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The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Today, I’m 4 pounds and 9 inches smaller than I was last week.

Let me tell you something, doing this whole diet thing? It’s rough. You have to get yourself into this mindset where you’re finally tired of feeling the way you do. For me, that comes and goes until about a month ago.

I decided i was tired of avoiding the mirror and feeling gross every day. Call me what you will but I don’t feel pretty and damnit, I want to feel pretty. I want to put on a pair of jeans and say, “hell yes.” I haven’t said that in a while, y’all. A WHILE. …and I love jeans.

Entrepreneurship finds me sitting in either my bed or my office for very long, extended hours. It finds me forgetting to eat until about 3:00 and then I’m not hungry for dinner but I force it in because, family dinner. It finds me drinking sweet teas all day to keep me on a steady sugar drip. It finds me just generally feeling bad about how much I weigh. There. I said it. I don’t want to be the fat girl. I want to feel good about standing in front of people as I talk about how to grow a successful business. I can’t do that without actually thinking about what I eat. I read that you can’t overcome a bad diet with a workout and boy, I tried. I did. Nope. Can’t do it. Even Orange Theory couldn’t do it and I almost died on that rower.

I’ll also be honest and say that I started this with a different program altogether as far as products go. I wasn’t using Young Living products because I didn’t want to be that girl that is completely shut off to other products that might work better just because I’m connected to one health and wellness company. I’m telling you 100% truthfully, the Young Living Pure Protein Complete is BY FAR the best tasting protein I’ve tried (and I tried 5 different kinds before settling). Less sugar, doesn’t taste like disgusting aspartame and more protein compared to many I tried. I even tried another cleanse/antioxidant drink but could not get it down the hatch. I literally gagged the others up (Michael thinks I’m a weenie). Oh, well. Back to Ningxia I go. If taste matters to you, you’re about to be real glad to have YL products around for you.

So look, here’s what I’m doing for my first 30 days to help me retrain my taste buds (which is already working) and get used to this routine of eating more. It feels like all I do is think about food right now, which isn’t all that great but 30 days. I can do 30 days. My trick is setting my phone alarm to remind me to get up, take a work break and eat food/drink water. I have NO CLUE if this will work for everyone else, as hard as it is right now, it’s what I feel like I have to do to get started.


1 2oz shot of Ningxia Red
1 8oz glass of water (not a water fan so I slam it down in one drink)
1 cup of coffee (#NeverGonnaGiveYouUp)
Slique CitraSlim Caps
1 Protein Shake (I usually add organic bananas or strawberries or cherries to it)

More water. Slam it and go.

I’m trying to avoid refined sugars but I prefer the taste of sweet to salty so I’m in for a half apple. I hate nuts, but Michael is doing unsalted almonds here. You can also do a bar if you’re a bar person. There are tons of snack options on Pinterest. Go there.

More water (In this 30 days I’m trying to slowly cut down on caffeine to help with the withdrawal headache or I’d probably have iced tea here.)
Slique CitraSlim Caps
1 Protein Shake (Michael loves PB2, which is a powdered Peanut Butter he adds but since I hate nuts, it’s not my thing, you might love it)

More water.

Usually by this point, I’m getting angry without having actual food to eat because it’s right around my first meal of the day time. So I need something crunchy that feels like food. For me, that means a couple of slices of cheese and some multi-seed crackers, maybe some grapes. They’re basically baked, 100% whole grain, cholesterol free, gluten free crackers. I would have thought they were disgusting a week ago but they’re like manna from heaven at this point.

I eat a regular meal.

Meat, vegetables, sauces on the side, natural fats (like olive oil and avocado), and I even have some carbs in there, friends. Rice, bread, etc. I just don’t make it the MOST on the plate. I make it the least.  Sometimes I have a LaCroix at dinner so I have a drink with some flavor in it but it’s not my favorite.

After Dinner:
Life 9 (probiotic)
Something Sweet.

I usually want to snack at around 8:00pm. After 30 days, I’m going to let myself have a glass of wine with dinner or after and some dark chocolate. Right now, I’m cutting the wine and I’m doing a small amount of dark chocolate so I’m not tempted to eat a bag of gummy bears. I’m trying to do it earlier than later and when I feel sad about not eating chips, I go to sleep.

Here’s the kicker. Once a week, I’m doing a fast day to help give my system a little rest. On these days, I do Ningxia Red 4 times a day and every hour or so between that I have a very small amount of food. So small that your digestive system doesn’t have a chance to work. So I’m talking 1/4 apple. Like 4 almonds. I keep up the supplements but cut out the shakes and the meal. Just plan on being extra yell-ish that day. I yell a lot when I don’t eat food. I don’t like to be told no.

You will feel hungry and it’s not pleasant (even though some diet people will tell you how amazing you’ll feel, I haven’t gotten there yet if it happens at all). I actually read that’s what Jimmy Kimmel does weekly and from what I’ve read on a weekly fast day, it makes sense.

I am going to keep at this for 30 days. Hopefully sugar tastes horrible to me then and I want nothing more than gluten free bread and chicken breast. Hopefully I also weight 125 pounds. Doubtful. I like food and I’m going to eventually eat it again but I’m not going to be having a cheat day until 30 days. Then I’ll see how I feel. I’ll come back to you someday, Chick-Fil-A. I know you miss me. I see the free sandwich coupons you’re sending me.

I seriously, don’t know if this will work for everyone. This is the combination of a bunch of things I’ve read and a program I had a friend tell me works. I just adapted it to what will work for me and what doesn’t work for me is protein that I don’t like and antioxidant drinks that taste so bad I gag.

Here’s to 23 more days.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Project Life Week 8

Continuing our catchup on on the Project Life front.


Back to my regular bright style here. This was a busy week but still very typical. I included a card about what we have been watching. The girls were into Wreck-It Ralph and M & I were watching The West Wing.

Project Life 2013 Week 6

What’s up, week 6 of 2013! It was good to live you.

This week I was very photo heavy (20 photos), so I used a lot of mini templates (thankyouverymuch, Cathy Zielske). I don’t think it looks overly cluttered, though, which is why these templates are a must-have for my Project Life spreads.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Digital


Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Digital
left side. How great is that cloud pattern? Thanks AC Digitals.


Lindsay Teague Moreno Project Life Digital
right side. How great is that quote from my littlest?


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