Lindsay Teague Moreno

1980 baby | professor of prancercize

member of the wolfpack | hates cheese

excitement generator | chinese food connoisseur

can smell 6-year-old mischief like a bloodhound

hot, hot husband M | married up | 2007


professionally avoids dishes & laundry | proponent of hijinks

rocks a karaoke mic | loves to dance | foodie | golf chick

tie for first: boston & teagan | 2008

identical mirror twin girls | same minute | so many kids

third: kennedy | 2010 | the baby sister

can get away with murder | so much drama

yes, we were surprised | no, identical twins aren’t hereditary

yes, all girls | no, no more

Lindsay Teague Moreno kids

brunello montelcino, dr. pepper or sweet tea are my drug of choice

say no to drugs | say yes to hugs

can say the alphabet backwards and forwards | yea, that’s right

can have full conversations in movie quotes | lyrical gangaster

my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard | sprinkles

“Are you dirty Mike and the boys?”

President of the Tony Romo fan club | hardcore dallas cowboys fan

go sun devils | go red sox | go suns | say no to hockey

can post on Facebook standing, sitting, walking, or bathing

moves like jagger | broadway lover | i miss my mom

people know me | i have many leather bound books

my apartment smells of rich mahogany

nordstrom note hoarder| roulette & craps | cinnamon bears

young living valor & peppermint oil all day, errrday

trunk bay | paris | kauai | italian countryside | holland

boston | nyc | london | coronado | anywhere but mexico

super power: problem solving | why: a legacy

how: 50/50 split of hustle & heart

this matters Lindsay Teague Moreno Blog