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Our Weekend in Black & White 2017

Every year, I do this thing where I remember I know how to take photos and I bust out the SLR to document what normal looks like to us. The first time I ever did this project I took some of my favorite pictures to date. I will continue to do it as long as I can remember how to work that camera!

Here are a few of the results I got:

Take out your camera and start documenting. Photograph the normal stuff for your kids to see and for you to remember. Don’t worry about the mess. Don’t worry about what they look like. Don’t worry about imperfections. Worry about authenticity. Worry about making sure you’re in at least one of the photos. Worry about missing something worth remembering. Pick the best and put them somewhere you will remember. For me, that will be a project Life page. I’ll share that soon.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Getting Noticed Book, Coming Soon!

My first book was published this week.

It’s called Getting Noticed.

Getting Noticed Book by Lindsay Teague Moreno

It is a no-nonsense guide to standing out and selling more for momtrepreneurs who ‘ain’t got time for that’.

This book started as a PDF guide and as I was writing it it turned into so much more than just a PDF. It turned into a book. The words just flowed out of me and I overshot my word limit real fast.

So, this wanted to be a book and a book it did become.

This book is for every kind of momtrepreneur. Makers, sellers and doers of all types will be able to use this book to create more traction for your business online and grow their business. Everyone from the Etsy shop owner to the direct saleswoman to the photographer will be able to use this book as a guide to their own success. I took my successes and failures and put them into this book to show you exactly how I was able to create a multi-million dollar business completely online.

I am so excited to see this change businesses around the world and watch people actually connect online. I’m tired of seeing great businesses lose the sale to big box stores. We can do better and this book is going to show you how because we need your product and your perspective in our world.

This book will be available exclusively on Amazon. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram for updates on when it’s available for sale!

Getting Noticed Book by Lindsay Teague Moreno

Here’s the description:

You don’t have time for another “change everything you’re doing on social media and be just like me” book. You need information and you need it fast. Do you want to grow your following, sell more product, and experience the freedom that comes along with being your own boss?

Getting Noticed isn’t the “secret to social media” – it’s a no fluff, take charge guide to the way we present ourselves, our business, and connect with customers online.

Lindsay Teague Moreno knows the hardcore mom life. In between wash cycles, putting kids to bed for the fifth time, and balancing a to-do list that would make Santa jealous, she grew a business from nothing into a team of over 300,000 people producing over $15,000,000 each month in just three years. Lindsay knows you don’t have time for another book that leaves you with temporary warm fuzzies but no real content to actually building your business. Getting noticed is the first step to entrepreneurial success in our fast-paced, online world. Step up your game.

Lindsay Teague Moreno


They Grow Up Fast

My little ones are funny. Especially, the smallest of the little ones, Kennedy. She tells me all the time she doesn’t want to get older. She asked if she could stay five this year when her sixth birthday rolled around in the serious way that five-year-olds talk about Disney Princesses being actual, real human beings. She believed it so it could be.

Kinda strange.

I can remember being a kid and I couldn’t wait until I was older to be able to make my own choices and not be parented. I could eat all the snacks and watch all the movies. No, I did not want to remain a kid. I wished those years away and you know? I wouldn’t go back to that.

Maybe that means M and I are too easy on our kids? I don’t know. We expect a lot from them and often I think we forget how young they actually are based on what we require of them. Our list of rules is long but I think they’re really good girls. I have to credit that to the standard of behavior we require and not my actual parenting skills because, friends, I’m severely lacking in the sympathetic mom category. I more closely relate to that tiger mother but without the actual follow-through because ain’t nobody got time for that.

Yesterday, Kennedy kept coming into my office at the end of my work day and kinda whining at me. Like a half cry and half whine but she didn’t know why, so I asked her to leave and check her attitude. Again, not sympathetic. She walks back in about 5 minutes later and says, “mom I’m tired.” School recess. That will do it.

I’m not cold to them but I don’t always love my kids touching on me and laying all over me. I like my space. I have 2 little girls who are touchy, feely, girly, sensitive and just generally affectionate. They look like me but I think they’re soft and sweet inside like their daddy. They want me to let them lay directly on me at all times including but not limited to eating dinner, watching a movie, work, picking up, driving the car, talking on the phone, showering. You name it, they want to be on me. That’s not usually Kennedy though. That’s her older sisters. Kennedy likes to play alone. Her teachers were concerned about it this year (even called us into a meeting about it) but  we know that’s just who she is and who she always has been. She doesn’t like to do what everybody else is doing, she’s fiercely independent. She asks a kid at church their name before she leaves just so she can assure us she talked to SOMEONE else that day but left up to her? She’d find something that nobody else was interested in and do that.

As my twins reach the ripe age of 8, they understand personal space and social norms more and more. So the demanded snuggle and consoling is less and less, which I’m both thankful for and fearful of in a strange twist of emotion. I opened my arms up to see if Kennedy wanted to sit on my lap yesterday while I finished work and she crawled up just like this.


She wrapped both arms around my neck and shoulders. She laid her chest on my chest and she just put her head on me. I think she just wanted to hear me breathe and to hold her. I realize that soon she’s not going to be this small and she’s not going to want to crawl up on me when she’s tired. I had to let it happen. About 5 minutes later she was done, she unhooked herself from me and she smiled the rest of the night. This is not something I can ever remember doing with my mom as a kid. I don’t think I would have asked her to let me lay on her. Emotions and touching = awkward and uncomfortable. Better just avoid it.

I breathed in every moment of this time with her. I think I needed it as much as she did. Sometimes, as a mom, I don’t feel overly skilled or equipped. Often I feel awkward in motherhood. Sometimes, though, the girls tell me exactly how they feel about how I’m doing. This is one of those times.

I have to be doing something right. I’m reminded that we’re all doing the best we can with what we have. Many of us…ME…grew up in a crazy situation and our model of parenthood was anything but healthy. We’re trying to figure it out, aren’t we? Take these little hugs as a sign that you’re doing it. Give yourself some grace. They may remember that you yelled at them once and completely lost your shit but they’ll also remember that you hugged them and let them just be tired on you. They need to see that anyway. What kind of situation are we setting them up for if they think we always got it right as a mom? They’re going to be miserable when the reality of parenting smacks them across the face and kicks them in the chest on DAY ONE. They need us to be flawed.

I snapped this photo with my computer not 24 hours ago and I’m already at my end with my kids today. This feeling is fleeting. Capture as much as you can. Tell yourself to remember it. Try to think about it when you’re ready to let the neighbors have one of them for keeps.

That thing that moms with grown up kids say to us that we hate? The dreaded 4 words: “THEY GROW UP FAST.” We curse that horrible phrase when it’s said to us standing in Target while the kids beg you mercilessly for things they don’t need and then throw a complete attitude when the answer is no. The stranger looks on our terrible reality wistfully and sighs that annoying “you’ve got the life” sigh. That’s not what we want to hear but you know it and I know it…

She’s right.

It’s going by fast. Just look back and see how fast and yet how slow. As a mom, I tend to forget when I get it right and remember all the things I screw up. There’s got to be more grace, moms. When I say grace I simply mean forgiveness without merit. More grace from us to ourselves. We’re never going to be perfect so why are we expecting it from ourselves? Don’t pretend it’s all going to be 5-minute hugs and great manners. It’s the trenches. It’s hard. You’re doing it right, even when it feels all wrong.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Our Weekend in Black & White

I used to be awesome.

I used to take my trusty Canon 5D MarkIII out with me all over the place and capture my girls being who they are. The great thing about that is that they got so used to me taking pictures, they stopped posing. They just went about their business and pretty soon, I was just a fly on the wall. It has made for some great photographic moments. Like this one…

boston crying

Look at her tiny little crying face so mad because she couldn’t have something. She doesn’t really do this anymore because she’s older. She’s 7 and not 2. She doesn’t make the same sounds. She doesn’t have the same cheeks. She doesn’t hang on my leg like she used to. And this one…

teagan makeup

There’s still chubby in her hands. She was wearing my scarf on her head because she wanted long straight hair like me. Oh my gosh I miss these days. I can remember them because I took these pictures. It almost makes me lose my breath because, moms, how is it possible to miss it when all we wanted was for it to be gone? Is that not the most unfair and confusing feeling? To look back and miss what you only wanted to make it through alive? How? It’s a question I have for God because I cannot make sense of it.

In 2013, I stopped carrying my camera everywhere and started working everywhere. Isn’t it a cruel thing to do something for your kids at the expense of time with them? It’s turned out to be the right thing but as I was sifting through my old hard drives trying to organize them, I realize how much my creative eye has missed. I haven’t watched them though my lens and I see them the best though that tiny eye-piece. I see them as a beautiful piece of art, as a moment gone forever and not as a kid who’s whining and won’t be getting her way anytime soon. I see them as subjects and not my kids who must be “mommed.” I’m better with my face smashed into the back of my camera.

As I did more sorting, I decided now is the time to get back into it. To see them though my lens again and not just through the snap of my iPhone shutter button. It’s not the same, for me at least. God gave me the love of photography for a reason and I think it was to be able to give my kids the gift of their story before they were old enough to tell it.

So this weekend, I decided to do what I used to do and capture it. I used to call it “Our Weekend in Black and White” and that’s what it shall continue to be called. So here it is…

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

©Lindsay Teague Moreno

I challenge you to see your kids though your lens this weekend coming up. Just observe them and take pictures of what they do at this age. I’ll give you my black and white conversion tips this week so you’re fully prepared. It’s easy as pie. You’ll appreciate it in a couple of years when they’re 2 years older and 2 years closer to not being around to document.

Here’s to the hardest job I’ve ever had, Moms! This is just one step we can take in the name of doing the best we can.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

FUEL Life on Fire Tour 2015

As I settle into my few weeks of not traveling, I’m setting my intentions and thoughts on FUEL. Fuel is a 2-day event that I started putting on last summer and has continued into this year. I love FUEL. It is the thing I want for my team. I didn’t know anyone doing anything like it and decided, if I wanted it, I needed to build it…and build it I did. We started with 1 day and now we’re at 2 because there is so much information to give.

We’re getting down to the wire on tickets for Orlando’s date. Both Scottsdale and Chi-town sold out already.

Tour Poster

What is FUEL?

The FUEL experience is a 2-day business retreat for you and your team where we focus one whole day on business development and the next day on personal development. We know that unless you’re truly connected to why you’re working, it won’t amount to much. At FUEL our job is to help you find your spark that creates a forest fire in your life and your business. This is NOT business as usual. If you’re ready to think outside the box and create something totally different in your business and you’re ready to take a hard look at the dark corners of your life, you’re ready for the FUEL experience.

Who is it open to?

I usually reserve my time working for my team (the Lemon Droppers) because they have trusted me enough to sign up under me and since there are a lot of us, my time away is limited. FUEL is the exception. Anyone and everyone can come to FUEL and be a part of this experience and I encourage everyone to come. We have had lots of other teams be a part of our past events and they left just as on fire about the content as the Lemon Droppers. I love my Lemon Droppers and I remain devoted to their success but that doesn’t mean that what we do other teams can’t use to grow as well.

How do we get tickets?


Who is behind FUEL?

I am. I had the idea to create an space where people could break down the barriers to what is holding them back and unleash a massive hustle into their business. I wanted to get in front of people and look them in the eyes so they KNOW I believe they can do everything I have ever done and more. I don’t believe I’m special. I don’t believe I faced any less roadblocks than you. I don’t believe I came pre-wired for this kind of success. I think I found my spark and lit a fire to everything in my path. I think I found a way to do things differently. Knowing it was going to take more than just work ethic to create a life on fire, I enlisted the help of my friend and respected marriage and family therapist, Kimberly Mahr, to help me dig into our values, how they affect our actions and how our actions affect our lives. Understanding that this is likely going to be a group effort, I enlisted my husband, partner and former College President, Michael Moreno, to help you understand gaining buy in from your spouse, overcoming roadblocks, and working as a team. At FUEL, my business is an open book. If you want to know exactly what I did and how I achieved huge goals in a short time in my business, be prepared to write some notes. I’ll give you the kindling, you just have to light the match.

Where is FUEL?

Last year we did 2 FUEL experience dates (San Diego and Chicago), both sold out and both were massively successful and great learning tools for us as we prepare to go even bigger this year. We learned there is just too much content to pack into one day, so we’re going 2 days now. This year, we’re doing 3 tour stops in the fall. Orlando, Scottsdale and Chicago. We still have seats available for the Orlando Tour Date (September 11 & 12).What do we know about the location and cost?
Hotel: Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort 12205 S. Apopka Vineland Rd Orlando, FL
Website: http://www.sheratonlakebuenavistaresort.com/
Amenities: Free Shuttle Service to and from all Disney Parks (Walt Disney World Good Neighbor® hotel), Huge pool with daily activities for the whole family.
FUEL Experience Hotel Rate: $99.00 a night. Rooms must be booked by August 27th to receive the room discount.
Airport to Fly into: Orlando International Airport

Guess who’s coming to Orlando?

GLENNON DOYLE MELTON!!! Yea, as in Momastery.com, Glennon!!! Tell me that doesn’t sweeten the pot!Glennon Doyle Melton Momastery FUEL

Reasons to come to this FUEL:

DISNEY!!!!! This FUEL is a Friday/Saturday event. How fun to let the kids and the hubs go to the park during the day and you get your learn on with your team. Spend an extra day on Sunday as a family in the park before heading back. We are taking this hotel over. WOOHOO! Disney is also putting on a HUGE concert for Christian music fans in the evening during this event. You should check it out: NIGHT OF JOY
Cost is $325 for 2 full days

Bottom line?

If you are serious about getting your business moving, you need to be serious about getting your life moving. We’re not just about happy rainbows, unicorns, and feeling good (though, who doesn’t love unicorns, amiright?). Sometimes (okay, most times) growth is hard but it’s also necessary. Get your teams there. You won’t regret it.

Want to see what FUEL is all about?

Here you go…

I hope to see you and your teams there. It’s a no-holds-barred look into my business and what I believe it takes to create a true legacy.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

I Was Just Me…

Michael and I just ran a marathon over the last 5 months.

We started traveling in mid-march and I kid you not, tomorrow will be the first week I will not have to leave my house since. You think you love traveling until you find yourself scared to death to fly and someone throws in 2 unexpected moves in the middle of your jam-packed schedule. NOT. MY. BEST. MOMENTS.

Let me just reiterate the most important part of this whole thing. I just traveled for 5 months straight and I am terrified to fly. Not just like, I’m scared. Like, I cry like I am facing certain death. Sweaty palms, my heart beating so loud you can hear it all the way in the tiny, tiny toilet stall, tears uncontrollably streaming down my face, shaking. I am awesome on a plane. Imagine how excited Mr. Moreno is to jump on a flight with me. Poor dude. 36 flights. I’m doing it anyway. Working seriously hard to get through it. In the last 5 months Mr. Moreno and I have seriously hustled our butts off. Flying all over the world. Not a ton of working on the computer; a bunch of working with people.

I have seen thousands of the people I work with online since March. It’s been totally worth it. I let the blog take the back seat, I let a lot of work stuff take a back seat, I even let time with my kids take a back seat. I learned about how big this business is getting; how many people it is touching. I learned how to spread out the work. I learned how to work though some hard stuff with my husband as we hit a rough few weeks though the stress and constant business.

If you don’t know my background, a little over 2 years ago, I founded a team of Young Living members called The Lemon Droppers. It has grown fast and furious and I’ve spent most of my time sitting in front of a computer creating and teaching and typing. You wanna know a secret? I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m learning absolutely everything about my job as I go. I have experience but not to this extent. I just have to trust my instincts and do what I think is best for my peeps. I’m making plenty of mistakes and I’m doing something right, it seems. This last 6 months my focus was people. Seeing people. Hugging people. Connecting with people. Being who I genuinely am and letting people see that. The good and the bad. I’m not covering up the blemishes; people learn from that. They connect to me by relating to the rough stuff. They’ve been there too.

Lindsay Teague Moreno | Young Living | The Lemon Droppers

I don’t know what it is that you do but with this lesson, I don’t think it matters. It’s applicable to absolutely every interaction you have with another human. Are you being truly vulnerable? Are you showing people who you are? Are you being genuinely you? Are you too afraid to let people see the chinks in your armor? Are you pretending? I’m so tired of trying to build relationships with people that are pretending. I’m so tired of this idea that to lead someone you have to be practically perfect; you have to know it all. It’s false. This past 5 months, I was just me and I brought to the table only what I have and it was amazing. As someone who prefers small groups of close friends, I have grown so much through it.

Being with my people has been amazing. I’m ready for some time with my family at home before we go into the fall and hit up 3 cities for the FUEL Life on Fire tour. I’m ready to be back to blogging and creating and thinking into the future. It’s time to get back to my regularly scheduled programming.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Time for a Wardrobe Change

As often as possible I want my wardrobe to be: no pants.

It was not unusual for Michael to come home from work before he started working with me and find me in the same place I was when he left having still not put pants on for the day. Just being honest, I was dedicated to not wearing pants. Heck, it’s still (until last week, of course) not odd to find me at 6:00pm still wearing no pants pounding away on my computer.

As I started to have to venture out of the house to teach or speak or generally be a functioning part of society last year, I found my wardrobe severely lacking in, well, pants and all the things you wear along with them that aren’t a Target Long and Lean Tank Top and Soma Vanishing Edge Panties. I’m a complete sloth and I own it.

Now that I’m trying to get back into a normal life and wear more pants, it’s time I take my wardrobe seriously. I’m not ready to dress like an old lady and I won’t even look at a Forever 21 store so I need something that works for us in-betweeners. Moms that don’t want to dress at Coldwater Creek, amiright? I’m not ready for Talbots. Thankyouverymuch.

My mom introduced me to a line of clothing called CAbi and I loved the clothes. At the time, I was in and out of maternity clothing and then we moved away and I didn’t know anyone that I could buy it from. I started buying it off of eBay but the bad news was that it was used and usually smelled like someone smoked a cigarette on them. Sick. The clothing washes like a dream and nary a stitch out of place in all the years I’ve been wearing their clothes. I took some of my mom’s pieces out of her closet and I still wear them, 5 years later. Their jackets are my happy place because layering. You know me at all, you’ve seen my jean jacket. CAbi.

Moreno Family Beach Photos

I will cry when this thing finally bites the dust. I wear it every week of my life. CAbi is the adult female version of Matilda Jane for little girls. You know it’s going to rock when it shows up. Worth every penny.

My friend Mara (whom I met in the worst place in the world, Reno, but I love dearly), is a CAbi consultant. I hadn’t purchased from her because of my whole first rant about not wearing pants…until now! I went to one of her shows this week when she was here in town and came home with some SWEET LOOT for my travels, classes and all the leaving of the house I’m going to get to do the rest of the year! Best part? I didn’t have to shop all over every store in the freaking mall to find them. One stop and done. Mix and match. It’s like a dream. Here are a few things I got and I’m so happy with them:

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Super soft, casual summer jacket. I’m always ALWAYS cold. This was a must. I also snagged the skinny crop jeans in the curvy fit because pear shape.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Skipped the jean shorts because I’m anti-shorts normally (it’s a pear shape thing) but did find a cute pair that are a bit longer. If I had nice legs I would have snapped these up. If you have nice legs. Rock ’em. I did get this blue cable knit tank. SO CUTE and soft. Longer in the back.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

See this skirt? REVERSIBLE and you can wear it as a tube top with a little cardigan. Has a million colors on it and the underside is a black and cream print. Yep. Sign me up.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Grabbed me the boyfriend jeans in the curvy fit. They don’t lose their shape after 30 minutes of wearing them but they’re still a stretch feel. Also grabbed that waterfall tank and cardigan with the lace shoulder. Unique purple. Need it.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Oh, I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the awesomeness that is leggings with a skirt built in over the top part. It’s too awesome. You’ll have to just talk to me later. Also, that long beachy shirt.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

I can’t believe I’m about to say that I’m trying this jump suit. It was so cute on the girls that had it on there, I had to. This is so out of my box it’s crazy, but it was so soft…had to.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

I am all over these white skinny’s and the jacket. It’s like a jersey fabric but looks structured. Really flattering on because of the shape. Roll up or slouch the sleeves. Yep. I’m in.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

I got this shirt simply because it is one of those classic faux wrap that my mom always wore. It’s one that CAbi brings back over and over. It’s this soft tee shirt material but REALLY flattering on all shapes. Sad to hear coffee not included. Guess I’ll make my own, thanks CAbi.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

My favorite piece that I nabbed! This lime green/citrus yellow split back top. SO CUTE! Racerback tank and some jeans? Navy espadrilles? Yea.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Layers. Bring me layers. I got this coat because it’s adorable and you can dress it up an down. Has long pockets so it will fit your cell phone. Let’s be honest, we all care about that.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Got this tank and the sweater. Wasn’t a huge fan of the sweater online but in person it was a big yes. Slouchy and comfy but still cute enough to look like you care that you’re in public…and that you’re wearing pants!

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

This shirt? It’s a yes. Flannel on the front and a floral pattern on the back.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

How about these cute pink jeans with the tan large knit sweater. The sleeves on the sweater are a bit longer, which I love because i don’t like my arms but the body of the sweater is long. It’s pretty much a dream come true. I can’t wait to wear this.

Spring 2015 CAbi Haul

Got this whole get-up because it says, “Hey look, I graduated college, I am a preppy and I probably sail in my free time,” and that’s pretty much what I want my look to communicate to the world. The coat is really more blue in real life but soft as can be.

So, look, I’m not a fan of the time it takes or how I feel when I go to the mall to shop with that size 0 judgy chick that can’t imagine looking at the size 12 or 14’s. I gotta work with what my momma and the good Lord gave me and that’s a large rear end and hips and thighs. It just is. I am my mother’s daughter. I’d still like to find clothes that fit me though and CAbi never disappoints.

If you want, get with my friend Mara and she’ll hook you up with some CAbi goods (www.marariddle.cabionline.com). You can email her as well.

Hope you’re as excited as I am for a spring change in the wardrobe!

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Normal is Bliss

You know, sometimes your life just goes off the rails. You move into something you’re passionate about, you find your spark, you are forced to really buckle down on something for a bit and you lose the person you were before, for a short while. I have noticed this kind of thing play out a few times in my life:
-During a breakup with an ex-boyfriend
-During my master’s program
-After my mom died
-When I took a big corporate gig
-When I was pregnant with my twins

I found myself in a “twist” in the plot of my life; a nice little curve ball that I wasn’t expecting. We become a chameleon for a bit, adapting to our situation and, I believe, just trying to survive until we can get back to who we are, what we love to do, the relationships we let slip on the priorities list.

Have you been here?

Welcome to my life since March 25, 2013. I let absolutely everything go for the last 2 years to create something out of a business that I believe God opened a one-way door into. I was at the point where my only choice was yes. When I say I let everything go, I mean it. Friends, family, health (outside of my oils, thank God), faith, my hobbies, the things I love to do, my obligations, even my kids…it was a life fire sale. “Everything must go!” I spent all hours on work. Building, striving, struggling, winning, losing, growing, learning, teaching, creating, thinking, dreaming…

All of those things were the opportunity cost of my work hours. I gave it all up willingly for a short term to earn the freedom to have all the time I want for those things in the future and you know what? I LOVED it. I found my passion wasn’t just in creating, it was in teaching women leadership. I wouldn’t have ever learned that without the work. Two years and I just knew this whole thing would work. I don’t know how, I just did. It was supernatural. There was a peace in me about saying to Michael, “just give me two years.” I knew it would be a 2-year process. Supernatural. I knew we were going to see massive success. Supernatural. I knew it would set our family up for a completely different normal when we came out of the other end. Supernatural. I am keeping good on my promise. God is keeping good on his promise. I like to think we’re high-fiving on this one.

To everything there is a purpose.

This is the first time I’m consciously making the effort to take a giant step back from something that is going so right. You guys, it is going so right. Sometimes I just stare at Michael in disbelief at how right it is. At the same time, if I want all to be right in the world again, it’s time to scale back on work and focus on the things I made a complete mess of in the process of building a business…or four. The biggest mess? Me. I made a complete cluster out of myself. It’s time to fix me.

This weekend I posted this instagram and it sparked this post.

I figured many of you can relate to those seasons in life where things just change for a little bit and you have to get back to that person that you are in your core. It’s a season, and you know what? I think seasons are awesome. We always come out changed. We have learned something new. We have new wisdom. We’re better for them. Even the really shitty stuff. The stuff that you think is going to break you. You’re better for it. You have to be thankful for it. By far the hardest thing I’ve learned through a season is being thankful through grief, but I am because I’m better for it. The broken parts of my heart heal but they leave a permanent mark. You know, it’s the scars that remind me of the bliss; the normal, average, everyday bliss. It’s time to snuggle up into that bliss of completely normal. It’s time to have a Saturday where I’m bored. It’s time to get back to me.

Tell me about the seasons in your life in the comments.

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The Deets on Project Life In One Place

I get asked a lot about what Project Life is, how I do it digitally, what programs I use, how I bind the books, etc. So I’m going to answer all of those questions here because this process is really important to me and what I want my girls to value as they grow up and have families of their own.

I was passionate about this project since the day I started and being on the creative team gave me the ability to infect others with the same passion. I thought I’d post a little intro and a recap of what I’m doing with Project Life in case you’re new to the LTM Blog!

What is Project Life?

Here’s a 1-minute easy as pie explanation:

Why do I think you should do it?

Because your story is your legacy and it’s important. Someday, your kids and your family is going to want to know this stuff about you and themselves. I promise. Kids have a way of wondering how you did it when they start families of their own. This is the way to show them. One thing I would love more than anything is to ask my mom, “what did you do when we were this age?” or “how did you handle this situation?” or “how much did you drink every night?” If she had done scrapbooking for us, I would have known even though she’s not around anymore for me to ask her. Someday my kids are going to want to know what our everyday looked like as an adult. They will. This will show them.

How am I doing it?

I am doing my pages digitally. It saves me the counter space (which is limited with 3 little ones) and the hassle of cleaning up. I just put everything together on my computer and then I print the book out at the end of the year. Also, the majority of project life users do the project weekly (2 pages to recap your week, every week). I, however, am taking a different approach this year. I’m just putting our major events into the book. There’s too much stuff going on in my life to have the pressure of keeping up and we just don’t do all that much stuff yet because my girls are so little. I’ll probably start the weekly layout format next year. You can read more about what I’m doing and the pages I’ve completed by CLICKING HERE.

What are the options for you?

There are two options for you if you want to give Project Life a try:
Traditional Paper Version
Digital Version

I LOVE traditional paper scrapbooking but I don’t like having the stuff all around my house. Digital is the right option for me but there is a learning curve to doing it since I am using photoshop. Without some desire to learn clipping masks and photoshop, it may be best for you to just go paper kits and keep it in a little caddy that you can move around to keep out of the way. If I was able to have the space and time for traditional, I would absolutely have those cards in my house.

With the traditional version you only need 4 things (there are FAR more than 4 things you can purchase, of course but you only require 4):

1. Core Kit

Core Kits are loaded with enough beautifully-designed cards to fill an entire album.

Becky Higgins Project Life Core kit






2. Album

The Project Life snazzy Albums, designed to coordinate with our Core Kits, will safely house your Pocket Pages filled with your photos and journaling.

Becky Higgins Project Life Album






3. Pocket Pages

Pick up a pack of Photo Pocket Pages to slip in your treasured photos and the cards from your Core Kit.

Becky Higgins Project Life Plastic Pages






4. Journaling Pens

My favorite pens in the world are the Zig Millennium Pens. They come in a pack with 5 sizes. Amazeballs.

Zig Pens

With the digital version you need 4 things (there are FAR more than 4 things you can purchase, of course but you only require 4):

1. Computer

I use my Mac Pro and my laptop for Project Life. Either will work as long as you have enough space to run photoshop and save your work.


2. Photoshop

I use Photoshop Creative Cloud for mine but I know a lot of people that use Photoshop Elements and it works great for them (plus it’s less expensive and a bit easier).

photoshop cc

3. Digital Kits

Someone I know has a real problem with buying digital items for her Project Life album. I won’t say who, but she can’t stop. They’re so pretty!

Project Life Digital Kit

4. Printer to bind your book or Album with 12×12 Page Protectors

You can choose to bind your book and have it printed with a photo printer like i did at MPIX or you can have the pages printed individually and you can simply stick them into some 12×12 page protectors and a binder. Your call. I like the digital books because I can make copies of the book for the girls to take when they leave home.

Here’s a recent page I finished to give you an example of what your pages can look like:

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Becky Higgins

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Becky Higgins

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Becky Higgins

This was a super simple and fast layout. Used our pictures that Melissa Koehler took of our family and threw a couple of cards and brushes over them. Boom! Done.

I hope you’ll consider giving Project Life a try this year. There’s not commitment, there are no requirements. I know your people sure would love you for it one day.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Remembring Every Moment

I was telling Michael last night how much more of our life I remember when I put it in a Project Life page. I remember the little details because I took the picture, I wrote it down, I used creativity to put it together and I look at it again. It is sealed into my memory. Little things that I would likely have forgotten.

Lindsay Teague Moreno | Digital Project Life

For example I would have remembered going to AZ last summer, but probably not that it was 118 degrees out one day when we took the girls to the little waterpark. I would have remembered going to see James Taylor, but probably not that we were the youngest people there by at least 20 years. You’ve gotta save the memories.

Lindsay Teague Moreno | Digital Project Life

Lindsay Teague Moreno | Digital Project Life

My kids are going to love this one day! I’d give just about anything to have something like this from my mom as we were growing up.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

February Book Club: DARING GREATLY

It is not the critic who counts | Daring Greatly Book Review | Lindsay Teague Moreno

This year, I have decided to be intentional about a few things and one of them is taking the time to read more. I love reading and I believe it’s GOT to be a part of your life if you want to be a leader who grows as your business does. Leaders are readers.

So, last month we read a book that was both extremely challenging and amazing. It was a month of deep introspection and being honest with myself.  We read Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.

Daring Greatly | Lindsay Teague Moreno Book Club

I wanted to start the year off with a little bit of breaking down so we could build back bigger, better, badder than ever. There were a couple thousand who took on the challenge to read this book with me. Just let that number sink in for a minute. A couple thousand people opened up and got real with themselves about a very hard topic. Together we walked through the book and were honest about our own shame.

Have you guys seen Brene’s TED talk? You MUST spend 17 minutes watching this:

If you breathe oxygen and are living, you should read this book. Michael is reading it now so we can walk through it together. We all carry shame around. I’m working toward shame resilience. As my business gets bigger there are more people that don’t like me for it but, as I learned, even worse, is that there are more that love me for it. It’s so easy to be completely destroyed by the worth that we attach to what we create.

One of the weeks in our discussion, I was particularly nervous about posting my answers, I think because it’s about things that make me nervous to say out loud and I was saying it to a group that I am a leader of. I did post them and got A LOT of messages shocked that I might feel the same way they do at times. Many thanks for being normal. So I decided to share them here as well. I hope you’ll read without judgement. These are obviously from a business point of view but these would apply to any part of our lives:

Q: How w
ould your life look different if you no longer evaluated your worthiness by weighing the reaction of the people in the stands?
A: I’d sure be a lot more content with what I have been able to achieve. For some reason, the stands shout at me that it’s not good enough and someone else is always better.

Q: Who are the people who are with you in the arena?
A: My husband is always standing shoulder to shoulder with me and my friends are back to back. I have a group of about 4 friends that are extensions of me. They’d stand next to me and fight to the death even if they knew I was wrong. In business I have a group of leaders that I am so blessed with. they stand in a big circle with me in the middle of the arena. Always there to stand up, give me constructive criticism with love, willing to have my back, willing to say what they do behind my back to my face. You need that in your business. Seek that out.

Q: Who are the folks that you most often picture in the stands?
-My mom (which is nuts because y’all I LOVE and miss my mom like crazy). She was just critical of me like she was of herself. 

-A person that used to be a friend and more than once used, abandoned and hurt me for their own gain under the guise of good and God.
-Every person who has written something hurtful to me or called a name in a message or email without knowing me at all. I’m going to be honest this part of the stands is becoming a packed house.
-The critical YL members that have been in business for longer than me.

Q: I’m often my harshest critic. I see myself in the stands criticizing and judging. Are you in the stands?
A: OH HELL TO THE YES! I’m the loudest person on my feet yelling and pointing.

Q: Have you ever attached your self-worth to how something of yours was received?
A: Every single day. EVERY SINGLE DAY. My entire worth is attached to the Lemon Droppers right now.  It happened overnight. One day I was a crafty, photography mom and the next I was running a multi-million dollar producing business. It became me. I became it. Stepping back into that person that works normal hours and has normal conversations with friends is scary. Do people like that original person?

Q: How did that affect your ability to share it with others and navigate the reaction of others?
A: It makes me defensive, it makes my heart hurt at the harsh criticism I receive. It makes me feel alone to be the one to stand and take the abuse that comes our way. It’s so false. It makes me scared to be the one that goes first and takes all the blame. The way people feel about my character is up to them and it’s not up to me to change their minds. I know in my heart, my friends know, my family knows and God knows my values and they all know I’m doing the best I can with what I know. In theory, that’s all that matters, but I have those ridiculous, horrible emails and messages memorized.
“your values are money and mine are people and God.” 

“my business will fail now because you’re doing this.”
“you’re clearly just lucky”
“the lemon droppers have everything handed to them”
“you’re not what you pretend to be”
“you don’t deserve this”

The list goes on…I get at least 20x the positive messages as I do the hurtful ones but I remember the hurtful ones. I immediately puff up and get mad for all the work I’ve done to be cut down by another grown adult and then those words just swirl around each time it’s time to make another hard decision or step out with a new idea.

Q: How does this quote make you feel about your business?

Daring Greatly Quote: In simple terms, if they love it, you're worthy, if they don't , you're worthless?

Do you attach your self worth to the way people receive your love of essential oils and your business?
A: I don’t much worry about how other people receive my love of oils. I am in love with them and I want everyone to know. If my lifestyle and healthcare isn’t for everyone, I am 100% okay with it. Pressuring is the fastest way to end a relationship.  If they don’t want it, I have NO problem never talking to them about it. On the business end? Well, that’s a different story. Those people depend on me to help them see success. Much of my actions during my working (and let’s be honest non-working) hours are because I don’t want to let people down or disappoint them. I will continue to do more, more, more because people ask me and I know a “no, I can’t” will equal a really nasty email or a blame for their failing business. I have to stop. My work hours would be a lot happier and more productive for the whole group if I didn’t evaluate my worthiness by the reaction of those that don’t actually know and love me. What if I didn’t take on the responsibility if someone used me as an excuse for their business not taking off? I’d have saved a lot of money, heartache and time this year. 

Q: What are your “gremlins,” and what do they say to you to prevent you from moving forward?
A: My biggest gremlin is “you’re not good enough to make a mark on this world, this industry, these people or this business”. I also deal with “who are you to get people to follow you? You’re not that good” and “someone right behind you is nipping at your heels and will render you useless.”

They say: 

“If you don’t do this another leader will and they will talk badly about you and your leadership just like that other person does.”

“If you don’t do more and better, you’ll be letting thousands of people down who depend on you and need you.”

“If you don’t say yes, they won’t respect you as a leader.”

“If you don’t say yes now, they’ll stop following you and your business will blow up.”

“If you confront that person, you’ll have a split in your business.”

“If you aren’t the most successful of all, you’re not successful at all.” 

“If you’re not the best, you might as well be the worst.”

“If you make any changes, your business will blow up.”

“If you don’t hold it together at home and show them constant attention and show your work constant attention, they’ll all resent you down the road.”

You know what? I am not, nor will I ever be a victim of what people say about me. I have people in my life (family and amazing friends) who love me. I belong to them and they belong to me. You cannot buy that. I am so blessed. I owe so much to my people that I can never repay.

We all have our crap. We do. None of us are 100% shame resilient. We are working on it. I continue moving forward. I’m tough and I can do hard things. So can you.

5 Star Book Review | Daring GreatlyThis book gets FIVE STARS from me. You gotta read it.

Lindsay Teague Moreno


Super Bowl Dream Come True

If you know anything about me, you know I’m pretty much a dude at heart. I’d choose football on my television, beer in my belly, hoodie and comfy pants on and a fire in the fireplace to pretty much any given situation in life. I’ve been a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan since my childhood. Born in Oklahoma, my mom raised me to love the Cowboys. She’d send me down the road to my uncle’s house (who was a Steelers fan at that time) to say “GO COWBOYS!”

Going to the Super Bowl? It’s been on my life’s to-do list for as long as I can remember. What I didn’t expect was the ability to make that dream a reality before my 35th birthday.

This year, after we paid our taxes and we paid for a vacation to Disney World for the girls, Michael and I decided to pull the trigger on this dream and just do it. If you know my husband, you know how creeky his wallet is, so it wasn’t an easy “yes” for him. We decided to head for Phoenix (where we grew up and where the Super Bowl 49 was being held) after our vacation.

IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE. Here is a little photo walk through of the day!

Phoenix Open 2015
Our view from the front of our room at the Fairmont Princess. We could see the golf course!


Fairmont Princess
The Fox Sports team was here so we saw broadcasters walking all over the place!


Date Night
We checked into the hotel and decided to head out on a little date night to our favorite restaurant in Arizona, Tutti Santi.


Tutti Santi
MMMMMMMM The Ravioli ala Nina will kill you it’s so good.


Phoenix Open 2015
Saturday we went to the Phoenix Open. Michael and I LOVE golf. The crap part was that both Tiger and Phil missed the cut. We followed Rickie Fowler and that was pretty sweet. It was muddy and wet but really good to hang out at the course for the day.


Super Bowl 49
Our tickets arrived. I freaked out.


date night
Date night to another favorite restaurant in Scottsdale, Sapporo. MMMMMMM.


date night
Flaming plates. The old teppan yaki favorite. I could go for some of that rice right about now.


Super Bowl 49
The next morning???? SUPER BOWL DAY!!!! Our bus left at 10:00 am for the pre-party and game.


Super Bowl 49
A police escort to the game? Don’t mind if I do. All the cars we passed on the street were looking into the charter bus like we were celebrities. It was pretty funny.


Super Bowl 49
Walked in and grabbed us some swag.


Michael snuggled a little bit with Chris Pratt…NBD. He and Anna Ferris followed us in and then were whisked away in their celebrity-mobile.


Super Bowl 49
We found our seats and then went outside to people watch for a bit. You pay thousands of dollars for these tickets and there are SO MANY PEOPLE.


Super Bowl 49
Game’s about to start and David Arquette just walks in and sits in front of us. Coolest dude ever. I half expected him to be crazy but he was totally nice, totally normal and totally funny.


Super Bowl 49


Here’s a video of the Patriots heading into the stadium. This has to be a real moment for these players, you know? It was so loud.


Super Bowl 49
Our seats were bad ass. Michael did a good job tracking us down a view.


Here come’s the Seahawks:


Here’s opening kickoff:

IMG 1203 from Lindsay Teague Moreno on Vimeo.


Super Bowl 49
EVERY SINGLE PLAY of this game was amazing. I screamed the entire game and I didn’t even really care who won. I rooted for the Hawks, of course, because we lived in Seattle but unless it’s the Cowboys or Cardinals I’m good with any winner as long as it’s a good game.


Super Bowl 49
The halftime show was pretty badass!


Super Bowl 49
As they were setting up in about 13 seconds, we weren’t sure what the heck all those people with lighted balls were doing. Since we didn’t have a view from the top I had to watch it again on TV the next day.


On TV the stage looked like it moved around but it didn’t, it was just a tarp thing that had graphics on it that moved. CRAZY to see it afterwards.


Super Bowl 49
This lion thing? Yea, it was as cool in person. They put that thing together out of NOWHERE! Like magic.


Tried to zoom in on the iPhone but you know how that kind of thing goes.


Katy Perry’s all “hey, it’s me on a giant gold lion, what’s up?”


Some dude came out of nowhere with a fireman’s pole for her to slide down off of that lion and she suddenly appeared on the other stage. I swear this chick went to Hogwarts.


Katy’s going along. She was entertaining. The sound was terrible in the stadium, as you can imagine with 70,000 seats and an open roof.


Then Missy Elliott came out and was all “hey Katy, I’ll just be taking over your performance, don’t mind me” and I turned to Michael and said “IS THAT MISSY????”


…and it was MISSY! Everyone in the stadium freaked out at that little ding, ding ding, ding, ding, ding riff…you know the one.


Nobody even remembered Katy Perry was there at this point.



Katy Who?
Katy Who?


Then Katy went flying around the stadium like My Little Pony. It was pretty cool.


Here’s a video I got of what it was like from our point of view. Sound is terrible, of course, but it was quite a show.

IMG 1232 from Lindsay Teague Moreno on Vimeo.


“The More You Know…” Anyone, anyone?


Back to some intense football!


Worst picture in the world of me and “hi, my name is David.” So sweet.


He shared is red vines with us. See? totally cool dude. We also toasted our cotton candy because COTTON CANDY.


Super Bowl 49

This was just before the worst play call in the history of play calls. Every Pats fan was clinching their butt cheeks right here.


Patriots win!


Here’s Belichick getting a Gatorade bath:


There is absolutely just as much confetti in person as there is on TV. Now I know for sure.


I will never forget this. After this game, Michael and I decided that each year our business grows, we’ll go back to the Super Bowl to celebrate. San Francisco next year, who’s coming with us? Let’s go, Cowboys!

Lindsay Teague Moreno


In the Home with the Moreno Family

I was recently referred to Duston Todd by my friend Megahn for some family lifestyle portraits. I’ve wanted to capture us just being together for a while and immediately jumped on the opportunity when I saw Duston’s In the Home sessions he was doing. He is a true artist and what he created will remain on my walls for a lifetime.

Take a look…

moreno_DTODD-6385 copy

moreno_DTODD-6496 copy

moreno_DTODD-6521 copy

moreno_DTODD-6586 copy

moreno_DTODD-6602-2 copy

moreno_DTODD-6638 copy

moreno_DTODD-6660 copy

moreno_DTODD-6669 copy

moreno_DTODD-6687 copy

moreno_DTODD-6700-2 copy

moreno_DTODD-6709 copy

moreno_DTODD-6719 copy

moreno_DTODD-6731-2 EDIT copy

moreno_DTODD-6779 copy

moreno_DTODD-6798-2 copy

moreno_DTODD-6829-2 copy

moreno_DTODD-6834-2 copy

moreno_DTODD-6842 copy

moreno_DTODD-6892 copy

moreno_DTODD-6901 EDIT copy

moreno_DTODD-6918 copy

moreno_DTODD-6966 copy

I love these 4 people so much.

I am in love with these images. I hope we can recreate them throughout the years as we all grow. Thank you Duston for your eye and sharing your gift with our family.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

What’s Your Sentence?

As I was laying down getting a little massage this morning to try to rid myself of some of the work stress I’ve been feeling, I started thinking about a little speech I’m giving next week. I was asked to give a 7 minute talk on family. I could pretty much whip up a talk about anything and it would be passable. I’m not super nervous about talking in front of people, it’s just not my greatest strength. The kicker of that sentence is “family.” That’s pretty much the only thing I talk about that I can’t get through without crying like a big baby right there in front of everyone. Doesn’t even matter how big the audience is. I do it in front of one person, I do it in front of 500.

I started to wish they had asked me to talk on business because, honey, I could crush that. That’s my thing. Truth be told, I think I understand my business, marketing, sales and strategy with the best of them. Why didn’t they ask me to talk on that? I never cry when I talk about finding your niche market. I don’t get emotional when I talk about how people are doing direct sales all wrong. I’m righteously indignant about some of the things I “preach” about business because I just know this stuff…but not about family.

I started thinking about where to even begin and how I might make it through this talk (with people that, let’s face it, don’t have a lot of good things to say about me because they believe everything they hear) without looking like a grade schooler. I spent the entire 90 minutes thinking about it. I decided that most of my actions and decisions right now are based on the end of my mom’s life. I started wondering what people might say about me right now if the curtains closed on my life.

Let’s say it’s the end of your life. What is the sentence you want to be said about you? What is your legacy? How would you want to be remembered?

Do you have more than one? Are your actions saying this to people?

Some days my sentence is:
“She pushed the boundaries of possibility by kicking down the doors of what had already been done and paving new paths toward unique  personal significance for women all over the world.”

Some days it’s:
“She taught women that with heart and hustle, anything is possible no matter your background, circumstance, education, or experience.”

Usually it’s:
“She was relentless in her pursuit of really big dreams so her daughters would know she loved her life and that there’s nothing they can’t do.”

Lindsay Teague Moreno kids

I have a lot of work to do and I need to make sure my actions are conveying these sentences. I encourage you to write your sentence. What are you doing here?  What do you want in life? Write it down and keep it close to you. If you feel comfortable write it in the comments below.

I’m going to cry like a baby on that stage next week and you know what…that’s okay. Those 3 are worth it.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Intentionally 2015 (read: I’m baaaaack)

In January, I decided I was going to take this year to do a few things very intentionally after working pretty much straight through for the last two years. Abstract stain watercolors

In 2015, I decided I needed to pick a word, I needed to set some intentions and I needed to stick to it. Thank you, Ali Edwards, for making things I can’t resist and sharing your ideas.

This year, I’m coming up on my 2-year-agreement with M. Let me back up a bit here. Almost 2 years ago (on March 25th), Michael and I were having a “discussion” (read: big huge argument) about my working all of the sudden after having sacrificed so much to land him his (at the time) dream job. We had both worked really hard to get him where he was and here I was ripping out the pages of the story we had told ourselves about the life we were going to have. After all either of us could say was said, I asked him, as the man I love and the person that loves me unconditionally to give me two years. “Give me two years to see what I can do with this. If it’s not ‘something’ in two years, I’ll walk away. I need you to let me do this.” Of course, being the man of pure gold that he is, he agreed. That was the day we were done fighting about it.

You better believe I laced up my shoes and started sprinting. I am coming up on two years of the hustle and I am literally almost breathless. My business is on FIRE; I mean it’s a raging forest fire, but I am out of breath. I had to fight off people that I believed wanted the best for me and instead wanted to use me and hurt me. I had learn to drown out the noise of those who wanted to tear me down with words and hurtful actions. I had to struggle with those who wanted to change the direction I knew I should be going. It has been a two year battle; the most amazing, rewarding, hard-fought battle of my life. I have sacrificed having other priorities, including my family. I have sacrificed all semblance of simplicity of life. I have sacrificed play. I have sacrificed focus.  I have been successful but I am tired of the criticism, it’s not supposed to hurt coming from people that don’t know and love me but it does. You know where I believe all of it stems from? A false sense scarcity and unneeded competition.

criticism quote

It’s important that I stick to my word with M. I told him two years and I meant it. So, I’m preparing to put plans in motion so I can keep good on the promises I made. I’m not quitting, let me just say that straight out. I’m not, but I can’t keep up with the amount of people that need me. I have to have a plan to be able to enjoy my life and enjoy my work, which I do. I love my work. I am so passionate about what I do. This is something that is so so hard to do. I’ll never walk away. It’s a part of me like my arms and legs are a part of me. The Lemon Droppers are an extension of me. I just need to get more organized and I need to make room for the new! I’m going to be totally honest with you, this  makes me worried about the fallout I’ll get from the 20,000 + people that depend on me. It makes me worry that I’m letting others down. You know who I’m really letting down? My circle. My family, my friends and myself. Each time I choose someone else that I don’t know ahead of them I feel shame and I know I show them with my actions that they don’t mean as much to me as someone on the other side of my computer.

this matters Lindsay Teague Moreno Blog

In order to help me keep good on my intentions, I’ve decided to blog again. I am going to make it a priority. I’ve decided to do Project Life because I love it and it’s important to me that my kids have it. I have decided to write more because it’s a great way for me to help and teach others. I want to help others. I want to teach and mentor others, I just have to have time to do it. Right now I feel like I’m not doing anything with perfection. There are tiny chinks in everything and the people that end up sacrificing? My husband and kids. My people get more time than they do and that ain’t right.

This year I will:


Starting this blog and making this post is valiant for me. Am I ready to be open on the web like this still? Yes, I am. Am I ready to commit to this? Yes, I am. Am I going to make this blog kick ass? Yes, I am.

Welcome to LindsayTeagueMoreno.com. I hope you like it here. Throughout the coming month, I’ll try to fill up this blog with some of the best posts from my old blog before I shut that one down for good. I’ll be writing on business, scrapbooking, photography and my life. I hope you’ll follow along.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Project Life Week 9

This was a totaly normal week except that we got a date night!!! I love date night!!! Also, I’m totally digging the fact that my kids adore old school cartoons. Anything made early nineties or earlier and the Moreno girls are digging it.


Week nine brought some sun so I took the girls out for a little photo shoot in their cutie clothes. Another card with our TV shows because I thought it was pretty funny that all of us were into some old-school shows lately. The girls love Tom & Jerry and M & I still into The West Wing.

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Digital

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Digital

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life DigitalClose-up right side. How cute that I got a pic of my hubs taking a very rare nap!

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Project Life 2013: Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of Project Life. Seems crazy that we’re this far into the year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about spring and summer coming right around the corner!!


This week, I was out of town for the weekend for my grandma’s funeral. Even though it’s sad, I added it to the book. Additionally, I made Michael take the Archetype ME quiz and recorded both of our results. This is proof positive that he’s a better persona than I am and that he’s probably the better stay-at-home parent, what with his caregiving skills and my lack thereof! ha. Have you seen these results going around your social media feed? You can add it to your next page by taking the quiz HERE

Archetype Quiz

1. Creative (Creator | Performer | Artist | Storyteller)
2. Intellectual (Scholar | Professional | Sage | Thinker)
3. Rebel (Maverick | Feminist | Seductress | Femme Fatale)

1. Caregiver (Mentor | Teacher | Father | Coach | Rescuer | Hero)
2. Intellectual (Scholar | Professional | Sage | Thinker)
3. Spiritual (Mystic | Healer | Seeker | Religious)

See? He’s a better person! Not a mention of my most important job as a mom in my results. Whoops. Lucky me, I guess.

Here’s the full 2-page spread from week 5:

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life
Left side. Happy to have my extended family in the book this year. We don’t see each other nearly enough (they all live in Oklahoma). I love them! Plus, their kids are amazingly beautiful which makes my pages look goooooood! *wink, wink


Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life
Right side

Lindsay Teague Moreno


Project Life Catch Up Post

Family Vacation May 2012

Project Life Digital
Both sides of the spread together. Again, I opted for the lighter feel on this one.


Project Life Digital
Left side close-up


Project Life Digital
Right side close-up

Lindsay Teague Moreno

More Catch-Up | November 12 of 12

So here we are with November’s 12 of 12 spread. It was moving days. Of course our day of the most chaos all year would fall on the 12th! I was so close to not doing it in November because I was so busy. So glad I did though!!! Since we were getting off the plane in Seattle at Midnight, I actually started my 12 of 12 before we had been to sleep! Pretty cool.

Without further ado:

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life 12 of 12

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life 12 of 12

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life 12 of 12

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Catching Up | October 12 of 12

Another few pages ready for sharing over the next couple of posts. We’ll start with the October version of the 12 of 12 project, which wrapped in December for me. So excited to have these in the books. Let’s just take a little look-see at what the Moreno’s did in October.

One thing that I will tell you, the little instagram icon is totally free and found online the instamemory font is called “Billabong.” Just search for social media icons to find the right instagram icon. Also, the deer graphics are an old House of 3 set that is no longer in business. Love them though. Miss that store!

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life 12 of 12

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life 12 of 12

Lindsay Teague Moreno Digital Project Life 12 of 12

I’m about 1 or 2 spreads away from printing my book! Can’t wait to show you guys the finished product. My girls are going to LOVE it!!!

Lindsay Teague Moreno

All Settled + Project Life Update

Well, folks, we’re all settled here in our new home in Seattle, Washington. We love it here so far. It’s so gorgeous and the rain has been really cool. I, for one, am a huge fan of rain after living in the desert for so many years. This is literally the opposite of Phoenix. Ahhhhhh.

Digital Project Life Header

Now that the holiday season is over, it’s time to get crackin’ on Project Life. I have some pages to post and some catching up to do! Let’s take a look at a new page, shall we?

Lindsay Teague Moreno's Digital Project Life | 12 of 12

Lindsay Teague Moreno's Digital Project Life | 12 of 12

Lindsay Teague Moreno's Digital Project Life | 12 of 12

It’s funny to look back at these photos because even in the 4 short months since I took these photos, my girls have changed! The paci went bye-bye on Addy’s birthday and the girls got a much-needed hair chop shortly after this month. Crazy. Just another reason Project Life is awesome. We’re changing so much right now.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Dear Babies: 4-Years

I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that my little girls are 4-years-old. From teensy tiny little preemies at 3 and 4 lbs to walking, talking, thinking, independent, crazy, little girls. It’s nuts, I tell you.

Here we continue the letters that I’ll eventually give to the girls when they’re older and here they are together for their 4-year photo shoot:

Lindsay Teague Moreno Photography Twins Birthday


This year for their birthday we had a family party at the American Girl store. They both picked out a Bitty Baby…the same one. I thought it fitting that they should be a part of the photos.


Dear Boston,

Here you are at 4:


My little 4-year-old. I love you so much it hurts sometimes. You have really grown up this year into a person all your own. People get you confused with your sister all the time but you guys are really so different. I think because I’m around you so often I can see the differences more than the similarities. As you go through childhood and adolescence, I think people will group you and your sister together more often than not, but I want you to know that we see how different you really are from each other. You’re most definitely not the same person despite how much you look physically similar. You have many (okay most) of the same mannerisms, but you use them in spectacularly different ways. Even being similar to your sister makes you unique in a way that only you and Teagan will ever share. I love being witness to it every day.


This year, Boston, you and Teagan really started to assert your own personalities and started taking interest in different things. For example, we have now taken both ballet and gymnastics. While Teagan really loves ballet (i think it’s the pink, the grace and the music) you love gymnastics (I think it’s the physical activity, the running and the variety of activities). You guys came to us to ask if Teagan could take ballet and you could take gymnastics. Pretty cool. You’re very good at gymnastics. You are strong and coordinated. You got out there as a very young and small beginner and figured that bar right out. Soon you were doing all of the required class circuits on your own. You overcame your fear of heights and swift movement this year in gymnastics. It is one of the memories of you that I will lock away in my heart forever. You declined the high swing a couple of classes in a row when you first started gymnastics (you don’t even take your hands off of us when we swing you by your feet…no way you were getting on that swing). One class, though, I was sitting and watching as your group got to the swing and you decided you were going to do it. You got up and I could see the fear in your eye but your determination to get up there was stronger. You asked the teacher not to swing you very high (the swing probably went 20 feet up) and you did it. All by yourself. You amazing, strong, brave girl. It might not seem like that big of a deal some day when you read this, but I think it’s a little glimpse of what is to come from you. If I had to guess, I think you’ll hang back a bit in life and let others be first (an amazing quality, I believe…I wish I had more of that in my own personality). You’ll observe first, but when it comes time, you’ll be brave. You’ll speak out when you need to. You’ll do things differently than the other kids, coworkers, classmates or peers. When you do something, though, you’ll be great at it. I can’t wait to see it. I’m so proud of you.

This year you and Teagan have fought a lot as you started to assert your independence and become your true selves. I think many people are under the impression that identical twins don’t fight and they’re surprised to learn that you act just like any other sisters. You fight. A lot. Sometimes it makes me crazy. You compete with each other at times. However, you also have an amazing bond. You still understand each other better than anyone else on this planet. You even understand Addy better than anyone else. If I can’t understand something she’s saying, I can ask you and you almost always know. You and Teagan can’t be separated for long periods of time. We thought about putting Addy with you to sleep because you both sleep more than Teagan does, but you both quickly put the kibosh on that. You guys get upset when one doesn’t wake the other up in the morning and you’re in your room alone. What one gets, the other gets in your eyes. What one can do the other can do in your eyes. I sing the “anything you can do I can do better” song to you at least once a day. You are both very attune to the other though. If one of you is sick, the other is sad. If one is hurt, the other is upset. You love each other very much. I am sure this will continue all of your lives and I wonder what it will be like if you decide on different colleges or when you guys get married. Will it be hard on you? I am sure it will.

You are very close with Addy, Boston. Closer than Teagan, who is the louder and more gregarious of the two of you most of the time (not that you’re quiet, because that is NOT the case). You love to be a caregiver for your baby sister. You tell everyone she is “your baby.” You make sure she’s taken care of. You concern yourself with her well-being and play with her one-on-one more than Teagan does. She loves Addy and I’ve seen them becoming much closer toward the end of this year, but there’s something between you two that is special. I wonder sometimes if the three of you will be inseparable when you get older. Will you share the same group of friends? Will you guys always do things together?

Boston, you and I are very similar in many ways and one of those ways is our love of sleep. You still remain my best sleeper. You go to bed without a fight (most nights), you’d take a nap if I let you, you sleep in, you hardly ever wake up in the middle of the night. You love your sleep. Me too, Bean, me too! You also blow your lid when you’re pushed too far like me and you get bored easily (but let’s ignore that right now). You’re amazingly similar to your dad as well. You’re very caring and sensitive like he is. You worry about people like he does and you are kind-hearted like him. When I see you interacting socially with other kids, I notice that you let others take from you and say nasty things to you and you don’t say a word. Daddy doesn’t like it. He wants you to push back at times, but I love it. I know it means that being nasty isn’t part of you. You’re very caring and I love it about you. These are some of the things I love the most about your daddy and I’m so happy to see these characteristics are part of your personality as well. Someday, if you choose, you’re going to be such a good mommy.

This year, you’re still sucking your right thumb, you are super tall and skinny, your hair grew so much I had to have 6 inches cut off of it, your hair is very fine and curly (which makes combing time a chore), you love fruit snacks more than life itself, you love to pray at dinner, you love to play pretend, you get so excited when your daddy gets home from work, you love disney movies and characters (especially Ariel), you don’t like pizza sauce (just like your mama), you want one-on-one attention from your parents, you love snuggles, you hate cleaning up after yourself, you hate clothes (all of them, no matter what…no), you love to dance and play games, and your laugh is infectious.

I love you Beanie Bean. I really do. You guys teach me something new every day. Being your mom is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and I’m worried that I am failing a lot, but when I see you being sweet to others and becoming a strong little girl, I know we must be doing something right. God blessed me with you. He knew that you were just what I needed.

Happy 4th birthday, baby girl.




Dear Teagan,

Here you are at 4:


What a big girl you are, Teagan. Of all my children you are the one that is most like me in personality. I know this because we butt heads the most of any of my children. You are loud, you are crazy, you are sneaky at times, you make a huge mess and don’t want to clean it up, you are the first to say you’ll do something (very brave), you’re a fighter, you’re witty and you love sweets. You also got some great qualities that I see in your daddy. You’re caring, you are very concerned about the well-being of others (especially feelings of animals and other poeple), you are very affectionate and you are silly. If I had to guess, I think that you and I are going to have a rough go when you’re a teenager and you’re becoming more independent but we’ll also become very close when you’re a bit older. Kinda like it was with my mom. Who knows, though, you could surprise me…I hope you do sweet girl, I want to be very close to you as you’re growing up. I hate fighting with you. I really do.

_MG_8000 copy 2

Teagan. Look at this picture. It’s so you. SO YOU. You are sassy and full of personality. You’re so dramatic at times and you’re hilarious. When I told you to “go over there and stand so I can take your picture,” this is what you gave me. I love it. You keep us very entertained and busy, Teagan. You have great ideas for games and projects that you talk your sisters into playing with you (much to your mother’s chagrin, might I add). You’re getting so big. You love playing pretend and you’re an excellent mommy. If you were going to be a princess this year, you’d be Merida. You decided on Merida from Brave for Halloween this year and you really talk about her a lot still. I can’t wait to take you to Disney to see all of the characters. Of all of my kids, you’re going to love it the most, I just know it. You are all in on the princess thing so I know this trip is going to blow your mind. I am going to take a lot of pictures of it. I know this stage isn’t going to last forever and I want you to remember what it feels like to believe in fairytales. You might look back and think this is silly but it really is part of you. You wake up talking about princesses and go to bed talking about them.

This year you really showed me that you’re 100% girl. You love pretty things, fluffy things, cute things, tiny things, pink things…if it’s made for a girl, you NEED it! You loved ballet and you asked if you could take ballet over gymnastics this year. So, Addy got you some new ballet shoes for Christmas and we’re going to be starting in a couple of weeks. I hope you always love dance. I love to dance so much. I didn’t take dance classes when I was younger but I always wished that I did. I’m so glad that you like it and I get to watch you enjoy it. It’s one of the best parts about being a mom. We get to go back and be little every so often with you.

This year you and Boston have fought a lot as you started to assert your independence and become your true selves. I think many people are under the impression that identical twins don’t fight and they’re surprised to learn that you act just like any other sisters. You fight. A lot. Sometimes it makes me crazy. You compete with each other at times. However, you also have an amazing bond. You still understand each other better than anyone else on this planet. You even understand Addy better than anyone else. If I can’t understand something she’s saying, I can ask you and you almost always know. You and Boston can’t be separated for long periods of time. We thought about putting Addy with B to sleep because they both sleep more than you do (you’re killing me with the sleep, kid), but you both quickly put the kibosh on that. You guys get upset when one doesn’t wake the other up in the morning and you’re in your room alone. What one gets, the other gets in your eyes. What one can do the other can do in your eyes. I sing the “anything you can do I can do better” song to you at least once a day. You are both very attune to the other though. If one of you is sick, the other is sad. If one is hurt, the other is upset. You love each other very much. I am sure this will continue all of your lives and I wonder what it will be like if you decide on different colleges or when you guys get married. Will it be hard on you? I am sure it will.

You love Addy very much. You’re very protective of her (you’re the most protective child) and Boston. You will stand up for them and you will be the first to try something to make sure it’s safe. I love that about you. I hope you’ll always stand up for yourself and what you believe in…even if it’s not popular. It has been my experience that most things that are worth fighting for aren’t popular. Remember that. If it’s important…go get it, girl. You can do it. I am sure of it. I can see that if you want something in life, you have the personality to just go for it even if others might not. I hope you won’t let the failures that you’ll inevitably face hold you back as you learn and get older. That’s the thing with being the first to do something or trying something new. Sometimes you’re going to fail at it. The key is dusting yourself off and trying again, trying something new. You have it in you, I know you do.

This year you’re still sucking your left thumb, you’re sneaky, you’re very loud, you love to sing and dance, you have fine curly hair (which makes combing it a chore), you don’t want to wear clothes unless it’s a dress-up dress, you don’t love routine, you make huge messes and hate cleaning up, you want to stay up at all hours of the night, you decided you were done with naps, you take care of your sisters, you are learning very fast, you are changing right before my eyes, you’re very tall and skinny, you talk with your hands, you love sweets and treats, you like to run and wrestle with your sisters, you think you are going to become a princess, you are dramatic and amazingly sweet.

I love you Teagan. I love when you snuggle me and tell me that you love me. You teach me something new every day and most of it is about love and patience. God blessed me with you. He knew you were just what I needed on my path. I hope I am as good of a mother to you as you are a daughter to me.

Happy 4th birthday, T.



We’re 5!

Happy 5th Anniversary to the love of my life and the dude that runs the show at our house: M.

Lindsay & Michael's Anniversary

5 years ago. Can’t believe it’s been that long. I know everyone says it but it does NOT feel that long. I am so blessed by the presence of my husband in my life…can’t even explain it. Thank you, God, for it! We’re 5 years in and he still does it for me and I like him a little more every day! We work together extremely efficiently and we’ve really been through a lot in these 5 years. It’s good.

Every year I get M a traditional anniversary gift. I started it on the first year and I am always thinking about the next year until the day comes! Here is the list of what I’ve gotten him so far:

Year 1 | Paper: A framed print of one of my maternity shots (we were short on cash and expecting twins in a week).

Year 2 | Cotton: A new robe and slippers to help him through our first Colorado winter (I wear this robe all the time).

Year 3 | Leather: A new leather-bound Bible and the Love Dare book.

Year 4 | Fruit: A bottle of our favorite wine that we drank in Italy together, Brunello Montalcino (which we drank this past Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, this year I’ve developed my first allergy and it’s to red wine and I could only have a couple of sips of it…boooo).

Year 5 | Wood: I thought long and hard about this years gift. I ended up having an illustrator create a picture of our family. There are many special, little details in it and one of them is a wood-burning fire place to signify our 5th anniversary.

Happy Family Illustration

I had it printed as a stand out and we’re hanging it in our new house Yay! I love the Rocky Mountains in the back, the humming bird to signify my mom, the girls with tutu’s and pointed toes wrestling, the couch I love, my camera, our family verse, and the colors. It’s all amazing.

Happy Anniversary, Babe! I’m the lucky one!

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Doin’ it Again…

If you’re a friend of mine in real life, this information is probably getting really old, but our life was totally flipped upside down over the past couple of weeks and we’ve just made a big turn in our direction as a family.

I’m going to give you the whole story, because it’s too amazing to be passed off as a “coincidence” or “luck.” This is a complete and total work of God. It’s so clear to me that God is watching out for our family and that this is part of His master plan for us. It’s just like the story of Kennedy’s birth and my mom’s death being too close to be a coincidence. It’s big, y’all.

Okay, let’s start a few months ago. M and I take the girls out to run an errand and we had to go to the mall here in Reno. As we’re driving away from doing whatever it was that we had to do, M was given a sign from God. He stops whatever it was he was talking about, turns to me and says, “We’re leaving here. We’re not staying in Reno. This is not the place for us. This is not where we’re supposed to raise our kids.” While I agree with what he is saying, I’m a little taken aback because a) we just got to Reno in November b) my business just started to take off c) M has been with this same company for nearly 10 years and has been very successful there and d) M doesn’t make statements like that very often. He doesn’t really speak in absolutes; we always make decisions like that as a team. We decided when we moved to Colorado (2009) that we’d go where the promotions took us until the girls got in school, but this would be doing a decidedly different thing. This would be searching something else out. This would be making a career move in a terrible economy.

There have been times in M’s career where he has thought about possibly moving in a different direction, but there’s always been something to hold him at UOP. When we got home that night, M started putting his resume together and looking for possible career opportunities. Clearly this was serious. He was searching in two places (Oklahoma-where we have some family and where I am from originally and Colorado-where we consider to be home). He diligently searched for jobs and applied to the few that would be a good fit for his skill set, education and experience. No calls. Clearly, this is not what God wanted for us.

He then finds an opportunity out of Portland, Oregon (though I have no idea how since we weren’t searching there) and a recruiter calls him at work one day to talk about the possibility of him coming to work there. M and this company go back and forth interviewing and talking about possibilities. In the end, M turned down the job because it didn’t feel right and he feels secure at his current position. At this point, I know God is telling M that this isn’t the job for him. It’s a way out of Reno and they’re willing to pay for us to move there, but this is not the place for him and it wasn’t the position for him. I have to admit that I’m kinda bummed because I think Oregon would be a really fun place to live.

The day he tells them he’s not interested in that position and that it’s just not right for him, they call him back and offer him the opportunity to interview for another position (which would be a promotion) in Seattle. He is hesitant but the door is open so he walks through it. There wasn’t really any kind of rush for this process because we’re contractually bound to stay here in Reno through October and M is busy in his current position.

Now, 2 weeks ago, M starts hearing rumors at work about layoffs coming with the release of the yearly numbers. However, his campus has made a huge turnaround since he started in November and are actually doing really well, so he can’t imagine that he or his campus will be a part of any layoffs.

Monday: Everyone at work is hearing the layoff rumors but everyone keeps their job…whew.
Tuesday: UOP closes 115 locations around the US and, you guessed it, Reno is one of them. Crazy. For the first time in 10 years, my husband and myself have no job. For the first time in 10 years, M isn’t working for UOP.
Wednesday: More people at UOP are laid off. M feels like taking the job at this Seattle school is the right choice, he let’s the school know he feels right about moving forward with them. He isn’t worried one bit that things won’t work out. I, on the other hand, start to lose my mind and spend a lot of time praying about where we’re going to end up and throwing up the details of our lives to my friends. Sorry friends!
Thursday: Still more people are laid off at UOP.

We wait out the weekend on this Seattle position before we start applying for other jobs and making plans to move ourselves back to Colorado or Oklahoma with what he was given in severance. We pray a lot about where God wants us to be and we trust that He will work this out as long as we’re willing to go where He opens the doors.

Monday: Michael is officially offered the position in Seattle and he accepts. Thank you, God. If it was just M and I, these past couple of weeks wouldn’t have been nearly as scary as they were but we have 3 little kids now. I have to tell you that we kept the faith and M had an amazing peace about how this was all going to work out. Truly. If you know M, then you know I’m the calm one and he’s the worrier of our relationship. Not for this though. He just knew God was going to handle it. He reassured me over and over again. We also knew that our “situation” was nothing compared to families who have a member battling illness or to the families who have been searching for work for months…years. We kept our fears in perspective and we prayed.

So, we’re moving…AGAIN. In case you missed the first 6 posts about this, here’s a little visual for you:

Moreno Map

Yea, that’s right. You’re looking at 6 moves in as many years. Wow. When I see it laid out like this, I can’t believe this is our life. It’s leading somewhere great though and each move as provided a little piece to our puzzle. God has a plan for us. I hope it includes an amazing church like we had in Colorado and some new friends that we love (in addition to the ones we already love that live in that area). I’m ready for this move and I’m very excited. Bring it!

PS. If you are from the Seattle area, I’d love to chat you up. We’re living in the Bothell area starting next week. I’m looking for some good churches (not an Acts 29 Chruch) and Christian schools in the area. If you know of any, let me know.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Dear Addy: 2-years-old

Can it be possible that my baby, my tiny, little Kennedy, is 2-years-old?

2 Year Old Photo Shoot

The days are long but I tell you what, those years have gone by in the blink of an eye. I can’t believe Addy’s 2 today. Here’s the continuation of the letters I’ll write to the girls every year…

Dear Kennedy,

Here you are at the age of 2:

2 Year Old Photo Shoot

It is amazing to me how beautiful you are. I mean, I know I’m the mom so I’d think you were beautiful anyway, but really, Addy, your cuteness meter is off the charts! I used to worry that you’d get overlooked a lot with identical twin sisters, but people notice you just as much. I swear to you, I do not go out of the house without someone commenting on how cute you are.

Two-years-old. You’re such a big girl. It is amazing how different you are today than just one short year ago. You’ve been an amazing source of joy for your Daddy and I. We love you so much. You just can’t understand how your heart grows to accommodate the love for another baby until you’ve experienced it. I’m so glad you’re here, you’re a part of me and we were blessed with you.

This year you really showed off. You are still such an easy baby. You sleep like a champ, you nap like a champ, you’re showing me you’re ready to potty train, you eat well and if we’d let you, you’d do everything that Boston & Teagan are doing. Sometimes, you just can’t understand why they can do things that you can’t. Truthfully, it’s adorable and it shows me that you’re very confident and brave. I love it. I think you’re also very intelligent for your age. You speak very well (better than Boston and Teagan at this age, I think) and you are already doing puzzles beyond your age range. You talk in full sentences now when you really want us to know something and are fully versed on using an iPhone, iPad and Kindle Fire. The techie gene is strong in you! You love to sing and dance, Addy. It’s so cute when you do it, too!

Right now you love a few things: your paci (the green soothie that you were given in the hospital), your “bobby” (just like your older sisters), princess dresses, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, saying your colors, your big sisters, your daddy, praying, reading books before bed, pretending, fruit snacks, french fries, anything your sisters have, and Veggie Tales.

This year will come with more changes. Daddy and I are already making a game-plan for “project no-paci”and potty training (in that order). Then we’ll be moving to Big Girl Bed Avenue (you ask us for a big bed all the time). We’re actually thinking about putting you and Boston together in a room because you both seem to need more sleep than Teagan does. We will see if your big sisters will tolerate being separated (probably not).

You’re still so teeny tiny, Addy Girl. You still fit in your 12 month clothing but usually wear 18 months. We’re just starting to put you in the 24 month size. You weigh 23 pounds now. Ha. Where did these 3 tiny children come from? Your smile is an exact replica of your Daddy’s smile. It is amazing. Same teeth, same lips, same mannerisms. People tell me all the time how much you look like him. I think since I’m around you guys all the time, I don’t notice it as much, but you sure don’t look like Boston and Teagan (who tend to favor my side a bit, physically). Time will tell how much of his personality you will get. I hope a lot. He’s a good guy.

You’ve got many nick names, Kennedy. Your sisters still call you “Kenneny” and I call you Addy more times than not. Additionally, we call you Addy Girl, Ad, Addykin, Addykin Skywalker, Princess Poopy Pants…oh, the list goes on. I wonder a lot what your Ninny would be saying about you and calling you if she was here. One thing is for sure, she’d have your pictures ready to show anyone with eyes to see them.

Addy, we are trying so hard to raise you in the right way. We love you so much and really do try not to spoil you (tough going not to spoil the baby, I tell you…no wonder both our moms failed at this). We want you to be confident, loving, intelligent and to love God. We can do better, of course, but we really are trying hard to be great parents. Your daddy and I talk about it a lot. We love you so much. We hope you know this.

Love you, baby girl. Happy 2nd birthday.



31 Things | Joy & 3:35pm

Ali Edwards 31 Things Project

So happy to have this project done. I hope it has inspired you to write down your own stories. Keep an eye out at Big Picture for the second edition of the 31 Things class. I have heard that Ali may be putting one on.

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Becky Higgins

Story 30: 3:35pm | “Feeling Happy”

• kennedy sleeping in her crib (but stirring so i know she’s almost up)
• boston, teagan and i hanging out in the kitchen eating some fresh berries (strawberries, blueberries & blackberries) for snack
• a new cleaning lady has finished cleaning the master bedroom and is onto the front bathroom
• adult Contemporary music playing on the satellite radio feed on the television in the living room
• the girls giggling over the word “butt”
• the smell of a clean house wafting through my house
• the hot afternoon sun pouring through the windows at the back of the house and in the bedroom
• i’m anticipating michael home from work pretty soon after a hard day
• dinner is prepped and ready for the oven (orange chicken, mandarin oranges and baby baked potatoes)
• the girls are finally feeling better after a 2 week battle with colds
• i’m so excited it’s almost the weekend (father’s day weekend)
• i’m feeling happy

Story 31: Joy | “I Don’t Belong Here”

recently, i’ve started to realize that my life seems to be a rollercoaster of emotion. i find that I’m never sitting in the feeling of pure bliss or agonizing heartache for long periods of time. i recover quickly from both to get back to this middle ground. i’m always feeling like there should be something more, like I don’t really belong here.
it’s because i don’t belong here. this is not my home. i’ve tried striving and i’ve tried being lazy. nothing seems to quell the feeling of ill-content. most of the time i just have this lingering feeling like i’m not settled. the feeling that i shouldn’t unpack everything because this isn’t where i should be. i believe this is more than just where i am physically. my place is not on this earth and my heart wants to be where God is. i won’t be filled by anything else on this earth. not my kids. not my husband. not the place that i live. not my posessions.

i know i need to experience the heartache and the joy of this life because it’s God’s plan for me. i’ve always said that it takes experiencing despair to fully understand and appreciate joy. i find that this is reiterated in my relationships and throughout my life. it takes saying the same thing over 31,267 times to revel in the feeling when your children actually learn the lesson you’ve been trying to teach them. it takes the loss of someone so important to fully understand the love you have for those closest to you.

i still have lessons to learn and there is still purpose for my life. that’s why i’m here. there is more heartache to come and there’s also uncomparable joy. 

right now my joy is my family. as long as i have them i can pretty much do anything and make it through any situation. they make me happy every day (even when they drive me crazy). i am blessed by God beyond what words can express. they make my life doable. michael, teagan, boston and kennedy – they are my joy.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

31 Things: Story 28 & 29


Can’t believe we’re almost through all 31 stories. A lot of time went into these so I’m happy to see the project completed. I’m glad that my girls will have a very real and unfluffy view of who I am right now and what I’m feeling in this stage of life. I’m sure in another 10 years I’ll look back and give myself a facepalm over some of these stories (like I would if I had written these at 22), but that’s okay.

Today’s stories are lighter on content as far as deep, personal feelings go, but they’re still a part of me. The themes for the stories were “drink” and “smell.”


Story 28: Drink | “Dr. Pepper and Sweet Tea”

there are a few things that i like to drink. one is dr. pepper and the other is sweet tea. both terrible for me but oh, so tasty. at certain points in the day or on occasion, i also drink coffee, water, milk and sometimes beer or wine.

i can’t believe i can actually say i have given up dr. pepper this year (actually, all soda). i had a few while camping in may but haven’t since we got back. i need to get my daily caffeine fix and i usually stop through mcdonald’s when i’m out for a tea. i’m trying to watch my diet so i’ve been ordering my sweet tea half cut. it doesn’t taste as good, but it has the caffeine i need and just enough sugar to taste good. mcd’s makes good tea.

i don’t drink nearly enough water…there, i said it. i should drink much more, but i have to choke it down after the first bottle. not a fan. i’m much better about getting water into my body since addy was born and i’m focused on losing weight.

in the mornings i usually have a cup of coffee with creamer. it has to be dunkin’ donuts coffee if i’m going to make it at home. if i am out and about, i can stop by the local donut shop for a vanilla cappuccino. they taste great and are only $1.25 (which is a far cry from the $4.00 starbucks price tag).

if i have cake, brownies or a rich dessert, i have to have a really cold glass of milk. mmmmm. milk. i think i might be the only person in my family that likes to drink milk, sadly. michael won’t touch it and i can see that the girls are following in his milk-hating ways.

as far as adult beverages are concerned, i’m not a big drinker. i would say i have about 2 drinks a month on average. if micahel and i go out, we will have a beer together and sometimes i’ll have a glass of wine on the weekends, but i would rather drink my calories in a sweet tea at this point. i’ve noticed that drinking (even one drink) tends to give me a headache the next morning. that is no bueno when 3 little kids scream your name at 7:30 in the morning and continue to do so throughout the day. i think giving up alcoholic drinks all together would be very easy for me to do.


Story 29: Smell: “Flowerbomb”

you know how certain smells can bring you back to a time or place in an instant? i kinda love that. i love going about my business and then all of the sudden i’m transported to my grandparents house in arkansas city, kansas. it makes me smile…usually.

the drawers in the dresser in boston & teagan’s room still smells like my great grandma, pompoonzie’s house. it was hers before it was passed down to my mom and last year i got it.

when i smell pipe tobacco, i am instantly sitting with my grandpa, poppy. i love that smell. when he died, i kept a little bit of his tobacco, but it didn’t keep.

sometimes i’ll run across the brand of perfume i wore when michael and i first started dating and i’ll remember how much fun it was to get to know him.

it has been 20 years since i’ve been there, but i can still remember the smell of my childhood friend, megan’s, parents house. i used to smell it every once in a while, but it’s been a while.

when michael is out of town, i sleep on his pillow because it smells like him and makes me feel better.

there is a cologne at banana republic that smells just like the monte carlo hotel in las vegas. strange that i know that.

the smell i’m most attuned to is the smell of my mom’s perfume (flowerbomb). when both michael and i walk by another woman wearing it, we are stopped in our tracks. one day at sephora (a cosmetics store), her perfume was on an end cap and i decided to put it on. it made me cry right there in the store. 

once, kelly told me that my house has always smelled the same no matter where i lived, which makes me think that i must have a certain scent. i hope that’s a good thing!

31 Things: Story 26 & 27

Okay, here we are again.


I think the first one is going to hurt every time I read it down the road, but it’s real and that is what matters. I hope the girls understand how much I value my relationship with them when they read this story. I also hope I look back at this and smile at how much better I feel about my family situation as opposed to how I feel right now. I’ve left some of it private because I’m not trying to put anyone on blast here on the ‘ol blog. Plus, that’s not the point of this story, it’s just to paint a real picture of what our family situation looks like.

The second story makes me smile about how scrapbooking has come full circle for me over the years.


Story 26: Covet | “Maybe It’s the Grief Talking”

i know it’s a sin to covet, i’ve clearly not mastered this. there are a ton of things that i want. i’m selfish like that. it’s an area of opportunity in my life. fact.

the thing i want more than anything are family members that play an active role in our lives. really, i want family members that play an active role in my girls’ lives. i believe family is so important and yet, we find ourselves seriously lacking in this department.

this is probably a really serious and personal topic to be broaching in this kind of a forum, but i think it’s important to be honest about it.

look, i realize that my mom played an irreplaceable role in our family. she was the one that was fully invested in our happiness. she called, she video chatted, she saw us every month once we moved from arizona to colorado. she knew what we were doing and what was going on with us. i’m not sure why, but it feels good to be loved like that.

my brothers and i do talk more now than we did when mom was around…the same goes with michael’s siblings. michael’s sister crystal came to visit with her family and besides my aunt mary, they were the first and only family members to actually come and see us in reno.  i love that they came out here. i hope we’ll make this something we do regularly with her family. … michael’s younger brother jacob is great. he visited with crystal this year, but he is still in high school, which makes traveling difficult. … michael’s grandparents love the girls so much but they have a hard time traveling. my grandma is very sick and i honestly don’t even know if she knows the girls’ names.

…and there you have it. all of the dirty laundry, if that’s what you want to call it.

it’s strange to hang out with friends and their families. it becomes painfully clear what we’re missing out on. it’s the helping hand. it’s the environment where we can just let the girls go and be themselves without worrying that they’re getting on someone’s nerves. it’s being able to just leave the girls with someone for a few hours or a couple of nights because they want that time with the girls.

so, like a jealous little kid, i covet the relationships that others have with their family and i feel very, very, very alone. maybe this is just grief talking, maybe it’s not. either way, it’s hard.

Story 27: Hobby | “Priorities Change”

this book, right here? this is my hobby.

the best thing about it is that my hobby serves a great purpose. someday, i’ll look through these books and laugh at all the crazy things we did. i’ll cry because my babies are so grown up now. i’ll be so glad that my hobby involves recording memories.

i got into scrapbooking in my last semester at arizona state (2003). i got so into it, in fact, that it became my job for a while. i worked at scrapbook stores and i created layouts for publication. i loved that job. i was good at it. when i started at university of phoenix and broke up with my ex-boyfriend, i let scrapbooking go. i quit all of my design teams and i didn’t pick it up again until right before i got married. even then, i only did it here and there. as soon as boston and teagan entered the picture, my scrapbooking days were over. though i missed it, i just didn’t make time for it.

priorities change.

fast forward 3 and a half years. i’m feeling guilty about not getting memories and kid stuff into books for the girls. it’s important to do that because you never know what might happen in life (see “listen” story).  i came across the “project life” scrapbooking system and i immediately wanted to do it. i decided to try it digitally since all my scrapbook stuff is boxed up in the garage. i started in january and i’m going to keep at this. i hope i can catch up with my photos from the last 3 years and then give copies of these books to boston, teagan & kennedy when they’re older.

priorities change.

it is time for me to make our memories a priority again.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

31 Things: Day 25

I’m baaaaaack.

Sorry I’ve been MIA. I went out of town and the day after I got home, M left for his first year residency in Arizona for his doctoral program. He was gone for 5 days of intensive coursework and it doesn’t sound like that long, but it is a really long time when you’ve got 3 little ones all to yourself. Thankfully, my friend Becky came over the hill to visit for a couple of days with her 2 rugrats. My girls adore hers so it was nice to have them entertain themselves for a bit. She was a great distraction for me during my Mom’s birthday on the 8th.


Anywho, I have the latest installment of my 31 Things project today. This one is probably my longest story but I didn’t want to leave anything out! This is a good look into our almost 5 years of marriage.


Story 25 | Relationship: “Happiness & Sorrow”

i, michael/lindsay, do take thee, lindsay/michael, to be my lawfully wedded wife/husband. to honor, respect and to hold thy needs before mine own. to keep you as my one true love as God has ordained, for all of my life. this day i affirm before God and all witnesses my undying loyalty and pledge to forsake all others for you. to uphold you in sickness and health, to be your best friend, sharing in our happiness and sorrow, to always have compassion and love without reservation or reward. though life may be rich or poor, to you alone will i hold. to you this day before God i pledge this vow.

michael and i took these vows together almost 5 years ago. i have a hard time believing it’s been that long. i can honestly say that we’re as close now as we were the day we got married.

we have a great marriage, i believe.

this is all God. i know learning and living new roles as husband and wife is difficult work and it is by God’s grace that we have remained so in love. our marriage hasn’t always been easy, but it’s so good. i thank God for him a lot (not as much as i should, however). i shudder to think of what my life would look like without him around. if you read the “carry” story, you know my husband is just good peeps. i married up. fact.

just as our vows said, we’ve seen our share of both happiness and sorrow in these past  (almost) 5 years. i thought i’d share a few of our best and worst relationship moments, a highlight and lowlight reel of sorts. i think it’s going to be a good look into what our future may look like. i hope so because the amazing moments shine all over those low moments. so much so, that i can hardly even see them.


-the day we said “i do” and God answered my prayer (in highly dramatic fashion) for some sunshine through the rain. it was a beautiful moment. i hope i never forget it.

-sleeping on the floor in what would be our future twins’ room on february 14, 2008 in our new home; the best house in the world for us. someday, i hope we can build a custom home that is this exact main floor plan.

-trying to get pregnant. just being honest! that part of the whole pregnancy experience was so awesome; by far my favorite part! something just comes over a woman who has “the babies.” all i could think about was my husband with no clothes on! can i get an amen?

-eating a canoli from mike’s pastry in boston before taking in a red sox game at fenway park. we travel well together.

-the birth of boston & teagan on december 7, 2008. at 3 lbs and 4 lbs. we know it is God’s hands that developed their lungs enough to avoid intubation and allow them to breathe on their own.

-getting hired to work from home for uop in january after the twins were born. this one was all God. the day i went out applying for jobs where i could work through the night (though i didn’t know when i would sleep), i got the call for this job. literally, the day.

-taking the leap to move to colorado despite no guarantees and the odds stacked against the idea. i’m so glad i have a husband that is willing to take risk and work hard for the payoff.

-surprising my mom on christmas eve with a visit to arizona. the 4 of us started our travel day at 3:30am to get there. she did not expect it and was so excited to see the girls. this was the last christmas she was alive.  i’m so glad we spent it with her. thank God for that.

-getting pregnant with kennedy on our very first “try” on new year’s eve 2009. i realize now that even though it was quicker than we had planned on, if we had not gotten pregnant this month my mom would have never met addy and i would have been too pregnant to go to her funeral (addy was 3 weeks old when she died). a total God thing; i’m starting to see a pattern of this kind of thing, you?

-the birth of kennedy on september 24, 2010. i just love this little girl. having one baby is a completely different experience than twins. i don’t want to say it’s easy because that makes me sound like a total a-hole, but oh. my. gosh. it’s so easy in comparison.

-the way michael carried me through the death of my mother (and continues to do so). it is a horrible thing to have to tell your wife something so devastating and that was his position on October 21, 2010. he sat me down on the couch and said to me, “this is the hardest thing i’ll ever have to tell you.” he didn’t try to smother me, he didn’t try to tell me it was going to be okay and even though his heart was broken for him (he loved my mom), it was broken for me more. he knew just what i needed that night. because of him, i know how approach death with someone i love.

-graduating with our masters degrees – even through all the “stuff.”


-putting up crown molding in our house in chandler. it was our first big fight and looking back, it was just because we were both so frustrated with it. i know i’ve said it like 5 times on this blog, but trust me. don’t do that crap on your own. hire it out.

-20 weeks pregnant and the perinatologist tells michael and i that he’s only giving boston a 50% chance of making it because of their ttts. ooooh, boy, that was a tough day. followed by a visit to the emergency room at 25 weeks where doctors told us that we would be delivering that day (if you want to see m completely break down, tell him his babies are going to be born at 25 weeks). 

-i am 6 months pregnant with twins and my freelance job stopped paying my contract despite the fact that i was doing the work. no way i could find a job in that state. it was a really low feeling to be bringing babies into that situation. 

-leaving the hospital with teagan and leaving one tiny boston in the nicu and knowing i wouldn’t be able to see her very much before she came home because a)i couldn’t drive after surgery and b)i couldn’t take teagan in the nicu with me so someone had to be with her at home.

-midnight-4:00am from december 31-february 7, 2009. this has got to be one of the toughest times for parents of twins. the girls would only sleep one at a time, would wake each other up, would not give their daddy and i more than about an hour of sleep at a time between feedings (if that, sometimes). breastfeeding them at the same time was a time-saver but i have never been so tired in my life. it was like torture some nights and when i would see my husband fall asleep while i was trying to feed them i would get so raging mad at him for no reason. this is also the time when we found out that michael is not a person that thinks with his rational mind in the middle of the night. he’s great in the mornings, but woooh, boy, watch out if he’s up at 3:00am against his will.

-leaving our chandler house that we loved. i hoped we might live in it again, but something told me we probably would never move back. i remember driving down the street to catch a few hours of sleep before catching the flight to co and crying.

-moving while 9 months pregnant to be closer to michael’s work. really, i don’t know how we did it. michael had a breakdown toward the end of the move, but we made it. turned out to be an excellent decision.

-the death of my mother and the subsequent walk through grief.

-leaving colorado that had become “home” to us for reno. i’m still holding out hope that God will send us back there and i know michael feels the same way.

i know our futures are full of more high highs and low lows. my hope for our relationship is that michael continues to grow as a christian man and leads our family in that direction. i know he can speak into my life and the lives of our girls in a way that no other person can. i hope i continue to grow as a christian woman and am a good example of what a wife and mother should look like. i pray that God will continue to bless us with a good relationship and that we will fall in love a little more each day.

Lindsay Teague Moreno