You’re About to Vote the Supreme Court

I’m not a political writer, I’m just a business woman and a mom of 3 girls and US citizen that’s concerned for her country and her family. I’m not an online fighter. I’m not an online name caller. I am just a strong woman with an opinion but I’m not of the belief that my opinion needs to be your opinion. I have voted in every presidential election since I turned 18 and I always will when that right is afforded to me.

As a business owner and leader, I’ve encouraged my people to stay out of the catty Facebook, IG and Twitter fights that inevitably pop up every single day in our feeds. I’ve done so myself when I felt the need to bite back on rude and incessantly hurtful posts. Turn the other cheek when people call you names for what you believe. When it comes to politics, our country is downright ruthless and nasty. I get it, though. I honestly do. This is something we believe. Our political beliefs and desires for our country run deep because it affects us and our kids. Many of us have opposing views. Even harder, many of the people we love and respect believe in completely opposite view points. It’s hard to write what you believe without resorting to put-downs, name calling and snideness. I’m going to attempt it today though.

I’m not writing this for a debate. If it was easier to share opinions that aren’t “cool” without being burned at the stake I would have written more, I would, but it’s just not, so I have abstained because I didn’t feel like it would be worth the time. I also want to protect my business and in this election season, that means stating no opinion. However, I believe we need opinions on both sides of the aisle to make informed choices that are right for us. I encourage you to share your opinion in a respectful way as we close this historic period for our country.

On this eve of our election here in the United States, I believe it’s my duty to talk about voting and also state my opinion (mostly because it’s not popular and I don’t see a lot of people stepping up to do it). I’m going to attempt to state my opinion without hurting the feelings of those who don’t believe the same as I do (because that’s…shocker…allowed). I’m going to attempt to state it so that you’ll also think through your own vote. At the end of this post, I hope you’re inspired to go and state your opinion by casting your vote. Even if it’s not the same as mine. We are different people with different values and experiences. We each get our own vote. Your vote counts just like mine does.

Here are a few things you should know about me.

1. I’ve never voted a straight ticket in my life and I won’t start this year.

2. I’m a fiscal conservative and social moderate to liberal but I most closely align myself to the republican party. I don’t agree with everything conservative republicans do but I don’t think that disqualifies me from the GOP. That makes me not a part of the “cool girl club” but that’s okay with me.

3. I have a few hot button issues that mean a lot to me but I’m not going to go into them, because, to be honest, I don’t think they matter in this election. I think there is only one thing that matters in this election and  that’s the point of my writing this at all.

Go Vote 2016

There are only 2 parties that have a chance in this election. Donald (republican) or Hillary (democrat). A vote for a 3rd party candidate is a wasted vote. I believe that. Even though you could make a case that there are good candidates in the 3rd party, either Hillary or Donald will be president. So I won’t vote for a 3rd party candidate.

In this election, believe it or not, I’m not voting for Hillary OR Donald. I am (and you are even if you don’t know it) voting for Supreme Court Justices. It’s not about the President this election, it’s about the lifers that will be appointed into the Supreme Court by either candidate.

This next sitting president could appoint 4 new justices during this next term. FOUR. Now you have to decide who you want picking them.  For me, I want a little more balance. I don’t look forward to or support group of entirely left leaning justices because I don’t think that’s fair or balanced. For that reason, I’ll be voting for Donald Trump. Not because I like him as a person but because I’d like to see some balance in the Supreme Court for my generation and my kids generation. When a supreme court justice is appointed, they don’t have a short term like a president. It’s forever (until they retire or die).

Let me get this out there. I think Donald Trump is a self-absorbed jerk who doesn’t have a politically correct bone in his body. I don’t think he has political experience. I think Hillary’s desire for power has turned her into a person that will do anything to get elected. While I respect the drive, I don’t respect her as a human being with actual love for our country. I just don’t believe her. I think she makes deals with the devil and I don’t want that for president. My vote is 100% for the Supreme Court, not the president.

I know how our government works and I know the president doesn’t have that much ACTUAL power to make decisions without a check and balance (outside of a few choice powers, which we’ve seen Obama use). That’s how we were founded by amazing minds who wanted to protect the freedom of the people. This supreme court will last far beyond these 4 years. They do have a lot of power. I believe we NEED some balance here.

I’ve seen our media bend over backwards to try to protect Hillary over and over. I’ve seen them do their worst to hurt Trump. I don’t want to live with a government where I’m force fed pro-Hillary news or liberal agenda, even if I agree on a lot of the social stuff. At least if Trump is elected, the media will do their worst to harp on every single thing he does. He’s going to be checked up against a wall for everything he does. Believe it. They’re not going to cover up for him. Good. I can’t say the same for Hillary. For that reason, my vote is for Trump.

USA Presidential Election Date: November 8

If you feel differently, vote. If you feel the same, vote. If you want a little more info to help you make your choice based on who will be a part of our Supreme Court and the issues they’ll be weighing in on, here’s a little snipped from an article I read yesterday by Andy Andrews that was really great and balanced (it just staes if you believe this, you must vote this):

Here’s how you decide who to vote for:

Both major candidates have announced exactly the kind of justices they will choose for the Supreme Court if elected. One candidate has even listed the names of the judges from which the choice will be made. Your choice will be plain to see and easy to make. Again, your choice is not about a person. In the most literal sense, your choice is about the America in which you wish to live.

Knowing there are many issues that will be determined by the Supreme Court, let’s quickly examine only a few. From here, you will easily understand the direction you wish to take.

Second Amendment

Do you believe that guns are inherently bad? Do you believe that there are too many guns, that gun manufacturers should be held responsible for what individuals do with them, and that the government needs to further restrict the public’s right to own and use guns? If so, you must vote for her. She has publicly promised to appoint judges that will make these beliefs the basis for laws by which we all will live for the rest of our lives.

Or do you believe strongly in the “right to bear arms”? Do you believe that further gun restrictions will only restrict the access honest citizens have to firearms and ammunition? Do you believe that a gun—while dangerous—is a tool like a car and that when used incorrectly, it is the fault of a person, not the fault of the tool? If so, you must vote for him. He has publicly promised to appoint judges that will make laws according to this line of thinking. At that point, we will live with those laws for the rest of our lives.

And this Second Amendment issue will be determined by the Supreme Court.


Do you believe that the fetus inside a pregnant woman is a tissue mass and that a woman should be able to rid her body of that tissue mass at any time during the nine months prior to that tissue mass being born? Do you believe that tissue mass only becomes a human being once it is outside the woman’s body? Do you believe that your tax dollars should be used to allow anyone who chooses, for whatever reason, to rid their body of that tissue mass?

Do you believe that counseling centers, funded by churches, set up for the purpose of encouraging adoption should be forced by law to offer abortion counseling as an alternative? If so, you must vote for her. She has publicly promised to appoint judges that will enforce these beliefs into laws by which you and I must live for the rest of our lives.

Or do you believe that the baby inside a mother is a human being? Do you believe that life has a purpose and that, from the moment of conception, each and every child is unique and valuable?

Do you believe that you should not be forced to fund Planned Parenthood—the largest abortion provider in America—with your tax dollars? Do you believe more than 50 million government-approved abortions in the United States since 1970 are enough? If so, you must vote for him. He has publicly promised to appoint judges that will reduce, restrict, and eventually do away with abortion on demand and what you believe will be made into laws by which you and I will live for the rest of our lives.

And this abortion issue will be determined by the Supreme Court.


Do you believe the United States should move toward a policy of “open borders”? Do you believe undocumented persons in the United States illegally should not only be allowed to stay, but issued driver’s licenses, food stamps, and provided medical care? Do you believe that if someone wishes to enter our country, they have every right to do so without explanation? If so, you must vote for her, for she has publicly promised to appoint judges that will reverse laws currently on the books regarding immigration. These laws will eventually lead to her stated “dream of open borders” and a new way of life for us all.

Or do you believe that America’s borders are her first line of defense? Do you believe that the word “illegal” means just that? Do you believe that only legally recognized citizens of America have a right to her benefits and protection as provided by your tax dollars? Do you believe America has not only the right, but the responsibility to carefully vet those who seek to enter our country? If so, you must vote for him, for he has publicly promised to appoint judges that will make and defend laws in line with those beliefs.

Regulatory Oversight

Do you believe the government is more capable of determining how your money should be used? Do you believe the government is better able to determine how your children should be educated? Do you believe the government should determine who can do business where and with whom? Do you believe a person should be given priority because of what they believe, what they are, or what they believe they are? If so, you must vote for her, for she has publicly promised to appoint judges who will open our borders, our bathrooms, and our wallets. She has promised laws to punish those who do not agree.

Or do you believe you can decide what’s best for your family? Do you believe that if you earn a certain amount of money you should be able to keep and reinvest the largest part of it to benefit those things you decide are important? Do you believe the government has been created to serve the people, not the other way around? If so, you must vote for him, for he has publicly promised to appoint judges whose rulings allow prosperity for those who work to deserve it.

These are but a few examples of the two pathways you will choose this Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Religious freedom, taxes and the economy, healthcare…in every category you examine, you’ll find drastic differences in the America that will be shaped by this election. Don’t be fooled—how you vote matters, because the Supreme Court matters.

So what kind of America will we have for the rest of our lives? This time, you actually get to choose.

Please be kind to one another. America is great. I feel so blessed to belong to this country.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

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55 thoughts on “You’re About to Vote the Supreme Court”

  1. A to the MEN! Praying for our country as we VOTE with the supreme court and our rights in mind!!! Love you girl!! <3

    1. Well written and I agree we are voting for the the justices not the president. I don’t like either presidential candidate either.

      But your arguments on the main issues are extremely biased. Have a heart. Try to be open minded about this. I know what I say probably offends you.

      What you believe should not be forced on anyone by the government. It is not the governments place to decide right and wrong. While some of your arguments align with what I just said, many of your arguments don’t and are extremely offensive.

      I’m a teacher in an inner city school. I teach immigrants and refugees. The work to educate the poorest people in our communities. And they are the people who need it the most. All of these issues are overlapped and I urge you to educate yourself and interact with these issues on a personal level. Not an theoretical one like the one you seem to be writing about.

      Try to be empathetic. Please Reach out if you want any questions. I would love to tell you the stories of those whom you do not know. The strangers whom I love who have stories and experiences you don’t know of.

        1. Sadly, he states you are biased, while he doesn’t see the whole picture. The point is we can help the poor but when our tax dollars are consumed helping most, our citizens, most importantly, our veterans are mostly forgotten and are below poverty level having great medical needs. If we can’t take of our own ( as in put air mask to save ourselves first) how in the world can we help others?

    2. Very well written. Couldn’t agree more! Thank you for this wonderful article. Everyone vote November 8th and let’s pray for America. 🙏

    3. Reading this a little late (Mar 6, 2017) The Supreme court pick is SOOOO important. Make America Great Again! Pray for our Country!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to post about this…it really helped me understand a little better what I am voting for tomorrow!

  3. Well thought out and written, as everything else you do, Lindsay!! I’m right there with you and just about out the door to drop off mine and my husband’s ballots. The Suprme Court is so important and it’s frightening to think of it not being balanced. I voted third party, back in the Ross Perot days, and, you’re so right in that third party votes are a wasted vote. I don’t believe I’ve ever voted straight party ticket either. It’s like fingernails on a blackboard when I hear women saying they are voting for Hillary because she’s a woman — no other qualifications noted…just gender. I’ve liked some political posts but have only made, I think, two posts on my wall — one was my election cycle plea for people to get out and vote and only vote on the issues they know and to do research and not go by FB, TV ads and printed mailers — letting them know if they just want to vote for President – skip the rest. The other post was to at least view the Project Veritas videos, taking into consideration the background of the person in charge of the project and draw their own conclusions. Otherwise, I’ve stayed out of the fray, hard as it was at times. So sad to see all the name calling, belittling and broad “paintbrush” labels put on our fellow Americans. I wish that we, as a country, would remember how we felt after the horrible 9/11 tragedy, and remember how we came together as a country. I don’t think I’ve ever been more anxious about an election. God Bless America.

  4. Love this!!! Written perfectly!!! I have said through out this I’m not necessarily a Trump fan but I trust he will surround himself with better people than she is capable of.

  5. Fantastic Blog Lindsay! This is the only place I have commented on a political post on the internet this election. I am voting. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is so true. Without balance, especially on the Supreme Court, the country is doomed and will cease to be a Constitutional Republic. And boy are you right about your “burned at the stake” remark. People are so intolerant. Thank you for this post.

  7. I also feel like, perhaps, all/most/many people and politicians have the same self-absorbed thoughts typically attributed to Trump. The major difference being that most of us want to be politically correct, for whatever positive or negative reason, so we keep these thoughts to ourselves. Trump has either learned that bad publicity is better than no publicity, OR he doesn’t care what other people thing about his opinions, so he says what he thinks. He isn’t afraid not to be liked and he doesn’t care if people disagree. He is not a people-pleaser … obviously. He is probably one of few people who actually says what he thinks. I still have not decided for whom I am voting, but I think you just took me one step closer to my ballot.

  8. Wow Lindsay, you are an amazing writer and really thought that through…I wish the whole world could read it before tomorrow. I agree 100% that we are voting for the Supreme Court and I will vote for Trump for the same reason. Thank you for loving our country enough to take the time to write out your thoughts!

  9. This is exactly how I feel ❤️Great job on explaining this to everyone in a way we can understand it ❤️❤️👍👍

  10. Yes!!!! Thank you so much for stating what I’ve been feeling and praying about all of this time! This is a tough election, but what you’ve stated is just so very true! I’m so thankful to see what I believe to be important being said in a respectful but straightforward manner!!

  11. Thank you Lindsey for your honest thoughts about what kind of America we want. This is an important election and you gave great points for people to consider before casting their vote. I appreciate your post

  12. If you can watch a grown man who is the Republican Party nomineemake fun of a handicap person on national TV and still in good conscience think he should be the leader of this great country, then you need to align yourself with all the things he will say or do. Because, he will not only be the President of Supreme Court nominees. He will be the racist,uninformed misogynistic person he always has been. In no way am I saying Hillary doesn’t have her issues, but every time I see the video of him making fun of that disabled man, I think of all the bullies laughing with him, all the children that will influence and all the disabled people that will be discouraged from chasing their dream. It should have disqualified him from the race immediately. The human race.

    1. Again, I agree but on the flip side, I think Hillary is equally as disqualified. Again, I state, there’s not a good choice here. I am voting what I think is the best for the country I live in as far as our Supreme Court goes. Both candidates make my stomach hurt.

    2. I can’t stand people who make fun of people with disabilities…but I truly don’t believe that was his intention. These videos of him using those same arm gestures in the past helped me come to this conclusion.

      and this one

      I’m not Catholic, but these articles and videos made sense.

    3. The only person running for the presidency in 2016 that mocked a disabled person was Hillary Clinton. She exploited that incident with that very “abled” reporter to slander Trump. She focused national attention for a year on his birth defect for her own personal gain. She ran a series of ads to exploit the emotions of the viewers all based on false information. She paid many millions of dollars to make the public believe her scripted version of events and conceal the truth. Her lies, thankfully, did not pay off and she lost the election on her own merits.

  13. Thank you Lindsey! I couldn’t have stated it better myself. I hope we can all get back to being respectful to one another and I am spending time in my ” war room”!

  14. The Supreme Court and the biased media coverage is exactly why I made the choice to post on my fb wall. No mud slinging or name calling allowed. There was no Fair Trump voice and for me to be silent would feel like I was giving consent. I was corrected myself from a few of my friends and I accepted and respected when I was misguided. Neither candidate has a clean track record and if my memory serves me correctly, the past 7 or so presidential elections have been mud slinging events with “clowns” involved. I really attempted to stay quiet
    on my fb wall and I would have if the media was truth focused and not party agenda focused!! My business belongs to the Lord and I speak success all over it and every member in my group!! Yay for freedom!

  15. LOVE this! So well written. I would have considered voting for Hillary 8 years ago, but she isn’t the same candidate that she was then.

    1. Actually, Hillary has been the same person her whole adult life…we just didn’t know then what we know now. Unfortunately, a lot of people still don’t know the truth about her because of the narrative the media and progressives with an agenda provide for her.

  16. This post is fantastic! You put into words exactly what I’ve been thinking about this election. I have been hesitant to say anything “publicly” because of the backlash and rude comments about being anti-women or racist or whatever. But this election is about so much more than just the president, and the effects of this election will be with us longer than just a 4 year term. Thank you for posting this!

  17. Oh My Lindsay!! This was really a great post-and the additional reference you copied and pasted about it being a Supreme Court vote… on. My husband has been saying this and trying to explain it (and being bashed for it) throughout all the debates, saying it’s about the Supreme Court judges more than the candidate. Both are very scary candidates to me….and we need to pick the lesser of two evils- so looking at it from this perspective and knowing the checks and balances piece that makes it so neither can go crazy when in power….gives me a little hope. Thanks for sharing! Well done.

  18. My soul is raceless, however I experience life through the vehicle of a black woman. My children experience life through the vehicles of black males. Federal laws have had to be enforced for people like us to experience those freedoms and protections those amazing minds did not intend for people like us. The thought of Donald Trump appointing people who share his ideologies is TERRIFYING. A man who gets his Twitter access taken away is not someone that I trust making good choices for me and my kids. I and my children experience life differently than many commenting and because of this I will be voting against Donald Trump.

  19. I watched you speak recently, and I told my friend, “I think she’s my type of gal.”

    I’m so sad to be wrong. You don’t need anything from me, so you won’t miss me, but it’s a shame to know a leader in my company would vote for someone who so obviously disagrees with the things our company stands for. Like Donald, you must be all about the money 🙁

    1. Hahaha. Ok. I’m not Young Living. Never claimed to be. Nor does my post mention money once. Sounds like you just want to sling more mud. As I stated it’s fine to disagree apparently that’s not always true. You may want to check your facts on where YL would stand on the issue of healthcare.

  20. LTM-you rock! Thank you so much for stating it so clearly and expressing it so well. I’m so blessed to know you.

  21. You state: “I want a little more balance” in the Supreme Court, and this is why you are voting for Trump.

    Respectfully, I will note that Republican-nominated justices have held the majority on the Supreme Court since 1970. The current status is 4-4. Unless you are older than 46, you have never experienced a liberal majority Supreme Court in your lifetime.

    You also mention the possibility of the next president replacing as many as four justices. I assume you are referring to Scalia’s position, as well as the 3 oldest justices. Of those 3, two are Democrat appointed, and 1 is Republican appointed. Thus of the remaining justices, the Republican appointed justices would hold a 3-2 advantage over the Democratic appointed justices. Ultimately, you are advocating for a 7-2 conservative advantage, which really isn’t the definition of “balanced”.

  22. Great post. Through this entire election my thoughts have been not on who is going to be our next president but who will be the representatives in the House and Senate. Who do I want representing my beliefs and values in the House and Senate. If we vote for those we want in the House and Senate then it takes some power away from the president and making it harder for them to make changes. Yes, they can still make changes but if you ignore who is in the House, Senate and on the Supreme Court then I feel we are doing an injustice.

  23. This is the best post I’ve read all day regarding the election and I nodded my head yes through the whole thing. I agree whole heartedly. 🇺🇸

  24. Lindsay, I am totally in 100% agreement with every single one of your points! For the love of my country and my constitutional rights, I, too, am voting for Trump.

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