious of the two of you most of the time (not that you’re quiet, because that is NOT the case). You love to be a caregiver for your baby sister. You tell everyone she is “your baby.” You make sure she’s taken care of. You concern yourself with her well-being and play with her one-on-one more than Teagan does. She loves Addy and I’ve seen them becoming much closer toward the end of this year, but there’s something between you two that is special. I wonder sometimes if the three of you will be inseparable when you get older. Will you share the same group of friends? Will you guys always do things together?

Boston, you and I are very similar in many ways and one of those ways is our love of sleep. You still remain my best sleeper. You go to bed without a fight (most nights), you’d take a nap if I let you, you sleep in, you hardly ever wake up in the middle of the night. You love your sleep. Me too, Bean, me too! You also blow your lid when you’re pushed too far like me and you get bored easily (but let’s ignore that right now). You’re amazingly similar to your dad as well. You’re very caring and sensitive like he is. You worry about people like he does and you are kind-hearted like him. When I see you interacting socially with other kids, I notice that you let others take from you and say nasty things to you and you don’t say a word. Daddy doesn’t like it. He wants you to push back at times, but I love it. I know it means that being nasty isn’t part of you. You’re very caring and I love it about you. These are some of the things I love the most about your daddy and I’m so happy to see these characteristics are part of your personality as well. Someday, if you choose, you’re going to be such a good mommy.

This year, you’re still sucking your right thumb, you are super tall and skinny, your hair grew so much I had to have 6 inches cut off of it, your hair is very fine and curly (which makes combing time a chore), you love fruit snacks more than life itself, you love to pray at dinner, you love to play pretend, you get so excited when your daddy gets home from work, you love disney movies and characters (especially Ariel), you don’t like pizza sauce (just like your mama), you want one-on-one attention from your parents, you love snuggles, you hate cleaning up after yourself, you hate clothes (all of them, no matter what…no), you love to dance and play games, and your laugh is infectious.

I love you Beanie Bean. I really do. You guys teach me something new every day. Being your mom is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and I’m worried that I am failing a lot, but when I see you being sweet to others and becoming a strong little girl, I know we must be doing something right. God blessed me with you. He knew that you were just what I needed.

Happy 4th birthday, baby girl.




Dear Teagan,

Here you are at 4:


What a big girl you are, Teagan. Of all my children you are the one that is most like me in personality. I know this because we butt heads the most of any of my children. You are loud, you are crazy, you are sneaky at times, you make a huge mess and don’t want to clean it up, you are the first to say you’ll do something (very brave), you’re a fighter, you’re witty and you love sweets. You also got some great qualities that I see in your daddy. You’re caring, you are very concerned about the well-being of others (especially feelings of animals and other poeple), you are very affectionate and you are silly. If I had to guess, I think that you and I are going to have a rough go when you’re a teenager and you’re becoming more independent but we’ll also become very close when you’re a bit older. Kinda like it was with my mom. Who knows, though, you could surprise me…I hope you do sweet girl, I want to be very close to you as you’re growing up. I hate fighting with you. I really do.

_MG_8000 copy 2

Teagan. Look at this picture. It’s so you. SO YOU. You are sassy and full of personality. You’re so dramatic at times and you’re hilarious. When I told you to “go over there and stand so I can take your picture,” this is what you gave me. I love it. You keep us very entertained and busy, Teagan. You have great ideas for games and projects that you talk your sisters into playing with you (much to your mother’s chagrin, might I add). You’re getting so big. You love playing pretend and you’re an excellent mommy. If you were going to be a princess this year, you’d be Merida. You decided on Merida from Brave for Halloween this year and you really talk about her a lot still. I can’t wait to take you to Disney to see all of the characters. Of all of my kids, you’re going to love it the most, I just know it. You are all in on the princess thing so I know this trip is going to blow your mind. I am going to take a lot of pictures of it. I know this stage isn’t going to last forever and I want you to remember what it feels like to believe in fairytales. You might look back and think this is silly but it really is part of you. You wake up talking about princesses and go to bed talking about them.

This year you really showed me that you’re 100% girl. You love pretty things, fluffy things, cute things, tiny things, pink things…if it’s made for a girl, you NEED it! You loved ballet and you asked if you could take ballet over gymnastics this year. So, Addy got you some new ballet shoes for Christmas and we’re going to be starting in a couple of weeks. I hope you always love dance. I love to dance so much. I didn’t take dance classes when I was younger but I always wished that I did. I’m so glad that you like it and I get to watch you enjoy it. It’s one of the best parts about being a mom. We get to go back and be little every so often with you.

This year you and Boston have fought a lot as you started to assert your independence and become your true selves. I think many people are under the impression that identical twins don’t fight and they’re surprised to learn that you act just like any other sisters. You fight. A lot. Sometimes it makes me crazy. You compete with each other at times. However, you also have an amazing bond. You still understand each other better than anyone else on this planet. You even understand Addy better than anyone else. If I can’t understand something she’s saying, I can ask you and you almost always know. You and Boston can’t be separated for long periods of time. We thought about putting Addy with B to sleep because they both sleep more than you do (you’re killing me with the sleep, kid), but you both quickly put the kibosh on that. You guys get upset when one doesn’t wake the other up in the morning and you’re in your room alone. What one gets, the other gets in your eyes. What one can do the other can do in your eyes. I sing the “anything you can do I can do better” song to you at least once a day. You are both very attune to the other though. If one of you is sick, the other is sad. If one is hurt, the other is upset. You love each other very much. I am sure this will continue all of your lives and I wonder what it will be like if you decide on different colleges or when you guys get married. Will it be hard on you? I am sure it will.

You love Addy very much. You’re very protective of her (you’re the most protective child) and Boston. You will stand up for them and you will be the first to try something to make sure it’s safe. I love that about you. I hope you’ll always stand up for yourself and what you believe in…even if it’s not popular. It has been my experience that most things that are worth fighting for aren’t popular. Remember that. If it’s important…go get it, girl. You can do it. I am sure of it. I can see that if you want something in life, you have the personality to just go for it even if others might not. I hope you won’t let the failures that you’ll inevitably face hold you back as you learn and get older. That’s the thing with being the first to do something or trying something new. Sometimes you’re going to fail at it. The key is dusting yourself off and trying again, trying something new. You have it in you, I know you do.

This year you’re still sucking your left thumb, you’re sneaky, you’re very loud, you love to sing and dance, you have fine curly hair (which makes combing it a chore), you don’t want to wear clothes unless it’s a dress-up dress, you don’t love routine, you make huge messes and hate cleaning up, you want to stay up at all hours of the night, you decided you were done with naps, you take care of your sisters, you are learning very fast, you are changing right before my eyes, you’re very tall and skinny, you talk with your hands, you love sweets and treats, you like to run and wrestle with your sisters, you think you are going to become a princess, you are dramatic and amazingly sweet.

I love you Teagan. I love when you snuggle me and tell me that you love me. You teach me something new every day and most of it is about love and patience. God blessed me with you. He knew you were just what I needed on my path. I hope I am as good of a mother to you as you are a daughter to me.

Happy 4th birthday, T.



We’re 5!

Happy 5th Anniversary to the love of my life and the dude that runs the show at our house: M.

Lindsay & Michael's Anniversary

5 years ago. Can’t believe it’s been that long. I know everyone says it but it does NOT feel that long. I am so blessed by the presence of my husband in my life…can’t even explain it. Thank you, God, for it! We’re 5 years in and he still does it for me and I like him a little more every day! We work together extremely efficiently and we’ve really been through a lot in these 5 years. It’s good.

Every year I get M a traditional anniversary gift. I started it on the first year and I am always thinking about the next year until the day comes! Here is the list of what I’ve gotten him so far:

Year 1 | Paper: A framed print of one of my maternity shots (we were short on cash and expecting twins in a week).

Year 2 | Cotton: A new robe and slippers to help him through our first Colorado winter (I wear this robe all the time).

Year 3 | Leather: A new leather-bound Bible and the Love Dare book.

Year 4 | Fruit: A bottle of our favorite wine that we drank in Italy together, Brunello Montalcino (which we drank this past Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, this year I’ve developed my first allergy and it’s to red wine and I could only have a couple of sips of it…boooo).

Year 5 | Wood: I thought long and hard about this years gift. I ended up having an illustrator create a picture of our family. There are many special, little details in it and one of them is a wood-burning fire place to signify our 5th anniversary.

Happy Family Illustration

I had it printed as a stand out and we’re hanging it in our new house Yay! I love the Rocky Mountains in the back, the humming bird to signify my mom, the girls with tutu’s and pointed toes wrestling, the couch I love, my camera, our family verse, and the colors. It’s all amazing.

Happy Anniversary, Babe! I’m the lucky one!

Lindsay Teague Moreno

How to Scrapbook a Photo Shoot

This summer I took the girls out for a little photo shoot at sunset. I love the summer sun! I wanted to capture them in their little girl pigtails and summer clothes. I hated thinking about leaving these photos out of my book just because they’re not everyday shots. So, I decided to include them in large format and write up a little bit about what we were like this summer; what we were doing and what the girls were like.

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life Design Team

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life Design Team

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life Design Team

So, if you guys are having a family photo shoot, don’t leave those photos out. Why not take your little ones out for some photos of them as they are right now? Put those awesome photos of your family in your book so you can look back and remember this time in your life.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Dear Addy: 2-years-old

Can it be possible that my baby, my tiny, little Kennedy, is 2-years-old?

2 Year Old Photo Shoot

The days are long but I tell you what, those years have gone by in the blink of an eye. I can’t believe Addy’s 2 today. Here’s the continuation of the letters I’ll write to the girls every year…

Dear Kennedy,

Here you are at the age of 2:

2 Year Old Photo Shoot

It is amazing to me how beautiful you are. I mean, I know I’m the mom so I’d think you were beautiful anyway, but really, Addy, your cuteness meter is off the charts! I used to worry that you’d get overlooked a lot with identical twin sisters, but people notice you just as much. I swear to you, I do not go out of the house without someone commenting on how cute you are.

Two-years-old. You’re such a big girl. It is amazing how different you are today than just one short year ago. You’ve been an amazing source of joy for your Daddy and I. We love you so much. You just can’t understand how your heart grows to accommodate the love for another baby until you’ve experienced it. I’m so glad you’re here, you’re a part of me and we were blessed with you.

This year you really showed off. You are still such an easy baby. You sleep like a champ, you nap like a champ, you’re showing me you’re ready to potty train, you eat well and if we’d let you, you’d do everything that Boston & Teagan are doing. Sometimes, you just can’t understand why they can do things that you can’t. Truthfully, it’s adorable and it shows me that you’re very confident and brave. I love it. I think you’re also very intelligent for your age. You speak very well (better than Boston and Teagan at this age, I think) and you are already doing puzzles beyond your age range. You talk in full sentences now when you really want us to know something and are fully versed on using an iPhone, iPad and Kindle Fire. The techie gene is strong in you! You love to sing and dance, Addy. It’s so cute when you do it, too!

Right now you love a few things: your paci (the green soothie that you were given in the hospital), your “bobby” (just like your older sisters), princess dresses, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, saying your colors, your big sisters, your daddy, praying, reading books before bed, pretending, fruit snacks, french fries, anything your sisters have, and Veggie Tales.

This year will come with more changes. Daddy and I are already making a game-plan for “project no-paci”and potty training (in that order). Then we’ll be moving to Big Girl Bed Avenue (you ask us for a big bed all the time). We’re actually thinking about putting you and Boston together in a room because you both seem to need more sleep than Teagan does. We will see if your big sisters will tolerate being separated (probably not).

You’re still so teeny tiny, Addy Girl. You still fit in your 12 month clothing but usually wear 18 months. We’re just starting to put you in the 24 month size. You weigh 23 pounds now. Ha. Where did these 3 tiny children come from? Your smile is an exact replica of your Daddy’s smile. It is amazing. Same teeth, same lips, same mannerisms. People tell me all the time how much you look like him. I think since I’m around you guys all the time, I don’t notice it as much, but you sure don’t look like Boston and Teagan (who tend to favor my side a bit, physically). Time will tell how much of his personality you will get. I hope a lot. He’s a good guy.

You’ve got many nick names, Kennedy. Your sisters still call you “Kenneny” and I call you Addy more times than not. Additionally, we call you Addy Girl, Ad, Addykin, Addykin Skywalker, Princess Poopy Pants…oh, the list goes on. I wonder a lot what your Ninny would be saying about you and calling you if she was here. One thing is for sure, she’d have your pictures ready to show anyone with eyes to see them.

Addy, we are trying so hard to raise you in the right way. We love you so much and really do try not to spoil you (tough going not to spoil the baby, I tell you…no wonder both our moms failed at this). We want you to be confident, loving, intelligent and to love God. We can do better, of course, but we really are trying hard to be great parents. Your daddy and I talk about it a lot. We love you so much. We hope you know this.

Love you, baby girl. Happy 2nd birthday.



Project Life Tuesday: A Catch-Up Week!

So, I’m playing a little catch-up this week after a month full of photo editing! I’m almost through all 9 sessions I had! Really happy to be busy and really happy to see the light at the end of this tunnel before I fill up again in Oct/Nov!

So, here are a couple Project Life pages I have to share today. The first is from Boston & Teagan’s preschool end-of-year program. It was the first time we saw them “perform” for anything. They didn’t disappoint! They stood up on that stage and had a fist fight, knocked each other’s hats off and gave dirty looks. At one point, Addy got away from us and ran up to the stage, to which the girls laid down on the stage during a song to talk to her. ugh. Also, the girls were asked to tell the teachers what they wanted to be when they grow up. My girls responses?

Boston: “a beautiful rainbow over a garden”
I’m sorry, what?

Teagan: “Rapunzel”

We have some learning to do in this house. I don’t even know where Boston’s response came from! We don’t have a garden. Truth. We do have video of the entire ordeal which proves that it really did happen and that they were, in fact, the worst-behaved children in the entire school that afternoon. A proud parent moment, to be sure.

Digital Project Life Design Team

Digital Project Life Design Team

How cute is that Smarty Pants card from Design Editor? I love. You can also see that I added a tweet from that day (which I think is such a great snapshot of real moments).

Digital Project Life Design Team

On this page, I added the pictures of the girls teachers and then the photo fail of the 3 girls together from the morning. I’m terrible with my own kids and a camera in my hand. Additionally, I added an Instagram photo with the caption to record Addy’s monumental melt-down when we went to pick out teacher gifts.

Next up is the 12 of 12 layout from August. M and I happened to be out of town for a wedding in August. We had a really nice day together, even though it was cut short because he had to go back and be with the girls at home and I had to drive to Tulsa from OKC for a visit with my grandma (who was sick) and a photo shoot. Also, I had very little desire to use my camera after photographing the wedding the previous day. 2000 photos will do that to a girl! 🙂

Digital Project Life Design Team 12 of 12

Digital Project Life Design Team 12 of 12

Another set of cards from Design Editor here for the “He Said/She Said” portion of the page in the top right corner. I love this part of the page. Also, that black and white photo in the bottom right is one of my favorite Chihuly pieces of art. It’s actually a color photo, if you can believe that. The whites in the piece are so white and the ceiling is perfectly black. I stood below the chandelier and shot directly upward to get this shot. I love it. There is no doubt that I’ll frame a few of these photos in the house.

Digital Project Life Design Team 12 of 12

Dale Chihuly is my favorite artist. Every time I see his work my mouth gapes open like an idiot. It’s just awe-inspiring. I can’t believe the colors in his pieces are even real. I’ve seen his work 6 or 7 times now and every time it’s as amazing as the first. M and I got to see his exhibit at the OKC Museum of Art on the 12th. I had been about 6 years previous with my mom and brother, Aaron, and it was there that I realized I might be falling in love with M. I thought about him a lot while I was there without him. It was nice to go back there with him.

Lindsay Teague Moreno


31 Things | Joy & 3:35pm

Ali Edwards 31 Things Project

So happy to have this project done. I hope it has inspired you to write down your own stories. Keep an eye out at Big Picture for the second edition of the 31 Things class. I have heard that Ali may be putting one on.

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Becky Higgins

Story 30: 3:35pm | “Feeling Happy”

• kennedy sleeping in her crib (but stirring so i know she’s almost up)
• boston, teagan and i hanging out in the kitchen eating some fresh berries (strawberries, blueberries & blackberries) for snack
• a new cleaning lady has finished cleaning the master bedroom and is onto the front bathroom
• adult Contemporary music playing on the satellite radio feed on the television in the living room
• the girls giggling over the word “butt”
• the smell of a clean house wafting through my house
• the hot afternoon sun pouring through the windows at the back of the house and in the bedroom
• i’m anticipating michael home from work pretty soon after a hard day
• dinner is prepped and ready for the oven (orange chicken, mandarin oranges and baby baked potatoes)
• the girls are finally feeling better after a 2 week battle with colds
• i’m so excited it’s almost the weekend (father’s day weekend)
• i’m feeling happy

Story 31: Joy | “I Don’t Belong Here”

recently, i’ve started to realize that my life seems to be a rollercoaster of emotion. i find that I’m never sitting in the feeling of pure bliss or agonizing heartache for long periods of time. i recover quickly from both to get back to this middle ground. i’m always feeling like there should be something more, like I don’t really belong here.
it’s because i don’t belong here. this is not my home. i’ve tried striving and i’ve tried being lazy. nothing seems to quell the feeling of ill-content. most of the time i just have this lingering feeling like i’m not settled. the feeling that i shouldn’t unpack everything because this isn’t where i should be. i believe this is more than just where i am physically. my place is not on this earth and my heart wants to be where God is. i won’t be filled by anything else on this earth. not my kids. not my husband. not the place that i live. not my posessions.

i know i need to experience the heartache and the joy of this life because it’s God’s plan for me. i’ve always said that it takes experiencing despair to fully understand and appreciate joy. i find that this is reiterated in my relationships and throughout my life. it takes saying the same thing over 31,267 times to revel in the feeling when your children actually learn the lesson you’ve been trying to teach them. it takes the loss of someone so important to fully understand the love you have for those closest to you.

i still have lessons to learn and there is still purpose for my life. that’s why i’m here. there is more heartache to come and there’s also uncomparable joy. 

right now my joy is my family. as long as i have them i can pretty much do anything and make it through any situation. they make me happy every day (even when they drive me crazy). i am blessed by God beyond what words can express. they make my life doable. michael, teagan, boston and kennedy – they are my joy.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Project Life Tuesday: July 12 of 12

Do you guys do this: Finish a page and tell yourself you’re done but you know there’s just something “not right” about it?

I do and 99% of the time, I go back and redo these types of pages or I add something once I’ve had time to walk away from it.

This is one of those types of pages for me. It’s like there’s something missing or it’s just not in the right order. I am posting it now, but chances are good, it will look different before I print this book.

I did the same with my Project Life title page. I went back a couple of months ago and changed a few things and I finally feel like it’s complete. I’ll post the before and after in a post coming up.

Here’s my July 12 of 12 layout. Something’s just not right about it. What is it? Too much of something? Not enough of another? My eye doesn’t like the position of the photo strip but I was having a hard time balancing the page with it anywhere else. Maybe it’s just that I had a bad attitude on the 12th so the pictures aren’t my favorite. Not sure.

Here are both spreads together.

page54Left Side

Right Side

journalingClose-up on journaling

Lindsay Teague Moreno

31 Things: Story 28 & 29


Can’t believe we’re almost through all 31 stories. A lot of time went into these so I’m happy to see the project completed. I’m glad that my girls will have a very real and unfluffy view of who I am right now and what I’m feeling in this stage of life. I’m sure in another 10 years I’ll look back and give myself a facepalm over some of these stories (like I would if I had written these at 22), but that’s okay.

Today’s stories are lighter on content as far as deep, personal feelings go, but they’re still a part of me. The themes for the stories were “drink” and “smell.”


Story 28: Drink | “Dr. Pepper and Sweet Tea”

there are a few things that i like to drink. one is dr. pepper and the other is sweet tea. both terrible for me but oh, so tasty. at certain points in the day or on occasion, i also drink coffee, water, milk and sometimes beer or wine.

i can’t believe i can actually say i have given up dr. pepper this year (actually, all soda). i had a few while camping in may but haven’t since we got back. i need to get my daily caffeine fix and i usually stop through mcdonald’s when i’m out for a tea. i’m trying to watch my diet so i’ve been ordering my sweet tea half cut. it doesn’t taste as good, but it has the caffeine i need and just enough sugar to taste good. mcd’s makes good tea.

i don’t drink nearly enough water…there, i said it. i should drink much more, but i have to choke it down after the first bottle. not a fan. i’m much better about getting water into my body since addy was born and i’m focused on losing weight.

in the mornings i usually have a cup of coffee with creamer. it has to be dunkin’ donuts coffee if i’m going to make it at home. if i am out and about, i can stop by the local donut shop for a vanilla cappuccino. they taste great and are only $1.25 (which is a far cry from the $4.00 starbucks price tag).

if i have cake, brownies or a rich dessert, i have to have a really cold glass of milk. mmmmm. milk. i think i might be the only person in my family that likes to drink milk, sadly. michael won’t touch it and i can see that the girls are following in his milk-hating ways.

as far as adult beverages are concerned, i’m not a big drinker. i would say i have about 2 drinks a month on average. if micahel and i go out, we will have a beer together and sometimes i’ll have a glass of wine on the weekends, but i would rather drink my calories in a sweet tea at this point. i’ve noticed that drinking (even one drink) tends to give me a headache the next morning. that is no bueno when 3 little kids scream your name at 7:30 in the morning and continue to do so throughout the day. i think giving up alcoholic drinks all together would be very easy for me to do.


Story 29: Smell: “Flowerbomb”

you know how certain smells can bring you back to a time or place in an instant? i kinda love that. i love going about my business and then all of the sudden i’m transported to my grandparents house in arkansas city, kansas. it makes me smile…usually.

the drawers in the dresser in boston & teagan’s room still smells like my great grandma, pompoonzie’s house. it was hers before it was passed down to my mom and last year i got it.

when i smell pipe tobacco, i am instantly sitting with my grandpa, poppy. i love that smell. when he died, i kept a little bit of his tobacco, but it didn’t keep.

sometimes i’ll run across the brand of perfume i wore when michael and i first started dating and i’ll remember how much fun it was to get to know him.

it has been 20 years since i’ve been there, but i can still remember the smell of my childhood friend, megan’s, parents house. i used to smell it every once in a while, but it’s been a while.

when michael is out of town, i sleep on his pillow because it smells like him and makes me feel better.

there is a cologne at banana republic that smells just like the monte carlo hotel in las vegas. strange that i know that.

the smell i’m most attuned to is the smell of my mom’s perfume (flowerbomb). when both michael and i walk by another woman wearing it, we are stopped in our tracks. one day at sephora (a cosmetics store), her perfume was on an end cap and i decided to put it on. it made me cry right there in the store. 

once, kelly told me that my house has always smelled the same no matter where i lived, which makes me think that i must have a certain scent. i hope that’s a good thing!

31 Things: Story 26 & 27

Okay, here we are again.


I think the first one is going to hurt every time I read it down the road, but it’s real and that is what matters. I hope the girls understand how much I value my relationship with them when they read this story. I also hope I look back at this and smile at how much better I feel about my family situation as opposed to how I feel right now. I’ve left some of it private because I’m not trying to put anyone on blast here on the ‘ol blog. Plus, that’s not the point of this story, it’s just to paint a real picture of what our family situation looks like.

The second story makes me smile about how scrapbooking has come full circle for me over the years.


Story 26: Covet | “Maybe It’s the Grief Talking”

i know it’s a sin to covet, i’ve clearly not mastered this. there are a ton of things that i want. i’m selfish like that. it’s an area of opportunity in my life. fact.

the thing i want more than anything are family members that play an active role in our lives. really, i want family members that play an active role in my girls’ lives. i believe family is so important and yet, we find ourselves seriously lacking in this department.

this is probably a really serious and personal topic to be broaching in this kind of a forum, but i think it’s important to be honest about it.

look, i realize that my mom played an irreplaceable role in our family. she was the one that was fully invested in our happiness. she called, she video chatted, she saw us every month once we moved from arizona to colorado. she knew what we were doing and what was going on with us. i’m not sure why, but it feels good to be loved like that.

my brothers and i do talk more now than we did when mom was around…the same goes with michael’s siblings. michael’s sister crystal came to visit with her family and besides my aunt mary, they were the first and only family members to actually come and see us in reno.  i love that they came out here. i hope we’ll make this something we do regularly with her family. … michael’s younger brother jacob is great. he visited with crystal this year, but he is still in high school, which makes traveling difficult. … michael’s grandparents love the girls so much but they have a hard time traveling. my grandma is very sick and i honestly don’t even know if she knows the girls’ names.

…and there you have it. all of the dirty laundry, if that’s what you want to call it.

it’s strange to hang out with friends and their families. it becomes painfully clear what we’re missing out on. it’s the helping hand. it’s the environment where we can just let the girls go and be themselves without worrying that they’re getting on someone’s nerves. it’s being able to just leave the girls with someone for a few hours or a couple of nights because they want that time with the girls.

so, like a jealous little kid, i covet the relationships that others have with their family and i feel very, very, very alone. maybe this is just grief talking, maybe it’s not. either way, it’s hard.

Story 27: Hobby | “Priorities Change”

this book, right here? this is my hobby.

the best thing about it is that my hobby serves a great purpose. someday, i’ll look through these books and laugh at all the crazy things we did. i’ll cry because my babies are so grown up now. i’ll be so glad that my hobby involves recording memories.

i got into scrapbooking in my last semester at arizona state (2003). i got so into it, in fact, that it became my job for a while. i worked at scrapbook stores and i created layouts for publication. i loved that job. i was good at it. when i started at university of phoenix and broke up with my ex-boyfriend, i let scrapbooking go. i quit all of my design teams and i didn’t pick it up again until right before i got married. even then, i only did it here and there. as soon as boston and teagan entered the picture, my scrapbooking days were over. though i missed it, i just didn’t make time for it.

priorities change.

fast forward 3 and a half years. i’m feeling guilty about not getting memories and kid stuff into books for the girls. it’s important to do that because you never know what might happen in life (see “listen” story).  i came across the “project life” scrapbooking system and i immediately wanted to do it. i decided to try it digitally since all my scrapbook stuff is boxed up in the garage. i started in january and i’m going to keep at this. i hope i can catch up with my photos from the last 3 years and then give copies of these books to boston, teagan & kennedy when they’re older.

priorities change.

it is time for me to make our memories a priority again.

Lindsay Teague Moreno