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Instant Pot Madness

So, it turns out that the Instant Pot is the Crock Pot of 2006. It’s everywhere and it’s madness. Remember how all the cool moms were making crock pot meals in 2006 like it was some kind of mushy food revolution? Well, we’re back, baby and this time, it’s the InstantPot (which is like a brand new, accessible version of a pressure cooker). If you don’t have one, there’s someone on the internet that will yell at you. I’m not that person. I am a little afraid of blowing up my house with a pressure cooker so I’ve been too lazy to really look into getting one and giving it a try. Sometimes I avoid new things. Who knew?

Look, I’ll be honest, I don’t really enjoy cooking. I like mixing all the stuff together like a mad scientist but measuring? That’s not my strong suit. Food prep? Nah, I’m good, thanks. When I was in charge of all the family meals, I used to buy my food pre-prepped because i’m a disaster when I cook. Food gets on the ceiling. Cleaning is not my best attribute. God made me for other things. Also, the more I work the lazier I become about wanting to cook. Michael has taken over as head chef.

He is working a lot of hours recently as well and overseeing the finishing of our basement which is taking a lot of time, so we did one of those direct to your door, everything-you-need-is-here meals from Hello, Fresh. It was okay. the portions were very small for our family and the flavor was meh. It’s good for maybe one or two nights a week, I’d say but if you have 3 littles (mine are 7, 7, and 5), I don’t think it’s enough food.

Michael had finally had enough and he broke down and got that instant pot. We got it on Amazon. We made our first meal in it last night. I did avoid the area of said pot while the food was cooking because seriously, that thing could blow up my house. It didn’t though. We made short ribs and mashed potatoes. It was actually good. I’ll give you the recipe we’re going to go with next time because, as we were warned, the instant pot can cut down on flavor if you don’t add enough. We found this to be true.

Instant Pot Short Ribs

Instant Pot Short Ribs:


Serves 6-8
  • 4 pounds Beef Short Ribs
  • teaspoon Salt
  • teaspoon Black Pepper
  • 1 tablespoon Olive Oil
  • 3 cups diced Onion
  • 4 teaspoons minced Garlic, Cloves
  • 1 cup Red Wine (drink the rest while cooking)
  • 6 tablespoons Soy Sauce
  • tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • tablespoons Brown Sugar
  • 2 individual Thyme, Fresh
  • 1 can (28 Ounce) Whole Tomatoes
  • 1 can (14 Oz. Size) Tomato Sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes


Sprinkle ribs with salt and pepper. Heat olive oil in sauté pan and sear ribs on all sides and remove from pan. Add onions and cook until translucent. Add garlic and cook for 1 more minute. Add pan ingredients into the instant pot and then place ribs back into pot. In a bowl, whisk wine, tomatoes, tomato sauce, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, red pepper flakes and brown sugar. Pour over ribs. Place sprigs of thyme on top of ribs. Lock cover into place and seal steam nozzle. Set to meat/stew setting or set manually for 35 minutes. Release pressure. Remove thyme sprigs.

Instant Pot Short Ribs…mmmmm from Lindsay Teague Moreno on Vimeo.

We served it over regular mashed potatoes with a little butter, salt, garlic and cream. Don’t need much on that because the sauce will flavor it.

Pretty bomb for a 40 minute meal.

Let me know what you think,

Lindsay Teague Moreno

31 Things: Story 28 & 29


Can’t believe we’re almost through all 31 stories. A lot of time went into these so I’m happy to see the project completed. I’m glad that my girls will have a very real and unfluffy view of who I am right now and what I’m feeling in this stage of life. I’m sure in another 10 years I’ll look back and give myself a facepalm over some of these stories (like I would if I had written these at 22), but that’s okay.

Today’s stories are lighter on content as far as deep, personal feelings go, but they’re still a part of me. The themes for the stories were “drink” and “smell.”


Story 28: Drink | “Dr. Pepper and Sweet Tea”

there are a few things that i like to drink. one is dr. pepper and the other is sweet tea. both terrible for me but oh, so tasty. at certain points in the day or on occasion, i also drink coffee, water, milk and sometimes beer or wine.

i can’t believe i can actually say i have given up dr. pepper this year (actually, all soda). i had a few while camping in may but haven’t since we got back. i need to get my daily caffeine fix and i usually stop through mcdonald’s when i’m out for a tea. i’m trying to watch my diet so i’ve been ordering my sweet tea half cut. it doesn’t taste as good, but it has the caffeine i need and just enough sugar to taste good. mcd’s makes good tea.

i don’t drink nearly enough water…there, i said it. i should drink much more, but i have to choke it down after the first bottle. not a fan. i’m much better about getting water into my body since addy was born and i’m focused on losing weight.

in the mornings i usually have a cup of coffee with creamer. it has to be dunkin’ donuts coffee if i’m going to make it at home. if i am out and about, i can stop by the local donut shop for a vanilla cappuccino. they taste great and are only $1.25 (which is a far cry from the $4.00 starbucks price tag).

if i have cake, brownies or a rich dessert, i have to have a really cold glass of milk. mmmmm. milk. i think i might be the only person in my family that likes to drink milk, sadly. michael won’t touch it and i can see that the girls are following in his milk-hating ways.

as far as adult beverages are concerned, i’m not a big drinker. i would say i have about 2 drinks a month on average. if micahel and i go out, we will have a beer together and sometimes i’ll have a glass of wine on the weekends, but i would rather drink my calories in a sweet tea at this point. i’ve noticed that drinking (even one drink) tends to give me a headache the next morning. that is no bueno when 3 little kids scream your name at 7:30 in the morning and continue to do so throughout the day. i think giving up alcoholic drinks all together would be very easy for me to do.


Story 29: Smell: “Flowerbomb”

you know how certain smells can bring you back to a time or place in an instant? i kinda love that. i love going about my business and then all of the sudden i’m transported to my grandparents house in arkansas city, kansas. it makes me smile…usually.

the drawers in the dresser in boston & teagan’s room still smells like my great grandma, pompoonzie’s house. it was hers before it was passed down to my mom and last year i got it.

when i smell pipe tobacco, i am instantly sitting with my grandpa, poppy. i love that smell. when he died, i kept a little bit of his tobacco, but it didn’t keep.

sometimes i’ll run across the brand of perfume i wore when michael and i first started dating and i’ll remember how much fun it was to get to know him.

it has been 20 years since i’ve been there, but i can still remember the smell of my childhood friend, megan’s, parents house. i used to smell it every once in a while, but it’s been a while.

when michael is out of town, i sleep on his pillow because it smells like him and makes me feel better.

there is a cologne at banana republic that smells just like the monte carlo hotel in las vegas. strange that i know that.

the smell i’m most attuned to is the smell of my mom’s perfume (flowerbomb). when both michael and i walk by another woman wearing it, we are stopped in our tracks. one day at sephora (a cosmetics store), her perfume was on an end cap and i decided to put it on. it made me cry right there in the store. 

once, kelly told me that my house has always smelled the same no matter where i lived, which makes me think that i must have a certain scent. i hope that’s a good thing!

Cutting Back: Diner Baskets to the Rescue

It’s hard to put a price on convenience, especially when it comes to 3 little ones.

One thing we do to make our lives a little bit easier is use paper plates and paper bowls. It creates less mess, less dishes, less stress. I can simply throw everything away when the girls are done eating rather than have to spend a lot of time cleaning up. At this point, I only run the dishwasher once every 3 or 4 days.

Of course, paper plates and bowls cost more than running the dishwasher a few times a day. It’s the price we are willing to pay though. It’s my daily convenience fee. Still, M and I are trying to cut back on expenses right now, so I’ve been feeling a little guilty about the cost.

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture on instagram of a paper plate alternative that we’re using in the house to reduce the amount we spend on paper plates (we go through a costco package once or twice a month it seems). This picture seemed to garner a lot of positive response and questions, so I thought I’d post about it here if it was something that was working for us…and it is.


We’re using the old school diner baskets and pre-cut wax paper sheets.

I simply throw the wax sheets with extra food or junk in the trash and put the basket back in the cabinet for the next meal or snack when they’re done with it. Easy as that.


I got the Kabnet Wax paper sheets (2 boxes of 500 sheets) and the baskets (set of 5) from Costco. Sam’s Club has them also, if you don’t have a Costco in your area.



Together it was around $30 for both the paper and the baskets. The paper plates were running us around $15 for 150 plates (also from Costco/Sams) so you can see that the price difference is pretty significant.

The girls are doing great with it. I don’t find that the paper sheets leak any more than the paper plate does and they haven’t made a comment about not liking it. So, for now, we’re sticking with it.

Lindsay Teague Moreno