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022: Twelve Questions You Need To Answer PART ONE

Jan 24 2018

I recenly came across an article written by the amazing Ryan Holiday about 12 questions that could change your life. Some are so simple and yet I was slapped across the face in the best way possible by them. I thought this would be the best way to get our year into focus and get ourselves ready to concentrate on the things that really matter to help us live our version of the good life. In this episode I'll talk through the first 6 of those questions and why they matter for your business.

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021: Social Media Hacks: What Works & What Does Not

Jan 24 2018

It seems like every day I learn about a new social media algorithm hack to beat the system and gain more followers faster. Today, I'm calling out a few of the hacks I've heard about and what I think will actually work to bring you more quality followers that actually want to buy what you're selling. Let's stop wasting our time trying to beat the system and instead spend our valuable time creating a connection with actual customers.

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020: Get Yourself Unstuck + 1 Million Listeners!

Jan 24 2018

We hit one million listens in under twenty episodes for the Boss Up! Podcast. I am so thankful for each one of you that has taken the time to listen. Thank you. I get a lot of questions from business owners about how to move forward when they feel "stuck" in their business. Plateaus are normal and we all have them. Here are some ways you can think about changing your mind to propel your business off the ledge of that plateau.

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019: 7 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common

Jan 24 2018

Maybe you wonder why one of your competitors seems to always be one step ahead of you or why she seems to be able to close more sales than you can. Part of that may be her competitive advantage. When it comes to entrepreneurship, there are 7 characteristics that many successful business owners have. They're called competencies. These competencies help them stay one step ahead of their competitor. There's a good chance you have some, too. In this episode, find out how you can develop the competencies needed to sustain a successful business.

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018: How to Successfully Work With Different Personality Types

Jan 24 2018

Sometimes navigating what the other people you work with need is difficult. I believe so much of the miscommunication and tension we experience during our work day is simply because we communicate and process information in different ways as different personality types. Today we talk about the different types of personalities based on the enneagram test and 6 ways to handle personality differences without our businesses.

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017: How to Successfully Work with Your Spouse

Aug 21 2017

My husband and I have been running our businesses together for over 3 years now. Not only have we grown our income by over 650% since that time, but we've also enjoyed more time with our family and as a couple. There are a lot of things to consider before you jump into business with the love of your life. In this episode we will discuss a few of the things Michael and I have learned over the years. If you're thinking it might be fun to work with your spouse, listen to this episode first.

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016: How to Successfully Work with Friends

Aug 18 2017

We've all heard the saying, "never mix business and friendship" and as well meaning as it is, that doesn't have to be the case. I have done the business and friendship wrong and I have done it right. In this episode, I'll give you some tips on how to make sure your business and friendship both thrive if you're going to be working with a friend.

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015: How to Prioritize and Win Your Work Day

Aug 7 2017

I find that many entrepreneurs find themselves so engrossed in the minutiae of their day that they miss the chance to think big picture about their business. If you've ever found yourself at the end of the month with not much work to show for all of your hours, this may be happening to you. It's so easy to get consumed working in your business that we forget to work on our business. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself so you know exactly what you should be spending your work hours on.

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014: Your Insecurity is Showing

Jul 25 2017

Our insecurities can often create havoc in our businesses simply because we haven't identified them as insecurity and we don't realize they're throwing a wrench into our system. In today's episode I'm going to get really real with you about a few things that I'm insecure about and how they might hurt my ability to add value to the lives of the people that may want to work with me. I'll also give you 5 ways to deal with your insecurity so you can stop blowing up your own business and just get on with the success! Click through for links to my book and Enneagram recommendations.

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013: Your Success is Your Choice

Jul 17 2017

After reflecting on why my businesses in the last 4 years were more successful than those I tried earlier on in my career, I found one common thread linking the successful ventures (producing over a million in revenue each year). That thread has to do with the one employee I have that is the hardest to work with -- me. In this eposide of Boss Up, I propose that the way to create more success is to focus on the things you're actually good at rather than the things you have to learn from scratch and hate doing.

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012: Stop Doing That!

Jul 10 2017

Sometimes it's frustrating to see other entrepreneurs create something really original and then see it take off when you've been racking your brain trying to come up with the next new "thing." One thing I would love to see us avoid is simply copying what everyone else's ideas without making them ours. Here are 5 tips on ways to create content, ideas and attract customers without jumping on any bandwagons.

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011: Creating Your Good Life + A Free Goal-Setting Guide

Jul 5 2017

My mother and Jim Rohn are two of the human beings that had a profound and real impact on my life in my early twenties (when I knew everything already...duh). They taught me how to live a good life. Did you know there's a secret to living the good life? It's doing an activity that only 3% of the population actually does. Doing so would make you 13 times more likely to be successful. Find out what it is and download the free guide I put together for you to create your own good life. Today's podcast is dedicated to my mama. Happy would-be-60th to her.

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010: How To Get People to Like You in a Few Seconds

Jun 26 2017

One of the main keys to getting people to buy your product or service from you is to get them to like you. Here are a few ways to accomplish that both online and in person so you can sell more and create a more profitable business.

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009: The Secret to Getting What You Want

Jun 23 2017

There's a phrase I like to keep in mind as I work toward connecting with my customers -- "I like you, You like me, We are alike." This phrase contains the key to getting exactly what you want in your business. If you can put yourself out there and tell people exactly what you're working for, you're going to have a much better chance of them being excited to work with you and try your product. Part of being successful (especially through social media) is genuinely connecting with your current and potential customers and letting them in on your story.

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008: Five Things You Are Doing to Hurt Your Business

Jun 19 2017

Here are five common mistakes i see entrepreneurs make that could be holding your business back. Make your time, money and effort work for you by avoiding these pitfalls. These changes won't cost you any money and they may even free you up to spend time on other parts of your life outside of entrepreneurship.

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007: 10 Social Media Tips in 10 minutes

May 22 2017

I'm about to bust through 10 social media tips you can use right now to make your social media feed more exciting and get better interaction with your customers. If you want more information about this, check out the book Getting Noticed.

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006: The Barry Manilow T-Shirt

May 15 2017

What does a tee shirt with Barry Manilow's face on it have to do with your business? If you're the person who hesitates to take big risks and innovate in your business, everything. Come see how you brain is tricking you into playing small and what you can do about it.

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005: When Bad Attitude Trumps Good Work

May 8 2017

It doesn't matter how awesome your product is, if your attitude sucks, people will buy from your competition. If you want to be taken seriously as a business owner, you need to start taking the tone of your brand seriously. It's so easy to let our attitudes be influenced by others, here's how to remain positive even when it hasn't been your best day.

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004: Holding What You Want Too Tightly

May 1 2017

Did you know its possible to want something so bad it comes off desperate to your customers? You can so easily choke the life out of your business if you put too much pressure on you customers to buy. Sometimes, the thing we want the most becomes the thing that we can never quite grasp. Let's talk about holding our business with an open hand and allowing the things we want to come to us rather than becoming desperate for success.

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003: Five Emotional Struggles You Must Lean Into

Apr 25 2017

When it comes to being a Momtrepreneur, there are five emotional struggles that I believe every one of us will have to lean into rather than run away from. Here's a quick look at those 5 emotions and how to keep them from derailing your business.

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002: Unhelpful Emotions in Entrepreneurship

Apr 20 2017

Join me for my favorite red wine in the whole world as we discuss emotions and business. Find out if men or women are more naturally emotional intelligent and what you can do to help keep your unhelpful emotions out of your business transactions.

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001: Boss Up! Episode 1

Apr 19 2017

So who am I and what does Boss Up mean? Here's a quick introduction to what the Boss Up! Podcast is all about and what you can expect every episode. Spoiler alert: we will drink wine, complain about our kids and talk about how to grow a business.

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