Our Weekend in Black & White 2017

Every year, I do this thing where I remember I know how to take photos and I bust out the SLR to document what normal looks like to us. The first time I ever did this project I took some of my favorite pictures to date. I will continue to do it as long as I can remember how to work that camera!

Here are a few of the results I got:

Take out your camera and start documenting. Photograph the normal stuff for your kids to see and for you to remember. Don’t worry about the mess. Don’t worry about what they look like. Don’t worry about imperfections. Worry about authenticity. Worry about making sure you’re in at least one of the photos. Worry about missing something worth remembering. Pick the best and put them somewhere you will remember. For me, that will be a project Life page. I’ll share that soon.

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6 thoughts on “Our Weekend in Black & White 2017”

  1. Your photos were absolutely beautiful. Your pictures show “life” in every sense of the word.
    As a mother of four ages 13 to 21, I cherish the photographs I have and strive to capture “moments in time” as often as possible.
    Thanks for a glimpse in the life of you!

  2. Inspired. Second time I’ve received this message today. First from a friend who lost his childhood best friend and was lamenting about not having more pictures. Okay, okay, I get it universe.

  3. Thanks for sharing a beautiful day in your life with your Treasured Family! The photos…. nothing short of Amazing

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